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Raffensperger: Baseless stolen election claims don’t justify federal takeover with H.R. 1

Raffensperger: Baseless stolen election claims don’t justify federal takeover with H.R. 1

Brad Raffensperger, Idea contributor
Printed 4: 30 a.m. ET March 26, 2021

A federal takeover would originate future elections dysfunctional and gas baseless claims of stolen elections from of us treasure Stacey Abrams.

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Right here in Georgia, we bear now grown acquainted with dealing with baseless stolen elections claims. We rejected a federal elections takeover when H.R. 1 became as soon as first offered after Stacey Abrams claimed, without proof, that her 2018 election became as soon as stolen, and we reject that skill now. 

After I first happened of job in 2019, I hurried to shore up self belief in Georgia’s elections. Abrams’ refusal to concede and her dogmatic conviction that her election became as soon as stolen had done foremost shatter to have faith in election integrity in Georgia. 

In early 2019, we brought a paper-ballotvoting system to Georgia for the first time in virtually 20 years. It offered incontrovertible proof to disprove conspiracy theories about switched votes or rescanned batches of ballots in 2020. Georgia’s beefy hand uncover of those printed paper-ballots reaffirmed the distinctive count as tabulated.

We outlawed ballotharvesting in Georgia, a apply which is able to lead to absentee ballotfraud and violations of the sacred precise to ballotsecrecy.

Facing baseless claims of stolen elections in 2018, we endured to teach Georgia rules to guarantee a stable and official 2020 total election.

And what we saw within the approach became as soon as limitless other folks who did not realize how elections work, below rules or in apply, making reckless requires of Georgia’s elections system. That, in a nutshell, is H.R. 1.

Surroundings native officers up to fail

The basic project with federal election rules, and the main cause the United States Constitution leaves election administration to the states, is that federal legislators generally don’t bear any idea how elections are truly bustle in every narrate. As a consequence, they take insurance policies that produce chaos in elections administration that can weigh down county elections officers. In doing so, they produce a vicious cycle the set apart they set apart of dwelling native elections directors up to fail, then request federal intervention to address the project they resulted in.

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H.R. 1 is a recipe for catastrophe in Georgia’s elections. Among the many provisions, the bill requires same-day registration for federal elections, which implies that our elections officers will seemingly be nearly powerless to cease unlawful voters who show cover up to cast a ballot. Furthermore, there would be no stable skill for stopping of us from vote casting in extra than one spot on Election Day. The handiest apparent option would be to join Georgia vote casting to the web, a main security wretchedness.

The bill also requires mailed ballots to be current up to 10 days after Election Day, successfully growing a separate election for absentee ballotvoters who can continue to bear ballots counted prolonged after the polls stop. No longer handiest is this totally pointless because of Georgia’s gold-traditional three weeks of in-particular person vote casting, however it might per chance per chance set apart of dwelling off chaos in election administration.

Fueling the conspiracy theorists

H.R. 1 would lengthen the time to acquire definitive results in stop elections treasure the one Georgia saw in November. Georgia counted its ballots thrice earlier than Recent York settled their elections. California took several weeks as smartly. Underneath H.R. 1, every election would be as dysfunctional as Recent York’s or California’s, giving extra oxygen to conspiracy theorists.

The federal takeover would limit requiring photo ID for absentee ballots. Ironically, this provision forces Georgia to depend on signature match, which is extensively criticized for its subjectivity. Including a photograph ID quantity requirement would present an purpose system for checking the eligibility of the voters. Prohibiting it might per chance per chance defend election workers within the firing line of the absentee ballotconspiracy theorists.

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These novel rules would apply handiest to federal elections while narrate rules remain in force for narrate elections. Election workers, our neighbors and pals, would be compelled to bustle bifurcated elections the set apart one set apart of dwelling of rules apply to federal elections and one other set apart of dwelling applies to narrate and native races. Following one set apart of dwelling of election rules is hard ample for sensible American citizens. How a quantity of them will seemingly be disenfranchised by a fancy and inconsistent system for elections?

Georgia’s election workers, and voters, deserve better than H.R. 1. They deserve better than a reckless, myopic federal takeover of elections by of us who clearly don’t realize how elections are truly bustle.

After the November election, we saw how conspiracy theories set up the lives of our ballotworkers at wretchedness. After the 2018 election, we saw the Democratic establishment, together with the scorching president and vp, attack our election workers and directors on yarn of they did not treasure the pause consequence both. H.R. 1 will set up Georgia’s self-sacrificing ballotworkers thru the wringer all over the set apart again.

Brad Raffensperger is the secretary of narrate of Georgia.


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Raffensperger: Baseless stolen election claims don’t justify federal takeover with H.R. 1