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Poly adds Voyager 4300 UC series to its line-up of wireless Bluetooth headsets

Poly adds Voyager 4300 UC series to its line-up of wireless Bluetooth headsets

Relief in May perhaps maybe well simply, we reviewed the Voyager Focal level UC from Poly and today they’ve announced basically the most up to date addition to their headset lineup, the Voyager 4300 UC Series. Designed with versatile workers in thoughts, the Voyager 4300 UC Series retains workers connected and productive at dwelling or within the office, and is now accessible in Australia.

Works the Ability You Pause

Because the dynamics of work possess shifted, the Voyager 4300 UC Series offers a wireless headset that frees you from your desk, allowing you to saunter up to 50 metres from your computer. It’s jam-full of top quality audio and a pair of connectivity alternate choices – all at an accessible trace level. The Voyager 4300 UC Series has seamless connectivity to your different of smartphone or computer by way of the incorporated BT700 USB adapter to come up with the flexibility you will want for the duration of the day.

Early Newspaper

The Voyager 4300 UC Series permits workers to withhold an eye on of one of the greatest anxiousness aspects of a long way away meetings – their restful affirm. This headset comes with a truly easy-to-accumulate-and-spend restful button so that chances are you’ll also remain assured that no-one on the resolution can hear the dog howl at the initiating man. Dynamic Mute Alert notifies users when they discuss whereas muted, that formulation that talking to your self or needing to apologise for talking on restful is a factor of the past.

The Voyager 4300 UC Series offers flexibility to work with the partner of your different. The Microsoft Groups-licensed version comes with a valid Microsoft Groups button on the headset that correct now invokes the Groups app and affords visual indicators when a Groups notification occurs. For a seamless out-of-the-field Zoom meeting skills, this Zoom-licensed headset entails a long way away name withhold an eye on and restful sync to simplify the capacity you join.

Pro-Grade Audio Quality

Wherever chances are you’ll also very well be, whether or no longer at dwelling or within the office, the Voyager 4300 UC Series affords prominent pro-grade audio quality. Poly’s Acoustic Fence skills blocks out unwanted background noise so the person on the opposite cease easiest hears the speaker’s dispute, no longer disruptive background noises. Poly SoundGuard Digital skills ensures a protected and gratified listening skills with natural sounding speech to provide a most efficient-in-class audio skills for each person on the resolution.

“Over the remaining 18 months we have got got seen inquire of skyrocket for a flexible, professional, and affordable resolution for workers which may perhaps be working remotely or from the office. The Voyager 4300 UC Series brings a aggregate of pro-quality audio, freedom to saunter, all-day consolation, and connectivity, wherever you work.”

Andy Damage, Poly’s ANZ MD

According to Frost & Sullivan’s most up to date compare, the worldwide professional Bluetooth UC headset market grew by 88.2% in 2020 to $591.6 million.

“As corporations and workers navigate the future of hybrid working, having the true conversation tools to abet right here’s obligatory. Poly’s Voyager 4300 UC Series offers a compelling aggregate of flexibility, connectivity, and top quality audio at an approachable trace level.”

Alaa Saayed, ICT Industry Director & Fellow – Linked Work, Frost and Sullivan.

The Voyager 4300 UC Series furthermore offers:

  • Easy location up and usein the office or at dwelling, without the want for IT abet.
  • All-day put aside on and wireless connectivity up to 50 metres, releasing users from their desk (or kitchen table) and is offered as a two-ear stereo version or single-ear mono sporting vogue.
  • The Voyager Office irascible is an optionally accessible accent for deskphone users, which furthermore costs the headset. Alternatively, chances are you’ll also decide for a Voyager 4300 UC charging stand, designed to withhold the software charged and involving to spend at any moment (offered one by one, furthermore suitable with the Voyager Focal level 2)
  • World class abet with Poly Lens – a deepest software abet carrier, a 2-year restricted guarantee and gather admission to to Poly’s widespread abet. For added peace of thoughts Poly+ paid subscription carrier is offered and offers 24/7 skills abet for deepest units around the enviornment and a three-year guarantee.

Pricing and availability

The Voyager 4300 UC Series joins the extremely widespread Voyager family of Bluetooth headsets and headphones and is offered now from permitted Australian resellers – initiating at $209 USD. For more recordsdata on kinds, native pricing and availability, please contact licensed Poly companions and resellers in Australia or search suggestion from: Voyager 4300 UC Series.

Poly adds Voyager 4300 UC series to its line-up of wireless Bluetooth headsets