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President Biden heads to Texas to assess damage after horrific winter storm left millions without power

President Biden heads to Texas to assess damage after horrific winter storm left millions without power


President Joe Biden says he wants to refer to Texas and plans to repeat a “indispensable ache” in the reveal as quickly as the bureaucracy gets to his desk. (Feb. 19)

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WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden is heading down to Texas, one week after the reveal was ravaged by a winter storm that left millions without electrical energy and smartly-organized water for days.

It might perchance perchance perchance perchance well perchance even be his first commute as president to a ache zone and his first commute to the reveal since turning into president.

Biden at some stage in a call with governors on Thursday told Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that he was taking a look “forward to coming down tomorrow to Houston to be with you.”

“I prefer you and the residents to know that we’re right here to present the federal support you would like to pork up your reveal, your native and tribal response efforts,” Biden said of his commute.

Biden will refer to Houston with first woman Jill Biden, and meet with native leaders to talk about the storm, reduction efforts and recovery. The president will additionally refer to a COVID-19 sanatorium the put vaccines are being disbursed. Biden will employ powerful of his day with Abbott. 

Extra: Sen. John Cornyn wants to join Bidens on Houston commute to explore storm aftermath

A minimum of 4.3 million Texans misplaced electrical energy final week at some stage in the winter storm. Millions more misplaced water or had been below a boil advisory. Texas is no longer fragment of the national power grid, and has its gain electrical grid that covers near to your total reveal. The Electrical Reliability Council of Texas operates Texas’ electrical grid, and has come below fire due to the outages.“Here is no longer a partisan enlighten,” press secretary Jen Psaki said of Biden’s commute at some stage in an look on ABC’s “The Witness” on Thursday. “Here is no longer correct impacting Democrats or Republicans, it’s impacting the total folks in the reveal.”

A minimum of one among the reveal’s U.S. senators, Sen. John Cornyn, said he would like to accompany the president on his commute. Psaki, on the opposite hand, said Thursday there’ll seemingly be limited room on the plane and he or she does no longer know of any senator of any occasion traveling with president for his commute.


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Sen. Ted Cruz, who has no longer said if he would like to accompany Biden on the commute, came below fire after briefly flying to Cancun, Mexico, along with his family final week after they misplaced power at some stage in the storm. Cruz flew support to Texas after his commute grew to turn into public. 

Biden has well-liked a well-known ache declaration for over 100 counties in the reveal. Psaki said that the president’s commute comes as Texas is getting into the recovery stage.

Extra: Winter storm blackouts plagued Texas in 2011, too. Strategies made afterward went unenforced.

“There clearly was a timeframe the put we wanted to be certain folks had been real,” Psaki said on The Witness. “Now we’re on the recovery stage, the put we want to rating certain folks enjoy rating entry to to smartly-organized water, rating entry to to areas to dwell and to preserve. So the president wants to gaze the damage, so he can faucet into the total sources and the federal authorities.”

This commute is infrequently a continuation of Biden’s message of empathy, which defined his campaign.

“Joe Biden’s calling card has been empathy and a prefer and potential to connect with folks, namely those that enjoy experienced hardship or trauma,” said Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project on the College of Texas at Austin. “It be going to be the day the put we are able to demand to see more of the Joe Biden that folks enjoy turn into accustomed to.”


White Home press secretary Jen Psaki says FEMA is supplying Texas with power generators, and sending diesel gas, water, blankets as and assorted supplies as fragment of an effort to present reduction from fashioned power outages due to winter storms. (Feb. 17)

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Henson favorite that Biden’s predecessor, customary President Donald Trump, didn’t infrequently demonstrate empathy at some stage in his presidency. For instance, Trump was heavily criticized after visiting Puerto Rico in 2017, which had been ravaged by support to support hurricanes. Actual via that refer to, Trump helped distribute supplies and went on to throw a paper towel uncover it irresistible was a basketball. At the time critics said the president was downplaying the destruction, as hundreds of Puerto Ricans had been without power, had misplaced their properties and lots of had died from the storms. 

Extra: Houston mayor calls power ache ‘foreseeable and preventable’ as Texas warms up after historic storm

Brandon Rottinghaus, professor of political science at College of Houston and author of Inner Texas Politics, favorite that Biden’s approval rating in the reveal is “official for a Democratic president.” According to a poll performed by the College of Houston Pastime Faculty of Public Affairs, Biden’s approval rating in the Lone Well-known particular person Tell is at 41%.

“Here is a correct second for him to come to elevate perfect thing about that approval,” Rottinghaus said. “There’s pretty a halo across the Biden White Home, and it be a second that the President might perchance perchance well perchance perchance, you already know, use to to sell the Democratic be aware in Texas at this second.”

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott reassured residents Friday as his reveal suffers in the aftermath of a winter storm that knocked out power for millions and triggered fashioned water disorders. (Feb. 19)

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President Biden heads to Texas to assess damage after horrific winter storm left millions without power