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Politically Sound: Biden’s China challenge

Politically Sound: Biden’s China challenge


The stakes of our political alternate choices have never been better, however with unusual headlines every hour it might maybe possibly presumably presumably be laborious to separate the designate from the noise. On Politically Sound, we’re going to have interplay a step lend a hand and witness at the tall describe. We’ll demonstrate the considerations with the day, have interaction a witness lend a hand at how we obtained here, and procedure a line forward to what it all capacity. Hosted by David Chalian and Nia-Malika Henderson.

  • Biden’s China Challenge

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    Because the Biden administrations objectives to revive The United States’s world standing, managing the relationship with China will doubtless be their excellent challenge, however one which might maybe possibly presumably presumably also new unusual alternatives. In this episode, Nia Malika-Henderson speaks with a number one professional on Chinese protection, Dr. Elizabeth Economic system, to crumple how and why President Biden’s international protection and his technique to China differ from used President Trump’s, and what lies forward for US-China family under this unusual administraDemonstrate moretion.

  • Uniting the Divided States of The United States

    The promise of solidarity and a return to normalcy had been at the coronary heart of President Biden’s pitch to the American of us. But this push for solidarity is coping with early exams, from passage of a Covid assist bill to the impeachment trial of used President Trump. This week, David Chalian and Nia Malika-Henderson are joined by used Senator Doug Jones to discuss the necessity for solidarity, as section of our series having a witness at the excellent protection dreams and challenges coping with the administration in its first 100 days. 

  • Pandemic Coverage vs. Reality

    President Biden has an ambitious agenda for his first 100 days in quandary of work and much of his success rides on getting a contend with on the pandemic. In this episode, David Chalian digs deep on the implications of the Covid disaster with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, host of CNN’s Coronavirus Reality vs. Fiction podcast, as section of our series having a witness at the excellent protection dreams and challenges coping with the administration in its first 100 days. 

  • And Now the Work Begins

    Normalcy returns to Washington as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are sworn into quandary of work. But is a tender inauguration a designate of things to attain or is there a bumpy avenue forward? In this episode, David Chalian and Nia Malika-Henderson are joined by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to stroll thru the momentous inauguration and the early challenges coping with the Biden administration.

  • Okay, That is Genuinely Unparalleled

    The notice “unheard of” will get thrown around plenty at the show time. But how else attain you characterize a nation peaceful reeling from an attack on the Capitol constructing and impeaching the President for a 2d time whereas it prepares for an inauguration? In this episode, David Chalian and Nia Malika-Henderson are joined by CNN Washington Correspondent Ryan Nobles to illustrate what comes subsequent – now that the President is impeached – what it capacity for the nation, the Republican social gathering, and President-elect Biden.

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  • The Inevitable Insurrection

    The siege of the US Capitol by a Trump-supporting mob used to be four years in the making and completely preventable – yet peaceful shy the nation. In this episode, David Chalian and Nia-Malika Henderson are joined by CNN Reporter Donie O’Sullivan who used to be at the Capitol speaking to rioters on Wednesday, to discuss how the President instigated the violence, the depths of the misinformation his supporters imagine, and what this means for the lengthy mosey of American politics. 

  • The Upward push of Pandemic Politics

    Coronavirus dominated every facet of existence in 2020 including reshaping the political panorama. In this episode, David Chalian and Nia-Malika Henderson discuss how the pandemic modified politics this 300 and sixty five days and the procedure in which this might maybe possibly presumably impact Joe Biden’s presidency. Plus, CNN Correspondent Stephanie Elam takes you contained in the vaccine trial she’s participating in and tells you the procedure in which one in all Biden’s excellent challenges shall be convincing inclined communities to have interplay the vaccine.

  • An Insider’s Records to the Biden Transition

    Irrespective of the President’s tantrums, President-elect Joe Biden’s transition marches on. In this episode, Nia-Malika Henderson is joined by used Obama Adviser and the host of CNN’s The Axe Files podcast, David Axelrod, to illustrate the successes to this point and challenges closing for Biden’s transition. Plus, CNN Washington Correspondent Ryan Nobles joins from the campaign path in Georgia to discuss how the speak’s key Senate runoff races are the excellent predict marks inserting over the Biden adminiDemonstrate morestration.

  • Politics Over Of us

    For months, Congress has failed the American of us. Millions are out of work and going hungry, and masses of the assist packages they depend on will expire at the end of the 300 and sixty five days. In this episode, Dana Bash and Abby Phillip discuss the disgraceful failure of authorities, the politics at play in passing more economic stimulus, and the momentum growing to win a deal as Congress stares down a cleave lend a hand-off date. Plus, CNN Chief Industry Correspondent Christine Romans lays out how DC politics and Wall Aspect freeway profDemonstrate moreits have stood in the procedure in which of a stimulus deal – and keep the industrial peril on on a regular basis Individuals.

  • One Nation, Fully Divided

    We knew The United States used to be divided … however this election has shown us accurate how deep that division runs. In this episode, David Chalian and Dana Bash discuss the intensifying political divide in The United States, what it capacity for President-elect Biden, and whether the nation might maybe possibly presumably presumably be stitched lend a hand together at all. Plus, Brian Stelter explains how election disinformation is altering the upright-cruise media panorama and what that capacity for the nation going forward.

Politically Sound: Biden’s China challenge