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Reductions on table in Pembina Trails school draft budget

Reductions on table in Pembina Trails school draft budget

By Maggie Macintosh, Native Journalism Initiative ReporterWinnipeg Free Press

Fri., Feb. 26, 20212 min. be taught

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Class sizes, enhance workers stages and school instructional budgets in the Pembina Trails School Division might presumably all be affected next year, as the board appears for $7 million in savings in its upcoming budget.

The board of trustees unveiled the crucial points of its 2021-22 draft budget at a virtual board meeting Thursday. The trustees discussed financial constraints associated to a decrease in provincial funding, growing enrolment, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a most up-to-date arbitration award.

“There’ll not be one of these thing as a mode we are able to steer definite of reductions in products and companies to our college students,” mentioned Kathleen McMillan, chairwoman of the board, in a willing delivery published Friday, with crucial points of the draft budget.

“With no taxation authority and insufficient funding from the province, we’re left in an heart-broken position.”

The province has earmarked $62.5 million in 2021-22 operating funding for Pembina Trails, which is the an identical of a 0.3 per cent decrease.

Residents in the division is now not going to scrutinize an increase in their property education tax invoice. The province has requested all 37 public divisions to freeze the tax and instead will present grants to divisions to shroud the sum an a lot like a two per cent increase.

The draft document proposes a balanced budget of $183,156,077.

In show to enact that determine, McMillan mentioned the board is proposing to make consume of its modest surplus and deferring infrastructure wants across the division to minimize the negative impact on student learning.

The draft budget suggests an increase in excessive school class sizes, the elimination of excessive school instructor librarians and the reduction of such positions in middle years, a decrease in educational assistants and K-8 English Additional Language experts, and a drop in school instructional budgets.

A suspension of the Kindergarten Right here We Advance program will doubtless be on the table for 2021-22.

The beneficial cuts judge the fact the division is projecting 335 original college students next year, unexpected COVID-19 expenses corresponding to hiring more workers and purchasing 860 webcams for classrooms to enhance some distance flung teaching, and the most up-to-date Pembina Trails Lecturers’ Association award, according to the Friday delivery.

The decision challenges the province’s public-sector wage freeze directive, which became overturned in a court docket situation last summer season.



Retroactive and future funds in Pembina Trails are estimated at $12.5 million.

Residents can present feedback on the draft budget by job of email or join to seem as a virtual delegation at a distinct board meeting scheduled March 4.

Reductions on table in Pembina Trails school draft budget