Home Australia Regional operators feeling the anguish, after city newspaper delivery contract goes elsewhere

Regional operators feeling the anguish, after city newspaper delivery contract goes elsewhere

Regional operators feeling the anguish, after city newspaper delivery contract goes elsewhere

A Ballarat freight alternate is combating to retain its doors launch, after its guardian firm lost a contract to bring day-after-day papers to the pronounce.

Key substances:

  • A Ballarat freight firm is never any longer turning in Melbourne newspapers to Victoria’s west
  • A regional newsagent says deliveries are being delayed since a new courier took over the perform
  • The swap is also making existence more costly for a local newspaper

And it be not the finest regional alternate reeling from the loss of a prolonged-standing Data Corp contract, which transferred to a new provider in the previous week.

Early Newspaper

A Data Corp spokesman confirmed the firm had awarded the regional tender to bring its newspapers — which encompass the Herald Solar and The Weekly Times — to Samx Affirm, primarily primarily based in Sunshine West.

Paper Freight, which operates out of Wendouree, delivered Melbourne newspapers from the capital city to western Victoria up till last Sunday, ending a 37-one year association.

Managing director Dennis Collins acknowledged the swap had its roots in Australian Community Media’s decision to discontinuance its Ballarat print discipline in September.

“That’s where your total nation papers are printed, plus The Age and Monetary Review,” he acknowledged. 

“They are all printed out of the Data Corp discipline in Melbourne now, so it be all on one truck going up to Horsham. 

“There is a firm known as Consolidated Media Distributors in Melbourne who we work for. The tender came up and CMD lost it, and a Melbourne firm got it.

“Other folk up in Swan Hill and Mildura, Shepparton and Albury-Wodonga, Allens Freight down in Warrnambool, Caledonian in Ballarat, all the nation contractors contain lost their work to Melbourne folks.”

Mr Collins acknowledged his alternate had lost a good deal of money  and team consequently. “I’ve long previous all the scheme down to 5 folks; we at possibility of contain 40,” he acknowledged.

“I’m selling all my trucks, so we’ll contain 5 folks working there to withhold out what little work we’ve got.”

Mr Collins acknowledged Paper Freight was aloof turning in neighborhood papers to cities including Horsham and Ararat, but was working with ideal one truck to remain viable. 

A stack of newspapers with the names 'Warracknabeal Herald', 'Buloke Times' and 'North Central News' sit in a pile

Papers in Victoria’s west are being delivered later since a new courier firm from Melbourne took over deliveries for regional Victoria, a newsagent says.(

Alexander Darling/ABC Wimmera


The behind news

Rod Wilton runs the newsagency in St Arnaud, a city with a population of about 2000 — three hours from Melbourne and 90 minutes from Paper Freight’s Ballarat snide.

He acknowledged the swap to a new courier had already imprint him prospects.

“This week, I’ve bought my papers between quarter previous seven and quarter previous nine in the morning,” he says. 

“That’s an trouble because as with many dinky newsagencies in nation Victoria, we are owner-operators, so we are able to’t contain the funds for to contain team standing round waiting round for papers to be delivered. 

“It puts me in the assist of the eight ball.”

Mr Wilton acknowledged the city had an elderly population and loads tradespeople for whom newspapers had been the preferred formula of receiving files.

He had heard of identical delivery disorders in the nearby cities of Charlton and Wedderburn.

“I’m lacking out on that alternate. It’s doubtlessly imprint me 10 prospects who contain made up our minds if right here’s going to proceed recognize this they received’t trouble about buying the Herald Solar,” he acknowledged.

Looking down the main street of St Arnaud in north-central Victoria.

The important aspect street of St Arnaud in regional Victoria.(

Provided: Sue Hynes


Another straw for the camel’s assist?

Mr Wilton acknowledged there had been concerns that St Arnaud’s native newspaper, the North Central Data, would must invent bigger its selling imprint as a outcomes of the modifications, which would perchance perchance discourage folks from procuring it.

“Other folk received’t know about births, deaths or storage gross sales. It’s exact for of us’s mental health to know what’s taking place in their patch,” he acknowledged.

Peter Marland, the paper’s owner and publisher, acknowledged the North Central Data inclined Pacific Freight to bring his publications on the identical truck that took the Melbourne papers.

It aloof uses Pacific Freight, but Mr Marland acknowledged the firm’s freight costs had increased by $550 per week since Consolidated Media Distribution lost the contract for the city papers.

“Our plan is to retain printing, but lets must swap printers.”

No topic the printing press closure last one year, Paper Freight’s Dennis Collins acknowledged he didn’t stumble on the swap coming.

“We’ve by no formula had an trouble with turning in the papers, they are incessantly there intelligent and early,” he acknowledged. 

“We at possibility of put together a driver for two weeks outdated to striking them in a truck. It was not ideal about turning in papers, it was about avenue safety at evening, and instructing them the pros and cons of where they needed to circulate.”

Nonetheless a Data Corp spokesman acknowledged Consolidated Media Distributors had been given grand look for.

A Data Corp Australia spokesman acknowledged: “In expose for our alternate to remain sustainable for the prolonged flee and to proceed servicing regional Victorians with the finest in news and files we set up our prolonged-standing contract with CMD out to aggressive tender and awarded it to Samx Affirm with 18 months look for supplied to CMD.”

Regional operators feeling the anguish, after city newspaper delivery contract goes elsewhere