Home Breaking News Rally-goers and protesters clash at ‘We Are Israel’ event

Rally-goers and protesters clash at ‘We Are Israel’ event

Rally-goers and protesters clash at ‘We Are Israel’ event

Mike Pompeo used to be featured as a guest speaker at the rally, as wisely as several assorted famous politicians.

People participate in a Pro-Israel rally at Times Square in New York City, US, May 12, 2021. (photo credit: REUTERS/DAVID 'DEE' DELGADO)

People participate in a Skilled-Israel rally at Events Square in New York Metropolis, US, Could presumably maybe also simply 12, 2021.

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A authentic-Israel rally titled “We Are Israel” took put in El Cajon, California, clashing with authentic-Palestinian protesters.

The rally featured aged Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. 

“There had been about a experiences in my existence as attractive as the foremost outing that I took to Israel,” Pompeo stated.

“It is a long way on myth of I am a Christian and American that I was proud to lead the battle for the defense of Israel, the Jewish of us, and the perennial reason at the assist of non secular liberty across the sector.” 

Protesters gathered and displayed signs that learn “Down With Racism and Zionism” and “Palestinian Formative years Hurry San Diego.”

Fox 5 San Diego reported that a confrontation broke out between the rally goers and protesters that alive to fist fights. 

Violent confrontation on Major. Fights, pepper spray

— Andrew Dyer (@SDUTdyer) July 25, 2021

“The El Cajon trace used to be to this level from us,” stated Jeanine Erikat, with the Palestinian Formative years Hurry. “We’re factual starting up to turn and all of a surprising we safe sprayed. People commenting pronouncing we personal been waiting since 9/11 to safe these terrorist all on public media and this used to be factual from the fliers – that is precisely why we personal been adversarial to Mike Pompeo and Mayor Wells supporting this Christian Zionism event.”

After the events started, police might possibly be considered lining a bit of Major Road in El Cajon in helmets. 

The rally used to be organized by the Defend of David community. An announcement learn, “With a rise of contemporary Jewish hate crimes, Defend of David needs to empower all of us to be delighted with their heritage and battle for beliefs of truth, justice, and liberty.” 

Rally-goers and protesters clash at ‘We Are Israel’ event