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Over 5,800 letter carriers were attacked by dogs in 2020, US Postal Provider says

Over 5,800 letter carriers were attacked by dogs in 2020, US Postal Provider says

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A faithful dog adopted an ambulance carrying his ailing proprietor.


While 2020 wasn’t the staunch year for somebody, it was especially tricky for United States Postal Provider workers because the company acknowledged hundreds of mail carriers were attacked by dogs in the past year.

The Postal Provider announced on Thursday that better than 5,800 workers were attacked by dogs in 2020.

“From nips and bites to vicious assaults, aggressive dog habits poses a extreme threat to postal workers and the fashioned public,” the service acknowledged in a statement.

The Postal Provider also announced which cities and states had essentially the most dog assaults, with Houston topping the listing of cities and California being the grunt with essentially the most assaults. The statistics were announced ahead of Nationwide Dog Chunk Awareness Week, which started on Saturday and goes thru June 18. 

That is the listing of top 10 cities and the amount of assaults recorded:

  1. Houston, 73
  2. Chicago, 59
  3. Los Angeles, 54
  4. Cleveland, 46
  5. Denver, 44
  6. Baltimore, 43
  7. Dallas, 38
  8. Columbus, 37
  9. San Antonio, 36
  10. San Diego and Detroit, 35

That is the listing of top 10 states and quantity of assaults:

  1. California, 782
  2. Texas, 402
  3. Ohio, 369
  4. Contemporary York, 295
  5. Pennsylvania, 291
  6. Illinois, 290
  7. Michigan, 253
  8. Florida, 198
  9. Contemporary Jersey, 179
  10. Virginia, 169

There was no standards that needed to be met in inform for it to be thought to be an assault, public members of the family marketing consultant David P. Coleman informed USA TODAY. An assault was thought to be if a postal employee submitted an injury express or informed their supervisors they were attacked. 

There is not this kind of thing as a information on what kind of dogs attacked essentially the most, nonetheless the Postal Provider says, “all dogs can chew.” Since there was a excessive quantity of home deliveries since the beginning of the pandemic, the service famed that it ended in more opportunities for carriers to interact with canines, meaning better chances for dog assaults. 

“Raising consciousness about dog chew prevention and the map to guard our letter carriers as we lift the mail is paramount,” acknowledged United States Postal Provider Acting Employee Safety and Effectively being Awareness manager Jamie Seavello in a statement. “Dogs are instinctive animals that may maybe per chance per chance act to guard their turf and that why’s it’s crucial to inform the public about this marketing campaign.”

The service also listed some programs pet homeowners may maybe per chance per chance lower the amount of dog assaults, which included now not having young people exhaust mail instantly from a letter provider because a dog may maybe per chance per chance peek the employee as a threat, in addition to as keeping the dogs inside and faraway from doors.

Letter carriers are also trained on the map to take care of dogs on transport routes. They are able to contain warning playing cards to remind them there may maybe per chance per chance presumably be a harmful dog on their route and a dog alert feature instrument on their handheld scanners.


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Over 5,800 letter carriers were attacked by dogs in 2020, US Postal Provider says