Home Story Playboy bunnies, antique toys, QAnon rabbits: California’s Bunny Museum – in pictures

Playboy bunnies, antique toys, QAnon rabbits: California’s Bunny Museum – in pictures

Playboy bunnies, antique toys, QAnon rabbits: California’s Bunny Museum – in pictures

The Bunny Museum, in Altadena, California, started with a spontaneously uttered pet title. “I started calling him my honey bunny,” says Candace Frazee of her accomplice and museum co-founder, Steve Lubanski. “You know, you’re comely kissing away, and you comely arrive out with it.” Thanks to the nickname, Lubanski obtained Frazee an opulent bunny for Valentine’s Day. In return, Frazee bought Lubanski a ceramic bunny for Easter. Then things escalated, and the couple – who obtained married in a bunny-themed ceremony – started exchanging bunny gifts on a everyday basis. Now their series contains over 40,000 bunny objects and is housed in its possess museum.

Frazee and Lubanski.
Frazee and Lubanski today.

Early Newspaper
  • Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski.

The museum isn’t rather the Pure Historical previous Museum for bunnies. It’s more of a tribute to particular person culture, viewed via the lens of bunnies. If an object has been manufactured in the closing half of century and it had a bunny on it, there’s a gorgeous high likelihood it’s in the series. Antiques, toys, art, containers of Annie’s macaroni and cheese, White Condo Easter egg roll eggs, promotional figures of the Noid, Bugs Bunny Christmas decorations. It’s all there, sorted by theme and densely packed from floor to ceiling.

In the first of an occasional series celebrating offbeat museums, I took a guided tour with Frazee and talked to her in regards to the series.

What’s basically the most interesting thing you would speak me about bunnies?

That they’ve two uteruses.

I wager that’s why they breed like rabbits.

The mummy can win pregnant comely after giving beginning because of she’s using a distinct uterus. In nature each person’s eating the bunny. Coyotes, foxes, hawks, individuals. In order that they wish to multiply.

An inflatable bunny on the museum’s roof.
bunny suit hangs on a door among other memorabilia

  • Top: An inflatable bunny on the museum’s roof. Bottom: The Chamber of Hop Horrors indicate, which presentations ‘the abuse of bunnies during historic previous’.

Is there anything about bunnies you’ve been disturbed to find out?

That they eat their poop. Did you keep in mind that?

I didn’t.

When it first comes out, it’s at ease and it looks like a bunch of grapes after which they eat it. In order that they’re eating their food twice. When it comes out the final time, it’s now not easy brown marbles.

A selection of bunny planters and coin banks.

  • A spread of bunny planters and coin banks.

Doubtless the most stuff I’ve viewed online [about your museum] appears kind of intentionally angled to gain this set apart seem quite creepy.

They call me the loopy bunny girl. And I’m now not a loopy bunny girl. Most incessantly the interviewers or guests will arrive and scream, “What? You’re now not wearing any bunny stuff.” Like correct now. I’m now not wearing any bunny stuff. Successfully, in fact, my watch. But I’ve viewed individuals arrive with their shoelaces and their sneakers and their shirts and it’s relaxing that they costume up to arrive. I in fact like that. But I’m now not doing that on a daily basis. But after I went to win my vaccine this morning, I wore ears comely for the screech. Since it used to be relaxing.

model of bunny with carrot
bunny on rock that says 'love grows hare'
A bunny snow globe.
black and white striped bunny ornament

  • Clockwise from top left: a bunny wine decanter, two bunny embellishes and a bunny snow globe.

Compose you know the plan many objects are in your series correct now?

43,700 and something.

Compose it’s likely you’ll perchance need got any opinion how distinguished has been spent on it?

It’s rate $1.9m.

A bunny jigsaw puzzle.

  • A bunny jigsaw puzzle.

Compose it’s likely you’ll perchance need got a non-public well-liked object?

The main and second ones we got. If there used to be a fireplace or earthquake we’d sprint out the door with these.

Is there an merchandise that you just would scream is basically the most unearthly? An merchandise the set apart you’re like: “I will’t mediate this exists”?

Slightly distinguished all the things.

Various bunny ornaments, snow globes, and music boxes.
A bunny warning sign.

  • Top: Diverse bunny embellishes, snow globes, and music containers. Bottom: A warning model.

Compose you perceive what the oldest merchandise it’s likely you’ll perchance need got is?

Yeah, they’re antiquity. 300 BC.

Are there any misconceptions about bunnies that you just could always medicine?

Yeah. People steal that they wonderful in fact like carrots. That’s due to Bugs Bunny. And, unfortunately, makers of plush and porcelain objects always stick a carrot with it. That’s now not correct. They like carrots, however you would additionally’t eat carrots on each day basis. It’s equivalent to you, your self, aren’t going to eat a bologna sandwich on each day basis. The bunny will eat a carrot however it certainly’s now not an day to day staple. People will bring carrots to feed the infants and I don’t mind. That’s broad. But one initiate home we obtained thirty bags of carrots. The sink used to be a mound of carrots.

A display case containing the museum’s smallest items, including pins, coins and keychains, with a magnifying glass on top.

  • A indicate case containing the museum’s smallest objects.

Compose it’s likely you’ll perchance need got a well-liked fictional bunny?

I admire Lola Bunny, Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend. I’m atypical to peep how they modified her for the following one.

I observed some individuals had been upset that she’s much less horny.

She’s now not so horny. Which is fine. But I admire her because of she’s blonde and she looks like me. And he or she used to be, like, the correct girl bunny unless Judy Hopps with Zootopia. Your total eminent bunnies are boy bunnies. Peter Rabbit. Brer Rabbit. Uncle Wiggly. Peter Cottontail. Even the Easter bunny is a boy. People scream “What about Peter Rabbit’s mother?” I’m like, “What’s her title?” She’s C-list.

Real bunnies (bottom) and fake bunnies (top).
Some of the museum’s many Bugs Bunny items.

  • Top: Proper bunnies amongst the fraudulent ones. Bottom: Doubtless the most museum’s many Bugs Bunny objects.

Compose it’s likely you’ll perchance need got a least well-liked use of bunnies in authorized culture?

Least well-liked, no? Because they’re all adorable. Donnie Darko is lovely creepy. Stuff like that, that they use in awe motion pictures. Even using adorable minute bunnies in the film Us. It’s like, in fact?

Are there Playboy bunnies in here?

They’re in the Chamber of Hop Horrors indicate because of Hugh Hefner took the bunny and abused it. The Chamber of Hop Horrors is the abuse of bunnies during historic previous: experimenting on bunnies, lucky rabbit foot keychains. I obtained a QAnon mug on Amazon. They use the bunny. We don’t approve of it. After I observed the QAnon posters and stuff I was like, “No methodology! They’re using a bunny!” It’s awful.

A QAnon mug in the Chamber of Hop Horrors exhibit.

  • A QAnon mug in the Chamber of Hop Horrors indicate.

Compose you ever think about what may perchance wish came about at the same time as you’d long previous with a distinct nickname?

We always talk about about that. I could well’ve stated, “Oh my minute froggy,” and this is able to well be the frog museum. I could perchance delight in called him my “mountainous gorilla” and he would delight in given me a mountainous stuffed gorilla and we would’ve had gorillas.

Assorted items from the museum.

  • This interview has been condensed and edited

Playboy bunnies, antique toys, QAnon rabbits: California’s Bunny Museum – in pictures