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Petrodec reactivates 40-year-used rig for UK decommissioning work


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The Haeva rig, formerly Borr’s Paragon HZ1, has been reactivated.

Petrodec has announced reactivation of a 40-year-used rig, which has been converted as its second decommissioning vessel for work within the UK North Sea.

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The Haeva jack-up rig, formely identified because the Borr Drilling-owned Paragon HZ1, constructed in 1981, location off from a shipyard in Vlissingen in The Netherlands on March 7 after just a few months of preparation work.

It’s now on its manner to complete decommissioning work on Perenco installations within the UK, Petrodec stated.

Haeva will live successfully abandonment on the Amethyst A1D platform, whereas additionally making ready the topside for removal with Petrodec’s skidding abilities.

Amethyst A1D is younger than the Haeva, having been set up in in 1989.

Petrodec conducted related work on the Pickerill installations the utilize of its just a few vessel, Energy Endeavour (Erda), one more converted rig nearly 40 years used, formerly owned by Northern Offshore.

The company stated: “Haeva becoming a member of Erda within the Petrodec rapid displays our solid commitment to bringing easy and effective decommissioning solutions to the market.”

Paragon HZ1 modified into as soon as equipped by Borr Drilling in 2018.

Petrodec, primarily based within the Netherlands, modified into as soon as included within the UK in July 2019.

To this point, it has worked completely for Anglo-French company Perenco, which has confirmed itself as an investor in Petrodec but stated the company is now not a real subsidiary.

Perenco submitted decommissioning plans for the four Amethyst platforms in April closing year.

The company has just a few suspended vogue wells on the Amethyst field relationship relieve to 1984, whereas an open water exploration and appraisal successfully sits nearby, suspended since 1972.

Amethyst sits spherical 25miles from the Easington Terminal on the Yorkshire run.

Perenco took over operatorship of Amethyst from BP in 2012, having been first realized by Britoil within the 1970s.

At time of submitting the plans, the company stated it expected topside removal for the C1D, B1D and A1D installations between Q4 of 2023 and Q1 of 2024, with A2D following within the third quarter of 2024.

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Petrodec reactivates 40-year-used rig for UK decommissioning work – Information for the Oil and Gasoline Sector – Energy Train