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Picture Butte Growing Mission a success in 2021

Picture Butte Growing Mission a success in 2021

By Jaxon McGinn, Local Journalism Initiative ReporterSunny South News

Mon., Aug. 23, 20212 min. read

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Picture Butte and Area Growing Mission is reporting a successful harvest this summer season.

The Foodgrains Growing Mission had its 22nd year in 2021 and is anticipated to make $45,000 in donations and fundraising.

Tony Kok, a board member for the Picture Butte growing undertaking, says this year’s undertaking was back to normal for the community.

“(There’s) no longer a lot of distinction I don’t think for this year — it (was) simply a normal variety of year. So, changes this year, we grew the same carve and acquired the same individuals (to) donate chemicals, and we rented the land in the same location as last year. So next year, we are able to have to find a recent fraction of land,” said Kok. He also explained how COVID-19 has affected the community over the past several months.

“Neatly, it didn’t really have the achieve on the carve, but it without a doubt did have an achieve on our dinky little bit of our fundraising and , we have been unable to have a harvest, (a) real celebration day with a complete lot individuals last year. So it was a dinky bit thoroughly different that way but as far as growing the carve it didn’t affect us,” said Kok.

The general donation helps based on the value of lease of the land, with it being about $3,000 an acre, so the undertaking attempts to hit a quote of $45,000 in donations.

Other contributions happen along the way, fancy the three seed companies donating the seed and some chemical companies that contributing chemicals.The undertaking also will get breaks on the water irrigation for the plants.

There are 250 growing initiatives all by Canada, with 39 in Alberta. Proceeds from the sale of the Growing Mission plants streak towards the Canadian Food Grain Bank, which then, in flip, use that cash to ship meals to places of need or assist in the undertaking such as promoting sustainable farming strategies.

“I think it simply started with a contact from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank then anyone had a had an idea ‘good day we may have our undertaking right here and there are fairly a few initiatives (that) happen all over Alberta.’ There’s one in Taber, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge, and that kind of stuff, so we have been simply contacted by the interested in having a undertaking in this area,” said Kok.

Picture Butte Growing Mission a success in 2021