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PAHO warns that only one in four people in Latin The USA and the Caribbean has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19

PAHO warns that only one in four people in Latin The USA and the Caribbean has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Director studies that PAHO is working to increase vaccine gives thru donations, procurement by its Revolving Fund, and regional operate of vaccines.

Washington, D.C. September 1, 2021 (PAHO) Pan American Health Group Director Carissa F. Etienne warned that 75% of the inhabitants in Latin The USA and the Caribbean has yet to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and reported that PAHO is accelerating its drive to expand vaccine access in the route of the location.

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“Three fourths of people in Latin The USA and the Caribbean gain now now not been fully immunized,” Dr. Etienne acknowledged during her weekly media briefing. “More than a third of countries in our location gain yet to vaccinate 20% of their populations. And in some places, protection is scheme decrease.” 

“Vaccination charges remain in the teens in several Caribbean and South American international locations and protection is aloof in the single digits in Central American countries worship Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua,” she continued.

In Haiti and Venezuela, fragile successfully being systems and political challenges gain further delayed immunizations. “Unfortunately, international locations with excessive protection are the exception in our Space,” she emphasized.  

Dr. Etienne acknowledged that in entire, 540 million COVID-19 vaccine doses needs to be dropped at gain definite that that all international locations in Latin The USA and the Caribbean can shroud at the very least 60% of their populations. “So we must always expand vaccine access in our location, particularly in the places that are lagging,” she acknowledged.  

In response to the scarcity, PAHO has launched a unique drive for donations. “We are working to intention the attention of developed international locations to the pressing need to donate vaccines to Latin The USA and the Caribbean,” Dr. Etienne acknowledged.


In addition, PAHO is using its Revolving Fund to rating vaccines for member states. Already PAHO has got requests from 24 international locations for COVID-19 vaccines, which is in a position to be readily available in the final quarter of this One year and in 2022.

“We are additionally thinking ahead and making plans to severely strengthen regional vaccine manufacturing capability,” Dr. Etienne acknowledged. “Honest final week, we launched a brand unique platform that convenes partners around a shared vision of boosting order-of-the-art vaccine production in Latin The USA and the Caribbean.”

The first initiative below the platform is to facilitate the switch to the location of the mRNA vaccine technology aged in highly efficient COVID-19 vaccines.  PAHO has got 32 proposals from inner most and public companies that need to spend half in the endeavor.

Dr. Etienne entreated international locations to prioritize the most susceptible for vaccination, a lot like the elderly, successfully being workers and these living with pre-existing prerequisites. International locations also can simply aloof gain definite that that that logistics systems can take in vaccine doses and wintry chains can sustain them chilly and that successfully being systems are ready to lift doses snappy once they come.

Epidemiological jam

Whereas vaccination charges are low in Latin The USA and the Caribbean, many international locations are experiencing a snappy upward push in COVID-19 infection.

In the Caribbean, Saint Lucia and Puerto Rico are reporting excessive charges of as a lot as the moment infections, while Jamaica is experiencing its perfect-ever COVID deaths.

“Outbreaks are accelerating in more than one Central American international locations, particularly Costa Rica and Belize,” Dr. Etienne acknowledged. “In South The USA, infections are in most cases declining, with about a exceptions: in Venezuela cases are plateauing, and in Suriname, transmission has increased for four consecutive weeks.” 

In entire, over 1.6 million unique COVID-19 cases and real below 22,000 deaths were reported in the Americas in the past week.

Crisis in Haiti

Turning to the continuing disaster in Haiti, the set aside an earthquake struck on Aug. 14, Dr. Etienne reported that most hospitals are overwhelmed, and many successfully being facilities gain been broken. 

“We’ve injured people in a long way off communes who are aloof without clinical attention due to they can’t reach successfully being facilities or hospitals,” she acknowledged.

PAHO has deployed 27 a entire bunch medicines in addition to several specialists to strengthen field coordination, epidemiological surveillance, successfully being cluster coordination, emergency projects, logistics, and EMT coordination. PAHO is additionally working closely with the Ministry of Public Health and Population to succor coordinate international succor.

“We need more clinical personnel, medicines, and clinical gives a lot like anesthetic medicine and orthopedic gives for the injured,” she acknowledged. “Another need is psychosocial strengthen for healthcare personnel and the people suffering from this earthquake.”


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PAHO warns that only one in four people in Latin The USA and the Caribbean has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19