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Rachael Neumann and Kylie Frazer team up for new angel investing fund Flying Fox Ventures

Rachael Neumann and Kylie Frazer team up for new angel investing fund Flying Fox Ventures

Talking to The Australian Monetary Overview, Ms Neumann acknowledged it became as soon as obvious reasonably mercurial the duo were carefully aligned.

“We know founder shatter-united states of americaare problematic for delivery-ups, and we wished to get certain we as founders of a new investment company were comfortable with the kind we labored together,” she acknowledged.

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“We did it for a yr and did one pudgy cohort as Eleanor Venture and Working Theory and now we’re coming together.”

Ms Frazer acknowledged the premise within the encourage of the model became as soon as to lend a hand more folk lift their first steps into angel investing, de-risking the seed stage rather by helping them get entry to a varied portfolio of quality affords.

“At our core we glance ourselves as investors, no longer VCs, and we’re stumping up our possess money,” she acknowledged.

“These are high risk, high reward investments, so we tried to resolve from an investor level of view issues adore having a mode of community, feeling confident within the resolution-making path of, intellectual how phenomenal risk is affordable to lift on – it’s more easy to be taught from the errors of diversified than your possess.”

Ms Frazer became as soon as formerly a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, having labored for Corrs Chambers Westgarth and Urchin Approved and Ventures, before animated her level of interest to commence-ups.

She has been a mentor with Startmate, which she acknowledged affords Flying Fox correct get entry to to companies coming through this system.

Ms Neumann has been fervent by the tech ecosystem for most of her profession, having been the head of delivery-united states of americafor Amazon Web Products and services in Australia, apart from the managing director of Eventbrite for the self-discipline.

Worship Ms Frazer, she has also been a Startmate mentor.

With two female partners working Flying Fox, the fund is something of a rarity within the starting up-up ecosystem, which is serene heavily male-dominated in investing circles.

They acknowledged they hoped having two women on the tip would reduction the participation of more women in angel investing, apart from lend a hand entice diverse founders to the fund. To this level, half of of its investors within the important fund are women.

Ms Neumann acknowledged the pair had complimentary talents, which they set to work with the companies they invest in.

“That’s how we de-risk our investments. We search for for alternatives where we imagine we also can lend a hand them to liberate the following stage of replacement,” she acknowledged.

The delivery of Flying Fox comes on the encourage of Investible asserting the first shut of its 2nd $50 million fund focusing on seed-stage affords final week.

Both funds possess emerged following a slowdown in early stage investing, with KPMG Venture Pulse figures released earlier this yr showing a surge in VC investment to bigger than $2 billion, nonetheless a descend within the selection of affords, reflecting fewer early-stage investments being made.

“It’s problematic. It’s striking a choke withhold on the tip of the funnel,” Ms Neumann acknowledged.

“The health of the ecosystem is dependent on a high birth rate. If we’re no longer investing sufficient on the tip, we’ll possess a problematic trickle of correct companies coming out the diversified facet.”

Rachael Neumann and Kylie Frazer team up for new angel investing fund Flying Fox Ventures