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Peter Nygard has a phone in his jail cell for constant contact with his legal team, court documents reveal

Peter Nygard has a phone in his jail cell for constant contact with his legal team, court documents reveal

Peter Nygard has been given what no other inmate in Manitoba’s Headingley Correctional Centre has access to: a phone in his cell that he can train 16 hours a day.

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Justice Jennifer Pfuetzner heard Peter Nygard’s legal team’s bail appeal Thursday morning in the Manitoba Court of Appeal. The former fashion mogul is facing extradition to the U.S., the place he is accused of various allegations, including intercourse trafficking. (Annie I. Bang/The Associated Press)

Peter Nygard has been given what no other inmate at Manitoba’s Headingley Correctional Centre has access to: a phone in his cell that he can train 16 hours a day.

The 79-year-dilapidated fashion dressmaker also has a TV, a plastic chair and two mattresses that he makes train of for his back points, according to court documents filed in his bail appeal.

In an affidavit, Todd Schreyer, assistant superintendent of security at Headingley Correctional Centre, says Nygard has been given a phone in his cell, which he is allowed to access 16 hours a day.

“Mr. Nygard has phone access from 0700 hours to 2300 hours daily. No other cell at HCC has similar phone access,” said Schreyer. “Because of Mr. Nygard’s query for constant contact with his legal team, this is essentially the most interesting location at which we can accommodate him and guarantee that his safety as a outcome of the excessive profile nature of his case.”

Schreyer says Nygard’s cell is large adequate to accommodate three inmates and larger than the cells in the general population block. He also has two mattresses, “which he makes train of to wait on with his back points and sleeping points maintaining what he claims is a 45 degree angle to sleep.”

Nygard was also moved so he did not have to climb stairs to bag to the medical or shower areas. 

Nygard was arrested Dec. 14 on a quantity of charges filed in a Southern District of Unusual York court, including intercourse trafficking and racketeering. He spent two weeks at the Winnipeg Remand Centre, then was transferred to Headingley Correctional Centre, accurate launch air of Winnipeg, the place he remains while he awaits extradition to the U.S.

Last month, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Shawn Greenberg denied him bail, in part because she was concerned with survey tampering if he were to be released.

Nygard’s bail appeal shall be heard in the Manitoba Court of Appeal by Justice Jennifer Pfuetzner on Thursday morning. Nygard is rarely any longer going to appear in individual, nonetheless shall be able to call in by phone.

Advocate questions phone access

Crystal Brown, a neighborhood justice fashion co-ordinator at Southern Chiefs Organization, which includes 34 First Nations, was frustrated to learn about the accommodations Nygard is afforded behind bars.

Crystal Brown, a neighborhood justice fashion co-ordinator at Southern Chiefs Organization, said Nygard’s abilities in penal complicated ‘is treatment that other inmates obviously aren’t receiving.’ (Submitted by Crystal Brown)

She said having phone access 16 hours a day presentations the diversified treatment Nygard is getting compared to others in jail.

“It brings forward the diversified justice systems that are available for Indigenous of us, of us of shade,” she said.

“This is treatment that other inmates obviously aren’t receiving. It appears savor he’s having a first rate abilities,” she said. “It doesn’t sound from the affidavit that he’s experiencing a lot of discomfort.”

Schreyer says Nygard is in a protecting custody unit at Headingley and at any time when he needs to train the showers or go to the medical unit, the area is locked down in command to make certain that his safety.

“There may be inmates in a holding cell, on the alternative hand when Mr. Nygard enters medical he goes at as soon as to the treatment room or the shower room. He does no longer combine with other inmates,” writes Schreyer.

He says Nygard sees the medical team on a daily basis when they make their rounds, and that he also bathes in the medical unit because of the walk-in model bathtub. Schreyer says at no point has Nygard been relocated to a medical cell. 

Nygard opts out of vegan diet

In an affidavit filed before his January bail hearing, Nygard said he’s no longer getting actual nutrition because he’s allergic to sugar and he said that 70 per cent of the food served in jail contains sugar and white carbs.

Schreyer said in command to address Nygard’s dietary considerations, he was placed on a vegan diet, nonetheless that he opted out of it on Jan. 29 “with a preference to be placed on the regular dietary plan.”

Nygard is now receiving a diabetic tray for meal provider and is also able to command canteen items and food weekly at his indulge in discretion, according to court filings.

Schreyer’s affidavit says Nygard was supplied a placement at Assiniboine Treatment Centre — a protecting custody unit that properties inmates convicted of or charged with sexual offences — on Jan. 21, nonetheless he declined.

“During this evaluate it was infamous that Mr. Nygard did not appear to be in afflict. Mr. Nygard was co-operative and engaged in the conversation and thanked us for the excellent treatment he has been receiving,” said Schreyer. 

He said that as of March 8, there were no positive cases of COVID-19 at Headingley.

RCMP gaze recordings of Nygard’s calls

An affidavit written by RCMP Sgt. Lance Goldau, which was also filed in the bail appeal, says Mounties spoke with one in all Nygard’s daughters in March after she had been contacted by her dad.

Police said the 20-year-dilapidated woman learned Nygard was her father later in life, and that he had brought her to Canada from the Bahamas to work for his company and gape after his sister.

CBC News is rarely any longer naming the daughter because it’s no longer clear if she is an alleged victim.

Nygard was arrested at his home in the Royalwood neighbourhood of Winnipeg in December. (Gary Solilak/CBC)

The woman advised police she hadn’t spoken to Nygard since April 2020, and that he did not even know her age.

Goldau says the daughter advised Mounties one in all Nygard’s former girlfriends contacted her in the 2nd week of January to say Nygard wanted to speak with her. The former girlfriend said Nygard wanted his daughter to be his surety to wait on him bag bail.

The daughter gave permission for Nygard to phone her from Headingley the following day. 

“They spoke a number of times over a period of several days,” said Goldau’s affidavit.

Goldeau wrote that in exchange for acting as his surety, Nygard advised his daughter he would signal his “million-dollar” home to her.

“Nygard also advised [his daughter] that, as soon as out of penal complicated, he would signal an affidavit acknowledging he was her father, in command to wait on her obtain Canadian citizenship,” said Goldau.

“I’d have a home, a place to dwell as smartly as I may well probably put up for sale and um, , train it for college or train it what ev’, for , have a lawful life plan out for me,” said Nygard’s daughter in the transcript.

The affidavit says Nygard also advised his daughter she’d have to signal a doc “stating that she believed in his innocence.”

Goldau says the daughter declined, in part because she believed sureties had to be Canadian voters.

“He advised me that , as a surety I’d accurate have to make determined that he did not leave the home and that I’d probably have to spend about two to three hours taking care of him. And I advised him I did not want to make that because I have a life,” the woman advised police, according to a transcript of the interview.

RCMP say they contacted Headingley penal complicated to ask that they maintain any recordings between Nygard and his daughter unless police may well bag a manufacturing command to obtain them.

Former Nygard executive Greg Fenske, left, said he’s willing to position up a million-dollar home to steady Nygard’s release from jail. Court later learned the home was paid for with Nygard’s money. (Peter Nygard/Twitter)

Evidence against Nygard

Extradition documents filed by American authorities say the FBI, the Unusual York Police Department and the United States Attorney’s Place of business for the Southern District of Unusual York have been investigating Nygard “and others” since September 2019.

They also provide a glimpse into a few of the proof U.S. prosecutors query to existing at Nygard’s trial if he is extradited, including a 23-page doc written by Assistant U.S. Attorney Allison Nichols.

“Nygard texted Coconspirator-3 ‘I make no longer want any other males in [Victim-2]’s life … we can make her into another [Female-11],’ referring to a former ‘girlfriend’ of Nygard’s. Co-conspirator answered in part ‘for determined,'” wrote Nichols.

Nichols said authorities obtained a lot of search warrants to make proof to back up survey testimony, savor the emails between Nygard and a modelling agent authorities dubbed “Co-conspirator-6,” who they say funnelled ladies and ladies to the fashion dressmaker beneath the pretense of modelling jobs.

“PEOPLE IN MY LIFE ALWAYS Income IF & when they provide real advantage — had you delivered a ‘NICE ANGEL’ — there for certain would have been lawful advantage,” Nichols said Nygard wrote to the modelling agent.

She says authorities also have proof that will display Nygard’s workers were aware of the allegations.

“For example, a 2003 email from a longtime company employee (‘Employee-3’) to Nygard forwarded a resignation letter from a Bahamian employee, who wrote in part, ‘I’ve seen so many young ladies coming here and having intercourse and alot of of [sic] them are beneath age that is rarely any longer lawful,'” wrote Nichols.

Peter Nygard has a phone in his jail cell for constant contact with his legal team, court documents reveal