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Pakistani army: Afghan soldiers flee attack, cross border


ISLAMABAD — Dozens of Afghan soldiers slipped across the border into northwestern Pakistan, the Pakistani army stated Monday. The Afghan troops occupy been fleeing after their border post turn out to be overrun, it appears by the Taliban.

The voice stated 46 people of the Afghan forces, including five officers, crossed the border unhurried Sunday come the Pakistani border town of Chitral in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

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The Afghan soldiers “occupy been supplied food, safe haven and crucial sanatorium treatment as per established militia norms,” the Pakistani army stated, adding that it had knowledgeable Afghan authorities of the enhance.

The Afghan executive denied Monday its troops crossed into Pakistan.

“This declare is now now not entirely. No Afghan militia personnel occupy taken refuge in Pakistan, the sensitivity that all Afghans occupy in opposition to Pakistan and in particular our militia, is evident to all,” stated Gen. Ajmal Omer Shinwari, spokesman for the Afghan National Protection and Security Forces. He made the voice at a press conference in the Afghan capital Kabul.

However early on Tuesday, Pakistan’s militia distributed a video of Afghan soldiers in uniform being greeted by Pakistani troops. An accompanying voice read: “The stated soldiers occupy now been amicably returned to Afghan authorities on their seek records from alongside with their weapons and tools. Pakistan will proceed to delay every derive of pork as a lot as our Afghan brethren in time of need.”

Neither Pakistan nor Afghanistan supplied records about fighting on the Afghan facet of the border. Pakistan’s militia disregarded the Afghan denial.

The Taliban occupy without notice captured territory in fresh weeks in Afghanistan, and seized strategic border crossings with several neighboring countries. Additionally they are threatening a amount of provincial capitals — advances that come because the closing U.S. and NATO soldiers total their final withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The insurgents are stated to now effect watch over about half of Afghanistan’s 419 district products and companies. The fast drop of districts and the apparently disheartened response by Afghan executive forces occupy brought about U.S.-allied warlords to resurrect militias with a violent historic previous.

For many Afghans weary of better than four a long time of wars and battle, fears are rising of one more brutal civil battle as American and NATO troops poke away the country.

Family people between Afghanistan and Pakistan — long fraught with suspicion and deep mistrust — deteriorated extra when the Taliban overran the Afghan border town of Scoot Boldak earlier this month. Taliban warring parties at the time occupy been considered receiving scientific treatment in a Pakistani sanatorium in the city of Chaman, across the border from Scoot Boldak.

Afghan officers occupy accused Islamabad of providing sanctuary to the Taliban as Afghan forces battle to retake Scoot Boldak. The U.S. closing week implemented airstrikes in pork up of Afghan troops in the southern metropolis of Kandahar, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) west of Scoot Boldak.

Additionally this month, Kabul recalled its ambassador and various diplomats from Islamabad after the 26-one year-frail daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador turn out to be brutally attacked in the Pakistani capital. Pakistan silent hosts about 2 million Afghans as refugees from a long time of battle in their negate of starting set.

The Taliban surge won velocity after President Joe Biden announced in mid-April that the closing American and NATO troops would soon poke away Afghanistan. The 2,500-3,500 American soldiers and 7,000 NATO allies occupy largely left the country at this level, with the few remaining soldiers to be handed by Aug. 31.

Pakistan has disregarded allegations of aiding the Taliban, and capabilities out that it succeeded in pressuring the insurgents into peace talks closing one year. For its fragment, Pakistan accuses Afghanistan of harboring the Pakistani Taliban, a militant crew separate from the Afghan Taliban that has stepped up assaults on the Pakistani militia.

Pakistani army: Afghan soldiers flee attack, cross border