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Queens students Zoom in on Mersey water issue with Fisheries Minister

Queens students Zoom in on Mersey water issue with Fisheries Minister

By Kevin McBain, Local Journalism Initiative ReporterLighthouseNOW Growth Bulletin

Wed., March 17, 20212 min. read

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The Grade 7 class at South Queens Center College turned into paid a digital discuss over with by the Honourable Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Fly Guard, on March 1.

The controversy over with turned into in response to the many letters she had got concerning the testing the category has done on the Mersey River.

The students were testing the enterococci (fecal bacteria) ranges in the river on a monthly basis since October 2020. Readings were consistently far increased than what is considered a right stage, and the students now are campaigning for something to be done about it.

“The students had a worthwhile Zoom meeting. They described what they’ve executed in aloof months and asked her a collection of questions regarding their concerns concerning the Mersey River and pollution of waterways in Nova Scotia,” trainer Jill Leuschner reported in an email.

She mentioned that students felt as despite the incontrovertible truth that they had been listened to and that their “concerns had been justified.”

Jordan told the students that any trim-up project would must begin at the municipal stage.

“The concern, undoubtedly, is that that is terribly costly to trim up. That’s not an excuse, resulting from now we must finish it, however now we must construct determined that we are working collectively to finish it,” Jordan suggested. “We are going to reach out to the municipality and we’ll inform them that we had this meeting to enjoy a look at if there would possibly be anything that they want to finish.”

The minister mentioned it turned into mandatory to bring all three ranges of govt collectively to construct a project of that scale worthwhile.

Leuschner reported that Region of Queens Mayor Darlene Norman has despatched a letter to the then Nova Scotia environment minister, Gordon Wilson, regarding the probability of the province performing parallel testing to check the students’ readings.

Wilson is declared to enjoy responded that the province wouldn’t take responsibility for carrying out testing and check the students’ findings and that it’d be up to a local organization to finish so.

According to Leuschner, the college as a consequence of this truth has teamed up with the non-profit organization Coastal Action to begin parallel testing, “to point to that the consequences that the students got right here up with are indeed authorized.”

Students hope that once Coastal Action completes its parallel testing, extra community participants would possibly be behind them to abet convince the governmentthat cleaning up the Mersey River needs to be a priority.



Queens students Zoom in on Mersey water issue with Fisheries Minister