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PAHO Director says COVID-19 vaccines for the Americas still recommended despite new variants

PAHO Director says COVID-19 vaccines for the Americas still recommended despite new variants

“PAHO’s surveillance community is holding an in depth glance on nowadays’s variants of topic.”

Washington, D.C., February 10, 2021 (PAHO) Pan American Health Group (PAHO) Director Carissa F. Etienne acknowledged the COVID-19 vaccines soon to be out there from COVAX in the Americas are still recommended for the living, despite new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the disease.

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According to the evidence we have now on the variants of topic, we’re confident that our rising portfolio of COVID-19 vaccines stays priceless and can handbook us through the extinguish of this pandemic.” 

PAHO Director Carissa F. Etienne

“We have at our palms a complete expertise of effective vaccines to forestall an infection and, especially, severe disease,” she persevered. “Down the line, we also can must adapt our recommendations, nonetheless we can continue to depend upon these vaccines. The sigh now stays to verify that these vaccines are dispensed fleet and fairly in the course of our living, initiating with other folks that want them most.”

To this point, 20 countries in the living have as a minimum one among three variants of topic circulating in the Americas. Dr. Etienne acknowledged evidence suggests that two of the variants – B117 first detected in the United Kingdom and P.1 first detected in Brazil – will likely be more effortlessly transmissible.

“There is no reason for dread, nonetheless for consideration,” Dr. Etienne acknowledged.

PAHO’s surveillance community is monitoring the variants of topic, working closely with identical efforts around the world. “There are eminent be taught groups engaged on the flooring in areas respect Manaus, Brazil, who are specializing in this sigh and offering us with information as all of the sudden as they can,” Dr. Etienne acknowledged, referring to the direct where the P.1 variant originated.

PAHO’s Regional Genomic Surveillance Network has increased the skill to sequence virus samples by 50% since the origin of 2021. Now, as a minimum 11 regional countries can sequence virus samples and detect other new variants.

“We must cease smitten by enhancing our ability for surveillance, so we can defend be aware of traits, including variants of topic,” Dr. Etienne acknowledged.

“Our suggestions to forestall this virus remain the same: uphold solid surveillance, restrict gatherings, and remark social distancing, frequent hand hygiene, and conceal-carrying,” she added. “By continuing to adopt these practices – even after we’re vaccinated – we can no longer handiest restrict the unfold of nowadays’s variants nonetheless forestall new ones from rising the following day.”

COVAX is a world mechanism to verify that equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines no topic countries’ incomes.

Dr. Etienne supplied an update on the pandemic’s affect on the living. In the past week, the Americas reported nearly 1.6 million new situations of COVID-19 – nearly half of of all new global situations. Central The USA, especially aspects of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, has reported a upward thrust in situations over the past two weeks. The Amazon living along the border between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru is reporting an expand. The Caribbean is experiencing a large upward thrust in infections, particularly in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Barbados, and St. Lucia.

Nevertheless, there is moreover place off for hope, Dr. Etienne acknowledged. After many weeks of increases in COVID-19 situations and deaths, traits are initiating to reinforce in a few of the most closely affected countries, including the U.S. and Brazil. There are moreover sure indicators in Panama, Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina.

Transmission increases at any time after we let our guard down and disrespect preventive measures which had been proven to restrict the unfold of this virus. A neatly-coordinated response that employs the plump fluctuate of public health measures is still our easiest hope of stopping transmission in the immediate interval of time.”

PAHO Director Carissa F. Etienne


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PAHO Director says COVID-19 vaccines for the Americas still recommended despite new variants