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Playing a beautiful day

Playing a beautiful day

The nights are getting longer and colder as autumn slowly turns into iciness, however the Eastern Cape aloof enjoys some great weather.

Here we come across locals and guests at Kelly’s Beach in Port Alfred just lately, soaking up the rays.

Early Newspaper
TAKING IN THE SUN: Ursula and Gerd Reichardt enjoyed basking in the sun at Kelly’s Beach in Port Alfred Picture: ROB KNOWLES
DAD AND DAUGHTER: Considered at Kelly’s Beach just lately, Johannesburgers James Wellsted(lawful) and his 10-year-mature daughter, Amy, have been holidaying in Port Alfred where they maintain a home and are frequent guests Picture: ROB KNOWLES
MOM AND SON: Fiona Bosman was along with her son Patrick, 7, enjoyed the sunny weather at Kelly’s Beach just lately Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Playing a beautiful day