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‘Raising Kanan’s Mekai Curtis & EP: Unusual ‘Power’ Spinoff Will Be ‘Deconstructing’ 50 Cent’s Kanan

‘Raising Kanan’s Mekai Curtis & EP: Unusual ‘Power’ Spinoff Will Be ‘Deconstructing’ 50 Cent’s Kanan

The legacy of ‘Power’ continues with ‘Raising Kanan.’ HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from huge identify Mekai Curtis and showrunner Sascha Penn about ‘Kanan sooner than he changed into Kanan.’

It’s Kanan Stark’s world now, and we’re accurate living in it. The second Power spinoff, Power E book 3: Raising Kanan, will prepare a 15-one year-worn Kanan living in South Jamaica, Queens. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Mekai Curtis about taking on the role 50 Cent made infamous in the unique Power series.

“When we take up with Kanan, it’s 1991. He’s 15. You’re meeting Kanan sooner than he changed into Kanan,” Mekai knowledgeable HollywoodLife. “Throughout the repeat, all around the season, all around the series, without reference to, you’ll study about how he changed into who we saw in the unique Power. That’s why it’s referred to as Raising Kanan. It’s about the atmosphere, the have an effect on, accurate the social local weather that raised Kanan. You study about deal of the picks he had to make and why he makes them.”

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Mekai Curtis
Mekai Curtis as younger Kanan Stark. (STARZ)

Sascha also knowledgeable HollywoodLife, “I consider the model you’re going to fetch is a model that feels in the extinguish linked and linked to the model you bought as 50 Cent. What we’re doing is we’re deconstructing Kanan as he existed as 50. We’re form of rebuilding him in the 15-one year-worn model of him.”

Mekai recalled that his first meeting with 50 Cent changed into a “graceful relax” one and didn’t happen till he changed into very far into the casting course of. “My first meeting with 50 didn’t happen till my chemistry read with Patina Miller, which changed into my final audition,” Mekai said.  That changed into the indispensable time I met 50. However yeah, it changed into a graceful relax interplay.”

Sascha infamous that casting younger Kanan changed into the “biggest casting be concerned” for the Raising Kanan group. “We knew that entering into because we earn now this persona who has already been established and fully realized and realized in form of a spectacular methodology by 50,” Sascha persevered. “We searched all the method in which via the nation. Mekai, I’ll bid, got right here in early and got the job early. What we didn’t beget is recount the actors who were reading for the role that they were reading for Kanan because we didn’t need them to beget a 50 Cent impersonation. Most regularly, we desired to earn a study who they were as an actor.”

Mekai Curtis
Mekai Curtis and 50 Cent pose collectively. (STARZ)

He added, “Mekai has deal of what 50 has, which is form of this innate enchantment and sensitivity. Again, there’s a humanity to Mekai that 50 has as smartly. I consider it’s a component of 50’s performing capacity that he doesn’t fetch ample credit score for, which is there’s a real humanity to it and a humorousness and a enchantment. I consider folks fetch this, at the same time as relates to Kanan, fetch caught up in the gangster of all of it. The persona that 50 realized as Kanan changed into layered and had a ton of depth. Mekai has those identical qualities.” Raising Kanan will air Sundays on STARZ.

‘Raising Kanan’s Mekai Curtis & EP: Unusual ‘Power’ Spinoff Will Be ‘Deconstructing’ 50 Cent’s Kanan