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Outback tourism body calls for JobKeeper to be reinstated

Outback tourism body calls for JobKeeper to be reinstated

Tourism Central Australia (TCA) is calling for the federal JobKeeper blueprint to be reinstated so as that the internet site online’s struggling tourism and hospitality industries are stored alive. 

Key points:

  • Tourism Central Australia (TCA)  welcomes the fourth spherical of Territory Tourism Voucher blueprint however says it doesn’t dash some distance satisfactory
  • TCA chief executive Danial Rochford says the online page online’s tourism and hospitality sectors are “on their knees”
  • The body is calling for JobKeeper to be reinstated to benefit the internet site online’s two struggling industries alive

As the fourth spherical of Territory Tourism Vouchers is due to be offered in October — providing to match up to $200 bucks of spending on Northern Territory tourism experiences — TCA chief executive Danial Rochford says while the vouchers are welcome, give a enhance to dedicated namely to Central Australia is mandatory. 

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“The handiest inequity is that we manufacture no longer admire the safety rep that we had this time remaining twelve months,” he acknowledged.

Mr Rochford acknowledged that the voucher blueprint became inequitable. 

“It is going according to the truth is population traces,” he acknowledged.

“This program has … on all three rounds [been] going on that foundation, which is seeing spherical 10 to 15 per cent circulation by to Central Australia.

“So, that is 85 per cent going by into the Top Cease.” 

The view from the top of a cliff overlooking a lowland with scrub.

Outback central Australia experiences comparable to exploring the Larapinta dawdle are largely on benefit due to COVID-19 traipse restrictions.(

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With the prolonged, hot summer season drawing terminate, Mr Rochford acknowledged his members admire been anxious in regards to the longer term.

Mr Rochford acknowledged central Australian tourism became “on its knees”, and that the sector would welcome more “initiatives and give a enhance to” to be certain that the viability of many corporations in the internet site online.

Reddish rocky cliffs on either side of darkish water flowing downhill

Areas comparable to Glen Helen Gorge are from time to time in vogue over the cooler months, however no longer this twelve months thanks to pandemic restrictions.(

ABC Alice Springs: Samantha Jonscher


Disastrous twelve months

Tourism Minister Natasha Fyles acknowledged the Northern Territory Govt had listened to Tourism Central Australia. 

“What we admire performed in Central Australia is present an additional $1.25 million, directly to tourism Central Australia,” Ms Fyles acknowledged.

“That became for their ‘Mates Rates’ incentives.”

Mr Rochford acknowledged that, as proper as that incentive became, it became silent very keen with many states offline thanks to COVID-19 traipse restrictions.

“We are working our arse off for the time being to strive [to] write as great commercial [as possible], given the tough atmosphere that we’re working in,” Mr Rochford acknowledged.

“We are calling on all governments — whether or no longer it is the Northern Territory authorities [or] the federal authorities, to present the help that we want at this complex time.”

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Outback tourism body calls for JobKeeper to be reinstated