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Padgett still enjoys watching UK play

Padgett still enjoys watching UK play


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Any time he will get a gamble to witness the University of Kentucky play basketball, Scott Padgett watches the personnel he helped contrivance discontinuance the 1998 nationwide championship.

Padgett is in his first season as an assistant coach at Contemporary Mexico after he changed into head coach at Samford from 2014-20.

He admits no longer being a head coach is “assorted” for him.

“For six years you were making the time table, calling the meetings, going in each single establish. Now I’m looking out on the phone watching for calls to expose me what to invent,” Padgett stated. “I could maybe love to be a head coach again however merely now it’s a long way form of nice trusty to focal level on basketball and serving to guys recuperate since the final twelve months at Samford changed into tough.”

Padgett says he’s learned a lot that he didn’t know when he grew to develop trusty into a head coach even supposing he changed into a graduate assistant one twelve months below John Calipari at UK and changed into an assistant coach for 2 years at both Contemporary york and Samford. He spent seven years within the NBA and played in 448 games sooner than starting up his teaching profession.

“You by no methodology conclude studying,” Padgett stated. “I the truth is had been in this enterprise for handiest four years after I got my first head job. If I knew what I do know now maybe things would had been a lot assorted and with any luck there shall be a time I regain a gamble to be a head coach again and consume all I dangle learned.”

Padgett still enjoys watching UK play – Winchester Solar – Winchester Solar