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Rolling rights demonstration held in Sturgeon Falls Sunday

Rolling rights demonstration held in Sturgeon Falls Sunday

By Dave Dale, Local Journalism Initiative ReporterBayToday.ca

Solar., Feb. 14, 20213 min. read

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​Dominique St-Jean organized a gradual demonstration in Sturgeon Falls Sunday morning to issue concerns about “non-consensual” COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, non-voluntary cloak exercise and vaccinations.

St-Jean, 29, said the group is named West Nipissing for Our Rights in toughen of a roar convoy deliberate in Ottawa. There have been 15 automobiles, some with Canadian flags out the window whereas honking as they traveled via the streets. Some residents who knew the individuals cheered from streetside.

“I strongly issue we talk for many Canadians alongside with voters worldwide, that I’ve had sufficient with these non-consensual lockdowns causing more wound than steady,” he said in an interview Thursday.

“These illegal restrictions have vastly affected our communities negatively in the areas of psychological neatly being, addictions, overdoses, everlasting tiny business closures and the deterioration of our children’s future.”

“A host of us are americans that are no longer in a station to commute the whole technique to Ottawa as worthy as we would fancy to consume part, we would in the long hurry heading steady down to parliament,” he said. “We’re most continuously offering this demonstration to the public, you might maybe presumably whine, as a gradual roar whereas aloof following roughly the lockdown guidelines in express that we don’t incur any infractions.”

St-Jean desired to clarify what they are trying to enact.

“We are respectable-change as our group. I mean, we’re no longer anti-maskers, or anti-vaccine … but we are respectable-change and we are respectable informed consent,” St-Jean explained. “You understand, we agree that folk might maybe presumably make the change, but they’d presumably aloof even have an informed consent.”

They’re against the forced lockdowns, even when.

“We enact kind of whine no to lockdown’s as a result of the effects they’ve on psychological, psychological and emotional neatly being on americans,” he said.

St-Jean, who has a medical exemption so he can legally no longer put on a cloak, used to be given a fine from the OPP January 20 when trying to trot shopping at No Frills in Sturgeon Falls. He’s going to fight the model and if convicted, St-Jean said a attorney and an alternate media platform have said they’ll relieve him begin a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Fee.

“Now we have had sufficient with the focused alienation and discrimination directed against voters who merely can no longer or get to no longer put on a cloak or face covering,” he said. “These cloak mandates are merely a recommendation and act. They’re no longer law.

“The Trespass Act does no longer apply when individuals are practicing cloak exemptions,” he said, referring to his belief store householders can’t issue any individual accumulate entry to to very fundamental items.

St-Jean, a single father of a four-year-extinct daughter, said it’s been sophisticated this year for him and others to construct up sufficient employment despite having expert trades certificates, police foundations diploma and tiny business ownership skills.

He also believes lots of the conspiracy theories about there being ulterior motives for the pandemic restrictions with inflated statistics and risks no longer reflecting the truth of the virus.

He suggested americans be taught the disorders in regards to the tests, what the implications mean, how vaccines are made and reactions to them as neatly as the neatly being risks of wearing masks.

“All of us are looking to reside our lives,” he said. “We heed to unfold and section kindness and consciousness. We are respectable-change. We recommend for informed consent.”

Editorial Mark: BayToday purposely did not include the americans, groups and internet sites St-Jean suggested for folk to follow for information. The veracity of the statements being made by the individuals he equipped as sources might maybe presumably no longer be verified. Readers are welcome to contact him via Facebook.



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Rolling rights demonstration held in Sturgeon Falls Sunday