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Pac-20 Convention? How an expanded Pac-12 Convention could look after merger with Large 12

Pac-20 Convention? How an expanded Pac-12 Convention could look after merger with Large 12


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PHOENIX — The Pac-12 has 12 colleges. With Oklahoma and Texas location to depart the Large 12 for the SEC, that conference will quickly possess correct eight.

Could they merge to offer a Pac-20 Convention or perhaps a Large 20? How a few Huge Pac-20?

In line with extra than one experiences, the commissioners of the Pac-12 and Large 12 met Tuesday to focus on about how the conferences could profit from working together and even even merge.

The merging piece has us very .

A paunchy merger of the Large 12 and Pac-12 would develop a 20-group conference with colleges in every major U.S. time zone, one thing no other conference has.

That would develop it queer and doubtlessly excellent treasured in the ever-important TV contract discussions for conferences.

What could a Large 12 and Pac-12 merger look love?

Right here’s some chances to split up the conference, ought to aloof the Pac-12 and Large 12 opt it is miles of their most productive interests to affix forces.

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Preserve the two-division mannequin

It wouldn’t be laborious for the Pac-12 to proceed with a North and South division by correct slotting in the Large 12 teams into one amongst these divisions.

The Pac-12 North could maintain Washington, Washington Utter, Stanford, California, Oregon and Oregon Utter, and add Iowa Utter, West Virginia, Kansas and Kansas Utter.

The Pac-12 South could maintain USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona Utter, Utah and Colorado and add Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma Utter.

Another chance in the two division mannequin?

Fracture up the conference by West and East.

The outmoded Pac-12 could be in one division and the conference could doubtlessly put Utah and Colorado in the other division with the eight Large 12 colleges.

Either of these possible alternate choices would enable the conference to pit the winners of the two divisions in opposition to every other in the conference title game.

How a few four-division mannequin?

Would splitting a that you can contain of Large-12 and Pac-12 huge-conference into four divisions work out higher geographically?

It could maintain regional rivalries intact, too.

One chance on this structure could be hanging ASU and Arizona with the Texas colleges: TCU, Baylor and Texas Tech.

Kansas, Kansas Utter, Oklahoma Utter, Iowa Utter and West Virginia could be in another division, with Utah, Colorado, UCLA, USC and both Stanford or California.

The final division could pit Oregon, Oregon Utter, Washington, Washington Utter and both Stanford or California.

If the conference wanted to split up the Large 12 colleges extra it could realign the divisions to place Iowa Utter with the Washington and Oregon colleges, West Virginia and Oklahoma Utter with Colorado and the Kansas colleges and perhaps Arizona and ASU with the Texas colleges.

Utah could slump with the four California colleges.

On this plan back, the conference could doubtlessly possess the four division winners face off in a mini-playoff to gain out the conference champion.

Other alternate choices

Most definitely the Large 12 and Pac-12 opt it is now not of their most productive interests to merge, or perhaps some teams (love West Virginia or Iowa Utter) opt to transfer to another conference closer to them geographically, making a that you can contain of Large 12/Pac-12 conference now not as substantial after a possible merger.

Presumably the Pac-12 decides it be most productive to correct stand pat with its 12 teams or perhaps add colleges love BYU or Boise Utter.

But fascinated with possible conference expansion and realignment positively adds some intrigue to the college football season.

Those conferences and their member institutions possess some selections to develop that can alter the college athletics landscape.

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Pac-20 Convention? How an expanded Pac-12 Convention could look after merger with Large 12