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‘Outer Banks’ Opinion: Is Carla Limbrey Truly Linked To [Spoiler]?

‘Outer Banks’ Opinion: Is Carla Limbrey Truly Linked To [Spoiler]?


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Now this will likely be one memoir ‘Outer Banks’ twist. One TikTok user’s belief has us thinking: also can Carla Limbrey in actual fact be associated to 1 amongst the characters? Here’s how this also can play out.

Carla Limbrey stormed onto the scene in Outer Banks season 2 with a vengeance. The very well off and sturdy Charlestonian was as soon as on a quest to search out the principle to the golden rotten of Santo Domingo. She believed a disguise was as soon as for the length of the rotten and it would cure her of her illness.

When she finally acquired her arms on the rotten, the disguise was as soon as long gone. Within the season 2 finale, Carla got right here face-to-face with Gigantic John, John B’s prolonged presumed dreary dad, who claims he is aware of where the disguise is and may per chance well presumably want her there if she helps John B. However she may per chance well even be more linked to the Pogues than we possess…

Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell as Carla within the season 2 finale. (Netflix)

TikTok user zbennettt posted a video and theorized that Carla is de facto John B’s mom. Whereas it’s a possibility that would be moral, it appears less likely the more you take a look on the proof at hand. The video showed a scene from the 2d episode of season 1 where a framed teach of Captain Herman Limbrey of the HMS Royal Service provider is viewed in Gigantic John’s set of enterprise. The TikTok user acknowledged that Herman is John B’s “mountainous grandpa,” nonetheless there’s no proof of that.

Carla also can be John B’s relative, presumably his aunt. Carla and Gigantic John didn’t comprise some nice reunion in Barbados, nonetheless it regarded love they knew every diversified. John B’s mom also can comprise been a Limbrey and Carla’s sister, which would create issues very sharp. Per chance John B’s mom ran off with Gigantic John and comprise turn out to be ostracized from the Limbrey family.

If John B has Limbrey blood, that also can create issues sophisticated for Carla. It would repeat why Carla handiest agreed to clear John B’s name after the principle to the golden rotten was as soon as stumbled on. Per chance she made the deal and below no conditions deliberate on exonerating John B. If John B is half Limbrey, he has a claim to the Limbrey fortune.

This would be a moderately ironic twist for John B. He’s grown up a Pogue and barely had enough to gain by all these years. If he’s associated to the Limbreys, he is worth greater than he also can ever imagine. He’s been a Pogue his total life nonetheless also can comprise been a Kook (no longer that he’d ever are looking for to be nonetheless peaceable).

Chase Stokes
Lag Stokes as John B. (Netflix)

Co-creator and director Jonas Pate hinted that we also can discover the mystery of John B’s mom in a skill third season. “Family dynamics are so universally relatable,” Jonas suggested StarNews Online. “To comprise these dads around all but again and doubtlessly, at some level, these form of lacking moms, it beautiful touches every person.”

John B’s lacking mom has brought up comparatively quite a lot of questions, and followers desire answers. Carla being John B’s aunt would push the repeat in a truly fresh direction. The Gigantic John existing may per chance well even be the first of many family twists for John B. Bring on season 3! Outer Banks is for the time being streaming on Netflix.

‘Outer Banks’ Opinion: Is Carla Limbrey Truly Linked To [Spoiler]?