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Powerful data VC OpenOcean hits $111.5M for third fund, appoints Ekaterina Almasque to GP

Powerful data VC OpenOcean hits $111.5M for third fund, appoints Ekaterina Almasque to GP

OpenOcean, a European VC which has tended to specialize in stout data-oriented startups and deep tech, has reach the €92 million ($111.5 million) mark for its third foremost mission fund, and is aiming for a closing stop of €130 million by mid-system this yr. LPs within the fresh fund embody the European Funding Fund (EIF), Tesi, pension funds, foremost family offices and Oxford University’s Corpus Christi College.

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Ekaterina Almasque — who has already led investments in IQM (superconducting quantum machines) and Rupture of day.io (multi-cloud hyper-converged infrastructure) and is leading the London workforce and operations for the agency — has been appointed as overall partner. Before joining, Almasque was as soon as a managing director at Samsung Catalyst Fund in Europe, led investments in Graphcore’s processor for Synthetic Intelligence, Mapillary’s layer for like a flash mapping and AIMotive’s autonomous utilizing stack.

The huge wealth of data within the trendy world system the following generation of tool is being constructed on the infrastructure. Thus, the fund said it will make investments totally on the Sequence A stage with initial investments of €3 million to €5 million, across OpenOcean’s principle areas of man made intelligence, utility-driven data infrastructure, incandescent automation and delivery offer.

OpenOcean’s workforce entails Michael “Monty” Widenius, the “religious father” of MariaDB, and regarded among the accepted developers of MySQL, the predecessor to MariaDB; Tom Henriksson, who invested in MySQL and MariaDB; as well to Ralf Wahlsten and Patrik Backman.

Tom Henriksson, overall partner at OpenOcean, commented: “Ekaterina… brings an mountainous amount of experience to the workforce and exemplifies the system we need to strengthen our founders. Fund 2020 is an primary step for OpenOcean, with prestigious LPs trusting our system and our data, and believing in our potential to establish completely the preferrred data solutions and infrastructure technologies in Europe.”

Almasque said: “The next five years will seemingly be serious for digital infrastructure, as breakthrough technologies are on the 2nd being constrained by the capabilities of the stack. Enabling this subsequent stage of infrastructure innovation is an primary to realising digitisation initiatives across the economic system and can also neutral resolve what the information superhighway of the future seems to be to be love. We’re enraged by the aptitude of world-leading companies being constructed across Europe and are taking a peek forward to supporting the following generation of tool leaders.”

Speaking to TechCrunch she added: “It’s very uncommon to catch this type of VC so deep within the stack which also invested in even handed among the first unicorns in Europe and surely constructed the delivery offer ecosystem globally. So for me, this was as soon as fully an appealing workforce to join. And what OpenOcean was as soon as doing since inception in 2011 was as soon as very uncommon among pioneering ecosystems, akin to stout data analytics… and it stays very pioneering, pushing the frontiers in man made intelligence and now quantum computing. Here’s what surely attracts me, and I mediate there is a surely, very stout future.”

In an interview Henriksson told me: “What we’re seeing is that our economic system is transferring an increasing form of towards the digital, data-driven economic system. It began with few industries, however now we stumble upon the next shift, together with fresh industries love healthcare, love manufacturing.”

Asked about the implications of the pandemic on the sector, he said: “Obviously we stumble upon lots of startups who’re plugging into things love the UiPath platform. Here is amazingly connected for the pandemic. For the reason that companies that had began automating strongly before the pandemic hit… they’ve in point of fact accelerated and they catch advantages for their groups and organisations and truly the of us are happier on story of they’ve better automation technologies in space. Those that didn’t delivery before [the pandemic hit] they’re somewhat within the relief of now.”

Powerful data VC OpenOcean hits $111.5M for third fund, appoints Ekaterina Almasque to GP