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Rocket envy? Here’s how you can become a space tourist

Rocket envy? Here’s how you can become a space tourist

Thrill-seekers will soon be able to bag their adrenaline kicks — and envy-inducing Instagram snaps — from the final frontier, as space tourism finally lifts off. 

All you’ll need is a little bit of patience. And a lot of money.

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Here’s a rundown of where things stand.

Who’s offering spaceflights?  

Two companies are offering fast “suborbital” hops of a miniature while: Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, based by Richard Branson.

Blue Origin’s Original Shepard rocket takes off vertically sooner than the crew capsule detaches and crosses the Karman line (62 miles, or 100 kilometers, in altitude), sooner than falling back to Earth with three parachutes.

Virgin Galactic uses a massive carrier plane, which takes off from a horizontal runway then drops a rocket-powered spaceplane. This in turn soars to over 50 miles altitude sooner than gliding back.

In each cases, up to 6 passengers are able to unbuckle from their seats to ride a miniature while of weightlessness and take within the gape of Earth from space.  

When can you plod?

Virgin Galactic has said regular commercial flights will initiate from 2022, following two extra take a look at flights. Their waiting listing is already long, with 600 tickets so far supplied.

However the company predicts it may eventually flee up to 400 flights per year. Two seats on one among the primary flights are up for grabs in a prize draw: registrations are open till September 1.

Blue Origin plans two extra flights this year, the primary by September at earliest, then “many extra” next year.

Another way to bag to space is via reality tv. Space Hero, an upcoming show, says it plans to send the winner of a competition to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2023. 

How powerful will it trace?

The primary tickets supplied by Virgin Galactic went for between $200 000 (R2.9 million) and $250 000 (R3.7 million) each, however the company has warned that the value for future sales will plod up.

Blue Origin hasn’t announced costs. The anonymous winner of a public auction for a seat on the primary crewed flight paid $28 million (R410 million), but made up our minds to defer their outing. 

Their seat instead went to Dutch teen Oliver Daemen, with the company’s CEO Bob Smith revealing there had been extra than one bids above $20 million (R293 million).

The extra “budget acutely aware” may bear in ideas spending $125 000 (R1.8 million) for a seat on Space Neptune, a capsule that presents 360 diploma home windows and is lifted to the upper atmosphere by a balloon the scale of a football stadium.

Regardless of the promise of spectacular views, the balloon ascends finest 30 kilometres — far from the boundary of space, and weightlessness.

The 300 seats for 2024 have all been supplied, but reservations are open for 2025.

Are the physical necessities complicated?

No — you’re finest anticipated to be in reasonable shape. Virgin Galactic’s training lasts accurate 5 days.

Blue Origin guarantees to teach you every part you want to know “the day sooner than you launch,” and its first crewed flight entails pioneering aviator Wally Funk, who at 82 became the oldest astronaut.

The company’s necessities consist of being able to climb seven flights of stairs in below 90 seconds (the cessation of the launch tower) and being between 152cm and 50kg and 193cm and 100kg. 

What about SpaceX?

Elon Musk’s company is also coming into into the space tourism game, but its plans contain journeys that are far longer. The charges are also predicted to be astronomical — tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

American billionaire Jared Isaacman has chartered a mission called Inspiration4 to take him and three diversified passengers into orbit around the Earth on a SpaceX Crew Dragon in September, launched into space by a Falcon 9 rocket. 

Then in January 2022, three businessmen will travel to the ISS with an experienced astronaut. The mission, named Ax-1, is being organized by the company Axiom Space, which has signed up for 3 diversified future flights with SpaceX. 

Musk’s company is also planning a outing to orbit for four people, organized by intermediary Space Adventures — the same company in charge of the flight of the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to the ISS in December, aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket. 

Maezawa is also speculated to take a outing around the Moon in 2023, this time aboard a rocket that continues to be below construction by SpaceX, called Starship. 

He invited eight participants of the general public to affix him — but applications are now closed.

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Rocket envy? Here’s how you can become a space tourist