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Ravens are ‘confident and dedicated’ to signing QB Lamar Jackson to a contract extension

Ravens are ‘confident and dedicated’ to signing QB Lamar Jackson to a contract extension

Past the players the Baltimore Ravens may potentially designate in free agency or who they’ll take in the 2021 NFL draft, thought to be one of many hottest topics this offseason has been quarterback Lamar Jackson’s contract status. So when Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta got in entrance of reporters for the primary time since the discontinue of last season, the primary are anticipating was about Baltimore’s franchise quarterback and his contract.

Whereas DeCosta said he and Jackson had gotten together and talked a few weeks prior, he famous that they didn’t speak about contract proposals. Instead, the point of hobby was on the team and how Jackson’s first negotiation in the NFL would gallop.

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“We haven’t really gotten into the actual contract proposals, negotiations and things admire that,” DeCosta said. “It was extra of a general conversation about a lot of varied things – the team, Lamar [and] legal how we have been going to gallop about a negotiation admire this. There are positively some varied transferring parts that make this varied than a lot of alternative negotiations we’ve done.”

Don’t mistake the lack of contract negotiations thus far for a lack of hobby, on the other hand. DeCosta made it clear they admire Jackson and want to assemble something done.

“We’re confident and dedicated to making an attempt to assemble a long-term deal done, and optimistically, we can assemble that done at some point in the near future,” DeCosta continued. “It may take a runt time, however we’re prepared to strive.”

There are a few factors that may make a negotiation with Jackson a runt extra complicated. For starters, the Dallas Cowboys legal handed quarterback Dak Prescott a massive original deal, paying him an average of $40 million a season with a whopping $126 million in guaranteed money. Whereas DeCosta downplayed the potential impact, he did explain that the devil’s in the details.

“So, all of these contracts, there are bells and whistles, and they’re all varied in some ways, and they’re all alike in some ways,” DeCosta famous. “There are a lot of varied ways to examine at these contracts. There’s average. There are guarantees. There’s money in the primary three years, cash gallop along with the circulation and all these varied things, time size and all of that.”

Jackson has also been represented by his mom in the past, another potential hurdle both aspect have to account for. Whereas NFL agents and general managers have long past thru hundreds of contract negotiations sooner than, giving them a better foundation for what to are anticipating, this may be legal the primary legal deal Jackson has signed in the league. DeCosta wouldn’t speak about the details or if Jackson can be represented by his mom on this instance however stated they’ll “be as transparent as imaginable with Lamar.”

Regardless of what the eventual numbers discontinue up being, Jackson isn’t going to near cheap. He’s swiftly risen up the ranks in the NFL, shattering information, winning the NFL’s MVP award, and guiding the team to a 30-7 file as a starter with three journeys to the playoffs.

Unlike most other positions, franchise quarterbacks have a tendency to reset the market regardless of their individual statistics. It’s simply the value of enterprise and a outcomes of the quarterback being the most important place on the area. Love it or no longer, Jackson is indubitably going to command a deal very great based on what Prescott and Deshaun Watson lately signed, probably hanging him around that $40 million a year average.

Ravens are ‘confident and dedicated’ to signing QB Lamar Jackson to a contract extension