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Political Briefing: Biden’s migrant surge dilemma

Political Briefing: Biden’s migrant surge dilemma


The political data it is far a must want to know, in 10 minutes or much less. Hosted by David Chalian.

  • Inner Biden’s Migrant Surge Dilemma

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    This week, President Biden faced sharp questions about his administration’s handling of the rising crisis on the border, where a present surge of migrants, including many unaccompanied kids, has overwhelmed authorities resources. On as of late’s briefing, CNN immigration and policy reporter Priscilla Alvarez, takes you interior what’s going down on the US-Mexico border, how the present migrant surge compares to the closing one in 2019, and what the solutions the Biden administration is calling to implemAccount for moreent.

  • Biden Faces Force from the Press

    After conclude to two months, President Biden held his first authentic press convention since going down of job. David Chalian dissects the most essential moments and explains how the President used to be pushed on the total lot from immigration, to balloting rights, to ending the filibuster.

  • Biden Could no longer Lunge in Alone on Gun Reform

    As the Biden administration requires action on gun reform in Congress, they preserve support on taking govt action. David Chalian examines this political calculation and how Vice President Harris’ history reveals she disagrees with this manner. Plus, the roadblocks forward for the Democrats massive balloting invoice within the Senate, and lastly the Biden administration’s are trying at transparency on the border is falling fast.

  • Biden Urges Action on Gun Reform

    One other mass capturing in The United States — shapely days after the closing one – places mounting stress on Democrats to bewitch action. David Chalian explains the uphill fight for gun reform legislation within the Senate and President Biden’s new massive $3 trillion infrastructure kit proposal. Plus, Sidney Powell, the skilled-Trump lawyer who spread the broad lie – now admits she used to be lying.

  • A Disaster No Topic What You Name It

    As the grief on the border worsens, the White House refuses to name it a crisis. David Chalian explains how the grief spells political pains for the administration, plus the implications of the balloting rights fight coming to a head in Georgia this week. Lastly, a capacity Democratic effort to overturn a House fling has some evaluating it to January’s Republican electoral college declare.   

  • Voter Suppression Isn’t New

    Republican legislatures precise by the nation are pushing new voter restrictions, and a total lot of of those capacity changes would disproportionately rep an influence on communities of color. On as of late’s CNN Political Briefing, CNN Bustle and Equality senior creator Nicquel Terry Ellis explains the effects of those present proposals and how they match the historic pattern of voter suppression in The United States.

  • Biden Faces Rising Global Tensions

    The start of the Biden administration’s international policy is being marked by an escalation in tensions with each and each Russia and China. On as of late’s episode, CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger unpacks the rising global tensions. Plus, Asian American discrimination is front and heart in Congress, and lastly, why some dwelling Republicans voted in opposition to honoring the police who defended the Capitol within the direction of the riot.

  • Biden Tells Migrants ‘Don’t Reach Over’

    In an interview with ABC News, President Biden talked about the border crisis, the controversial filibuster, and shared his strategies on New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo’s political future. CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger breaks down the takeaways from his most monumental interview for the reason that election. Plus, the horrific shootings in Atlanta that killed eight, largely Asian American citizens, and lastly, a brand new intel file confirms Russia interfered within the 2020 election.

  • The Voting Rights Fight Strikes to Texas

    Texas Republicans are targeting Houston’s efforts to make bigger balloting get precise of entry to within the direction of the 2020 election with a series of measures that might roll support balloting get precise of entry to within the stammer. CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger discusses why Harris County is the latest purpose for Republican lawmakers. Plus, President Biden visits GOP states hoping to diminish vaccine hesitancy among Republican voters, and lastly, the chances of President’s total immigration invoice passing are slimming because the crisis at Account for morethe boarder continues to aggravate. 

  • Promoting American citizens on the Rescue Conception

    Stimulus tests rep already started hitting some American’s bank accounts, and hundreds of thousands of pictures are in arms, but the work is removed from over for the Biden Administration. CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger discusses the Biden administration’s “Abet is Here” tour. Plus, the pressing humanitarian crisis on the southern border, and lastly, Senator Ron Johnson’s controversial remarks about the January sixth come up. 

Political Briefing: Biden’s migrant surge dilemma