Home Story PAHO Director appeals to Caribbean people to get vaccinated, observe protective measures

PAHO Director appeals to Caribbean people to get vaccinated, observe protective measures

PAHO Director appeals to Caribbean people to get vaccinated, observe protective measures

Washington, D.C., August 12, 2021 (PAHO)—Dr. Carissa F. Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), expressed trouble about COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Caribbean worldwide locations and made a solid attraction to people to get vaccinated.

Talking at her weekly media briefing, Dr. Etienne, who’s from Dominica, mentioned, “I am actually very thinking about what’s happening in the Caribbean” with people reluctant to get vaccines and relaxing their adherence to public health measures.

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“So please, please, please obtain your vaccines and please wear your masks well, social distance. I know the Caribbean people be pleased to be shut, and we be pleased fetes, and we be pleased to congregate, however please steer definite of congregation. Observe respiratory etiquette and wash your fingers frequently.”

She approved that diminutive islands in the Caribbean possess microscopic mattress capacity in intensive care units, together with microscopic numbers of specialised doctors. “Our health programs will turn into overwhelmed very fleet,” she mentioned.

In the English-speaking Caribbean, extra than 1,315,197 COVID-19 cases and extra than 16,136 deaths had been reported since the origin of the pandemic. Instances are rising in Jamaica, Martinique, the Bahamas, and Dominica. “All the scheme throughout the final month, infections increased 30-fold in Martinique and there used to be a basic spike in hospitalizations,” Dr. Etienne mentioned in her briefing.

To date, over 1.1 million people in the Caribbean, comprising about 15% of the population had been fully vaccinated, in accordance to PAHO figures. This does no longer comprise Haiti, which currently started its vaccination effort.

“What we are seeing now could maybe per chance be persons totally relaxing on the public health measures and a high stage of vaccine hesitancy,” Dr. Etienne mentioned.  “Even when vaccines can be found, persons are no longer coming forward. We are seeing vaccine hesitancy in healthcare workers.”

I don’t know the sources of the details that is triggering this stage of vaccine hesitancy. I can describe you that they are no longer scientifically proven, and I need to attraction to you to hear to the sources the build you are going to possess gotten fair, scientifically essentially essentially based files and proof,” she added.

She reassured Caribbean citizens that the vaccines work, in particular these that obtained emergency utilize list (EUL) from WHO. The proof, she mentioned, “is that of the people which could maybe per chance be now hospitalized, in extreme sickness and loss of life, extra than 95% of these possess no longer been vaccinated.”

To be protected, you need to obtain the corpulent regimen,” she continued. “If it is two doses, you need to obtain the corpulent doses. One dose does no longer provide protection to you. And please, the finest vaccine for somebody is the one available in the market to you. So, please originate utilize of available in the market vaccines.”

She mentioned no longer getting a COVID-19 vaccine is “foolhardy” since the vaccines are protected and provide protection to against extreme sickness and loss of life.


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PAHO Director appeals to Caribbean people to get vaccinated, observe protective measures