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Pandemic, strong dollar force macadamia prices down

Pandemic, strong dollar force macadamia prices down

Macadamia growers can rule out another twelve months of file prices with a strong Australian dollar anticipated to ship decrease returns across the industry this season.

Key aspects:

  • The macadamia mark has dropped by bigger than $1 after a twelve months of file prices
  • The tip industry physique says there is silent room for growers to model real profits
  • A NSW grower says the brand new mark is sustainable

After completing paying $6.20 final twelve months, the country’s best macadamia processor has announced a notional mark of $5.10 per kilogram nut-in-shell for 2021.

Early Newspaper

Marquis Macadamias chief executive Larry McHugh acknowledged the associated fee fall for suppliers to largely attributable to the replace fee.

“Last twelve months we had been working within the 60s for the replace fee and this twelve months we’re within the excessive 70s,” he acknowledged.

Mr McHugh acknowledged that one of the well-known crucial market had been tormented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In fashionable, the retail market for total kernel and mighty half of kernels is intensely real,” he acknowledged.

“Nonetheless for diminutive styles which might perchance well be ragged in components for cookies, in bakery and in restaurant replace, the shutdowns around the globe of drinking locations and cafes beget truly affected that ingredient market and the prices on that product beget fallen away rather substantially across the final twelve months.”

A corporate headshot of bespectacled man with dark hair, smiling and wearing a suit.

Larry McHugh says the replace fee is one of potentially the major drivers of the associated fee fall.(

Supplied: Marquis Macadamias


In 2018 that Marquis noticed the associated fee hump as low as $5.20.

“At the time it used to be regarded as to be a very real mark,” Mr McHugh acknowledged.

“Despite the indisputable fact that it’s a descend from the peaks of the within the $6 final twelve months, or no longer it’s silent an cheap mark so a ways as being a viable mark for growers.”

He acknowledged within the previous the associated fee had fallen “rather violently”.

“So I mediate that in fashionable, as soon as we deem what’s occurred to another companies around the globe, that we have been barely well-off in some unspecified time in the future of the COVID disaster.”

No surprises

The Australian Macadamia Society chief executive Jolyon Burnett acknowledged that $5.10 used to be silent a real mark that allowed growers room to model a income.

A bespectacled man in a plaid shirt standing in an orchard, smiling.

Jolyon Burnett says there might perchance be a silent room for growers to model a real income.(

ABC Rural: Kim Honan


“I fabricate no longer mediate of us can beget to be greatly surprised by this, [especially] for any individual who used to be within the industry reduction in 2008, when the associated fee used to be a tiny bit of over $1.20 a kilo,” he acknowledged.

“We offer out beget rather a desire of growers who beget no longer considered the associated fee hump down of their time within the industry and so I mediate this might perchance occasionally well well reach as a tiny bit of a shock to some of those.”

Mr Burnett acknowledged that growers who had been following AMS data would no longer be greatly surprised by the associated fee correction.

“Most corrections are a response to altering market cases and that’s the rationale a real thing — the upper aligned-mark and offer is with the market and inquire, the more actual the industry is,” he acknowledged.

Macadamias being processed in a factory.

Australian macadamia growers are anticipated to ship an estimated 54,000 tonnes of nut-in-shell to processors this twelve months.(

ABC Rural: Eliza Rogers


Mr Burnett acknowledged he hoped this twelve months’s mark would no longer deter rookies to the industry.

“We’re silent a diminutive fragment of the worldwide replace in tree nuts — around two per cent,” he acknowledged.

“We remain aligned to consumer trends admire gluten-free, admire plant-primarily based utterly diets, admire veganism, vegetarianism, paleo, so all of those fundamentals are silent pointing to a sound future for the industry.”

The Australian Macadamia Society has released its preliminary forecast of a 50,770-tonne nick (at 3.5 per cent moisture) for 2021, an enlarge on the 46,900 tonnes delivered final twelve months.

An older woman in a blue shirt standing outside on a treed property, smiling.

Cath Ford says the $5.10 mark her processor has provided for 2021 is sustainable.(

ABC Rural: Kim Honan


Grower has considered worse

Cath Ford, whose family orchard at Rosebank, north of Lismore, gives nut to Marquis Macadamias, says this twelve months’s mark is sustainable and enables for growers to reach reduction a income.

“It used to be incredibly excessive final twelve months, which used to be shapely for us,” she acknowledged.

“Nonetheless we additionally know that to exhaust and sustain a market you beget bought to win a elated stage between the grower, the processor, the patron, so I mediate the associated fee for the time being is rather real.

Ms Ford remembered being paid $1.80 a kilogram for her nuts.

“There used to be no profits nonetheless you had to sustain going,” she acknowledged.

Ms Ford joked that making a real income this twelve months used to be as a lot as her husband.

“It is a ways dependent truly on my husband’s desire for mechanical equipment within the shed and how noteworthy money we are capable of exhaust from that,” she acknowledged.

“Nonetheless fling, I mediate that we are going to possible be truthful.”

Pandemic, strong dollar force macadamia prices down