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Red Velvet Shine Together

Red Velvet Shine Together

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By Kelly Nguyen

Red Velvet occupy by no methodology been drawn to following someone else’s principles. It’s a heavy ingredient, to plot noise and push the boundaries when the voices of girls folk artists so continuously come by lost within the tune-alternate trek. Though, for Red Velvet, it’s a bit of cake — dispute by dispute, line by line on their novel mini-album Queendom, they harness the flexibility of the musical empire they’ve dominated for seven years and dictate their sanatorium on taking fee of your gain world. “Look out! We’re makin’ the principles,” the neighborhood belts into the stratosphere on the title discover, entirely incendiary of their stunning declaration of independence.

Since their 2014 debut, the 5-piece girl neighborhood were unconcerned with guaranteeing their craft is rigidly stride to 1 lane. Press play on their sequence of anthemic earworms and you’re unable to decorate down their tune to an essence — and that’s fully on motive. They elevated the discombobulating complexity of their personas (Wendy, Joy, Yeri, Irene, and Seulgi), flitting by plot of their genre-bending discography and perfecting all of it into a proper art originate. Listeners can either be soothed to the sinuous R&B perfection of “Substandard Boy” or jolted to the sugar dawdle of “Ice Cream Cake.” Red Velvet’s range is inimitable in its gain ecosystem.

“Over the last seven years since our debut, I suspect that our neighborhood has created a novel genre known as ‘Red Velvet,’” lead vocalist Wendy tells MTV News. “We occupy our gain colors that are obvious and unparalleled on their very gain.”

In 2019, they were a vision of power within the K-pop world, especially with the start of immediate chart-topper “Psycho.” The entirety in regards to the start gave the impression destined to solidify their keep on the South Korean tune throne. The song was the neighborhood’s 2nd No. 1 on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart; their promotional performances and musicality were lauded as their easiest but. Yet it’s a fancy subject for both their fans, known as ReVeluvs, and the people themselves as they sight attend on this period. Presently after promotions began, Wendy used to be injured in a end to-lethal accident rehearsing on an unstable stage’s platform. In the next 365 days and a half length, many puzzled: How does a neighborhood presumably translate the tragic truth and every thing that’s approach with it into one comeback? Red Velvet answered, seizing every various to show hide that, even within the moments when their crowns threaten to tumble, they’re keeping their heads up — all by counting on one every other and their ReVeluvs.

“For this explicit comeback, it used to be extra about finding empowerment as a bunch of workers collectively,” Joy says. She notes that the flexibility to tumble attend into step with one every other comes naturally, no matter how lengthy they were separate forces. Each member stayed booked and busy since their last neighborhood start: Joy released her Hi there EP, Wendy poured her coronary heart out on “Fancy Water,” Seulgi and Irene tutted the night away on their “Monster” collab, and Yeri began her first foray into performing on K-drama Blue Birthday. For Joy, though, nothing reasonably compares to the quintet coming collectively as one. “I suspect extra confident than ever being along with the people every other time.”

Queendom, which used to be released on August 16, manifested into potentially the most exhilarating evolution of the Red Velvet ethos but. Suggestions and narratives delving deeply into distress, heartbreak, and triumph are intertwined with their characteristically buoyant vocals. The whiplash from lugubrious lyrics like “What’s going on, now? / I am perplexed, my thoughts is complex” on “Knock On Wood” (youngest member Yeri’s favourite discover) amid keen, upbeat voices is entirely intentional, in accordance with Red Velvet’s leader, Irene.

They serious in regards to the finer crucial aspects of every thing — from their vocals to dwell performances — to be sure each member’s various talents could even additionally be felt by plot of the mini-album. “Our procedure used to be to approach attend as a stronger artist and showcase a extra former side of Red Velvet,” Irene explains. The full people’ palpable ambition and enthusiasm provides her potentially the most pride as a pacesetter. She adds the supportive dynamic the neighborhood has cultivated all the plot in which by plot of the years is the idea for the mini-album’s title song. “The discover is ready how we are all ‘queens’ of our gain lives and that we shine extra beautifully when we are all collectively,” she says.

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

“Each one in all us has a obvious vocal color that’s very varied, but compatible with one every other,” Red Velvet’s valuable person dancer Seulgi says. “It’s been a while since we came out with novel tune with all 5 of us so I hope our fans will uncover our strengths as vocalists.”

Her sureness in Queendom is tangible — and it’s consequently of the total neighborhood keep within the work. The time they spent apart by no methodology lessened their determination as a neighborhood;  if anything, it the truth is strengthened their resolve to point to ReVeluvs how great they’ve grown. She, for occasion, has been robotically taking vocal and dance lessons so she could even “carry [her] A-game” for the comeback. “It used to be a real various for me to re-stare myself, like what my strengths are as an artist,” Seulgi explains.

While the previous couple of years occupy seen the neighborhood at its most catastrophically inclined, the extra unguarded version they’ve displayed currently could be potentially the most attention-grabbing. In some unspecified time in the future of Red Velvet’s tune, showcased on songs like “Pushin’ N Pullin,’” fans are in a role to mosey searching extra pieces of their lives that mosey beyond the artist — within the total messy, intellectual moments that approach with living lifestyles. Yeri’s boost and arrival at who she has turn out to be is touched by fans’ experiences as neatly. “Every moment with ReVeluvs makes me proud to be a member of Red Velvet,” she explains.

It’s one thing that Wendy has not too lengthy within the past realized, lives by, and desires to vulnerably fragment — the very best act of self-indulge in that has helped guide her by plot of complex events. “You are going to be in a role to’t be the queen of your lifestyles with out ardour, laborious work, and religion on your self!” she says. “By loving and caring for your self extra, you will come by the energy to turn complex eventualities into opportunities.” Enforcing self-care makes anything seem that it’s good to to possibly even factor in, and as Red Velvet has realized that, in being the fair architects of their very gain queendom, they’re refusing to leave someone within the attend of. In the attend of every queen is every other one prepared to readjust a tilted crown. As Seulgi explains, “I do know I will depend upon them in any anxiousness. I’m very grateful to occupy individuals who are like my sisters.”

Red Velvet Shine Together