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Rambo the fox evades capture yet again

Rambo the fox evades capture yet again

The excellent sport of veil-and-gaze between a sly fox and its captors has persevered, despite another attempt and capture it.

Key positive aspects:

  • Rambo the fox has been evading capture for 3 years
  • For the previous 10 days, sniffer dogs were following Rambo’s scent
  • Sadly the dogs misplaced the fox’s scent 

The fox nicknamed “Rambo”, after the lead persona from the 1982 movie First Blood, is trapped in the forest, a 5,800-hectare fenced set up about 90 minutes’ drive south-west of Narrabri in north-west Unique South Wales.

Early Newspaper

For three years, natural world conservationists were in pursuit of the elusive fox deep in predator heaven and, over the previous 10 days, they were looking to search out him with the assist of sniffer dogs.

Sadly, attributable to the weather, the dogs were entirely able to be former for a day or two.

The Australian Plant life and fauna Conservancy’s Pilliga operations supervisor, Wayne Sparrow, acknowledged they did be conscious Rambo’s scent, but the fox managed to shuffle.

“Finally, the fox has managed to give us the hunch in a map and then the relate went unruffled.

“Because there turn out to be so worthy commotion or relate, we were unable to discover the unique scent.”

A fox stars into a camera hidden in the bushes.

The sly fox has escaped more capture attempts.(

Equipped: Australian Plant life and fauna Conservancy



Mr Sparrow acknowledged he believed the fox turn out to be at the moment hiding in a 700-hectare block, and that turn out to be where they would center of attention future tracking efforts the utilization of the sniffer dogs.

He hoped to comprise the dogs be conscious Rambo’s scent on a weekly foundation.

“In actuality what we wish is for the fox to reach out of 1 in all the blocks and infamous the avenue so we are going to be conscious it on the floor, gather some unique scent, and then ship the dogs in afterwards,” he acknowledged.

Nonetheless, that can now no longer be an straightforward job.

Mr Sparrow and his crew will moreover proceed trapping efforts, taking on board some solutions that comprise reach from the public.

What a couple of female fox?

But what if a female fox also can pick the strength to catching Rambo?

The fox’s playful anecdote sparked recollections for Wee Waa’s Wayne Kneller, whose grandfather and titanic uncle spent years looking to cull wild dogs on their properties near Yarrie Lake and the Pilliga.

“Per family folklore, they in total bought three out of the final five dingoes out in that set up,” Mr Kneller acknowledged.

“They were actually taking a entire bunch of stock in an night, namely in the course of the lambing season, so each costly and, for a farmer, heartbreaking.”

He acknowledged one amongst the tricks to trap dogs closer to the traps turn out to be the utilization of nature against them.

A black and white photo of a wild dog caught in the 1930's

Mr Kneller’s father pictured, third from the left, in 1937 conserving a capture from his grandfather.(

Equipped: Wayne Kneller


“They’d comprise one amongst their admire dogs that turn out to be on heat and comprise her chained up, and … comprise her on a tin sheet and gather the urine for the pheromones.

“Then they would sprinkle that around the areas where they were laying their traps and actually lay a trudge for the male dingoes to use and reach into around the traps.”

Mr Kneller acknowledged it turn out to be one amongst many tactics to trick wild dogs into traps, which were rather barbaric in the 1930s.

“They would now no longer gather away with such forms of issues at the present time in phrases of animal cruelty,” he acknowledged.

Rambo the fox evades capture yet again