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Photo: Broad US military cargo plane transports fleeing Afghans

Photo: Broad US military cargo plane transports fleeing Afghans
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Here is a learn internal a US flight carrying Afghans out of Kabul

Evacuees crowd the interior of a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft, carrying some 640 Afghans to Qatar from Kabul, Afghanistan on August 15.
Evacuees crowd the internal of a U.S. Air Power C-17 Globemaster III transport plane, carrying some 640 Afghans to Qatar from Kabul, Afghanistan on August 15. (Protection One/Reuters)

As scores of Afghans are determined to flee the country, a portray presentations a broad military cargo plane carrying about 640 Afghan other folks from Kabul to Qatar Sunday.

The US Air Power C-17 Globemaster III plane has been operated by the United States and its allies for nearly three decades.

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German military criticized for evacuating seven other folks from Kabul

From CNN’s Claudia Otto in Berlin

The German military has come below criticism for many effective rescuing seven other folks from Kabul on its first evacuation flight from Afghanistan.

The seven passengers integrated 5 German nationals, one European nationwide and one Afghan, per a German Military spokesperson.

After hours of circling within the air on account of a chaotic disaster on the bottom, the A400M would possibly perchance perhaps exact land in transient, decide some company, and cruise in route of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the spokesperson outlined.

The spokesperson also talked about that there have been no longer from now on other folks around to evacuate after they landed, on condition that they’d arrived at night and that the US changed into once already up to tempo of Hamid Karzai Worldwide Airport.

The US fenced off the military facet of the airport the day gone by after thousands of Afghans gathered on the runway in a uncover to pass away the country, while the Taliban controls who can basically discover entry to the airport itself. The business facet of the airport is at expose no longer operational.

The plane unloaded the German troops traveling to serve with the evacuation effort within the arriving days, and rapid departed, the spokesperson added.

The German Military is ready in Tashkent for the subsequent slot to send the subsequent ready plane to Kabul.

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Prince Harry urges veterans to “toughen one one other” as Taliban decide over Afghanistan

From CNN’s Eleanor Pickston in London

Prince Harry encouraged military veterans to “reach out to every different and offer toughen for one one other” within the wake of the Taliban taking on Afghanistan. 

The Duke of Sussex served within the British Military for 10 years, in conjunction with two tours in Afghanistan. He went on to stumbled on the Invictus Games Foundation in 2014, which helps veterans’ restoration through wearing occasions. 

In a joint assertion posted on the Invictus Games Twitter legend, Prince Harry told “all americans across the Invictus community – and the broader military community – to reach out to every different and offer toughen for one one other.”

“What’s going on in Afghanistan resonates across the arena Invictus community,” the assertion from the Duke of Sussex, Dominic Reid, CEO of the Invictus Games Foundation and Lord Allen of Kensington, Chair of the Invictus Games Foundation learn. 

“Many of the collaborating countries and opponents within the Invictus Games household are sure by a shared abilities of serving in Afghanistan over the last Twenty years, and for a total lot of years, now we have competed alongside Invictus Games Crew Afghanistan.”

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A Taliban deputy leader rapid the crew’s fighters and commanders no longer to enter other folks’s homes

Taliban fighters stand guard along a street near the Zanbaq Square in Kabul on August 16.
Taliban fighters stand guard along an aspect street come the Zanbaq Square in Kabul on August 16. Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Pictures

The deputy leader of the Taliban and head of the crew’s military fee, Maulvi Mohammad Yaqub, ordered fighters and commanders no longer enter other folks’s homes or to take their property and resources.

These stumbled on to be disobeying the instructions would be even handed guilty of an “act of riot.”  

“Respected Mujahideens, it’s our message for all of you that no one is allowed to enter into the homes of oldsters, particularly in Kabul. Neither are you allowed to take autos/autos from other folks,” the deputy leader talked about in an audio message distributed widely through Taliban channels.

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US Military worn: “All of us are attempting to fetch a technique to discover us out, nonetheless that is no longer the way”

Former US Army Ranger Tom Amenta
Outmoded US Military Ranger Tom Amenta CNN

Outmoded US Military Ranger Tom Amenta, who served two tours in Afghanistan, says all veterans are attempting to discover out of Afghanistan, “nonetheless that is no longer the manner,” and that The United States will discontinuance up returning to the country.

“All of us are attempting to fetch a technique to discover us out, nonetheless that is no longer the way. We’re going to return to Afghanistan sometime because, now we don’t have any longer … rooted out terrorism,” Amenta talked about. “Now we have exact given serve to that country the crew that harbored and saved Osama bin Encumbered stable.”

Despite 20 years of US military presence in Afghanistan, the Taliban seem “20 years smarter, 20 years wiser and 20 years better prepared,” and learn fully disciplined, Amenta talked about.

“Now, they learn the manner we prepare other folks in fight,” he rapid CNN.

Amenta disputes the argument that the Afghan military did not have the will to fight.

“Lustrous how mighty they sacrificed — no longer getting paid effectively thanks to authorities corruption, no longer being fed effectively — and to come what would possibly snort that they lacked the will when 45,000 of them perished over the past six years? That is disingenuous at most efficient, in my peep. They fought very exhausting.”

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The disaster on the Kabul airport is “stabilizing,” UK international secretary says

From CNN’s Nina Avramova in London

The disaster at Hamid Karzai Worldwide Airport in Kabul, the build crowds flooded the tarmac desperately seeking a route in another country on Monday, is “stabilizing,” UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab talked about Tuesday morning.

“There’s been a surge of US and UK troops — we’ve obtained 600 extra personnel there. It’s critically vital, no longer exact for the steadiness on the bottom for Afghans, nonetheless critically, for our evacuation effort,” Raab rapid British broadcaster Sky News Tuesday.

The international secretary added that over the subsequent 24 hours 350 British and Afghan nationals, who worked for the UK, are expected to be evacuated from Afghanistan.

“The disaster is stabilizing nonetheless obviously we’re monitoring it very fastidiously,” talked about Raab.

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Two Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossings have been reopened

From CNN’s Sophia Saifi in Islamabad, Pakistan

Afghan nationals queue up at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing point in Chaman, on August 17.
Afghan nationals queue up on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing point in Chaman, on August 17. (AFP/Getty Pictures)

Two border crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been reopened, in conjunction with a main transit point at Chaman, per a senior respectable there.

The respectable, who spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity as they’re no longer authorized to keep in touch for the authorities, talked about Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban agreed to attend the Chaman border delivery between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. day-to-day.

The southern crossing located alongside the Afghan town of Go Boldak changed into once also reopened, nonetheless most efficient these conserving Pakistan or Afghanistan nationwide identification cards had been allowed to pass. It changed into once beforehand closed for two weeks.

The respectable, who changed into once phase of the crew that spoke to the Taliban, talked about the militant crew has asked that Afghans be allowed visa-free entry into Pakistan on humanitarian grounds. 

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French military plane lands in Kabul carrying special forces, picks u.s.a.French nationals for flight out

French soldiers stand guard near a military plane in Kabul, on August 17.
French troopers stand guard come a military plane in Kabul, on August 17. (STR/AFP/Getty Pictures)

A French military plane carrying special forces troops landed at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport Tuesday, per the French Embassy in Kabul. 

The embassy talked about the Airbus A400M military transport then took off on an evacuation flight carrying French nationals.

“France is imposing the required technique to discover obvious the protection of our compatriots. It will proceed to face with the Afghan other folks,” the embassy talked about in a tweet Tuesday.

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The Taliban gave the UNHCR a stamped assertion, reassuring it’s going to proceed its humanitarian work

The Taliban have given a stamped assertion to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR,) which reassures that the group can proceed their humanitarian and relief efforts within the country, talked about Aurvasi Patel, the performing director of UNHCR’s regional bureau for Asia and Pacific.

“Now we don’t have any longer experienced sooner than. Here’s the principle time,” Patel talked about Tuesday.

“If this basically materializes, then we can indubitably save and order and present humanitarian assistance, which is extreme for Afghans on the present time,” she rapid CNN.

As the disaster intensifies, Afghans remain “anxious” despite the Taliban’s reassurances and statements, urging other folks to belief them.

“The Afghans are anxious by the history and the fact that the Taliban have a past file on what they’ve carried out to the electorate,” Patel talked about.

“Real now, they have given assurances. However, there have been reports of some of their actions that stir in opposition to their newest legend. So, I focus on it’s a necessity that the Taliban basically stop what they are saying, and reassure the other folks — no longer most efficient in observe, nonetheless in be conscious — to abet to the civilians to realize that they’re attempting to have a reveal of Afghanistan.”

Photo: Broad US military cargo plane transports fleeing Afghans