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Rush over Nevada crowns transgender woman Kataluna Enriquez in historic win: ‘Beyond honored’

Rush over Nevada crowns transgender woman Kataluna Enriquez in historic win: ‘Beyond honored’


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Kataluna Enriquez has constantly cherished creating things.

“At a young age, I modified into unable to play with the toys I wished,” Enriquez acknowledged. “I endure in mind walking up to my sister’s room so I’ll well perchance well maybe also play alongside with her dolls. I’d cut again up my socks and flip them into clothes.”

On Sunday evening, Enriquez modified into wearing one in every of her personal creations — a rainbow-colored sequin costume — when she modified into crowned Rush over Nevada, making historical past because the main transgender woman to finish so. 

Enriquez, who immigrated from the Philippines alongside with her family at the age of 10, now owns her personal sort business and designs costumes and evening robes. She’ll use the following several months preparing to compete for Rush over USA in November.

Enriquez now not too long ago spoke with the Reno Gazette Journal, phase of the USA TODAY Network, following her big win and shared her experiences as a transgender woman competing for Rush over Nevada.  

This interview modified into edited and condensed for brevity:

What got you interested in sort and pageantry?

Enriquez:  Happily, I realized I modified into now not correct at math, and I is maybe now not an engineer, which is what I desired to be after I modified into young. I modified into in actuality accelerating on projects the set apart you indulge in to plan things, and then, by some means, I just landed into sort plan.

Festival reveals are very inspirational for me. There modified into a woman who modified into competing at one point, and her myth reflected mine. She didn’t indulge in worthy when she modified into growing up. There modified into a time when she and her family modified into starving. It modified into something that resonated with me.

I realized to survey beyond her moderately face and her myth to attain her as an individual.

Oftentimes, of us think pageantry is completely superficial class, on the opposite hand it’s beyond that. The direction of Rush over Universe and Rush over USA going forward is expanding the definition of class and the definition of womanhood, and that’s something I deserve to be a phase of.

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What were the steps you took to develop into Rush over Nevada?

Enriquez: In phrases of pageantry, there’s the closed-door interview, the on-stage interview, the evening costume and then there’s the swimsuit competitors. But exterior of that, I needed to work on several things that were involving my past and my childhood traumas.

Communication may well be very principal in the pageantry industry, particularly just now. But speaking, at one point in my lifestyles, modified into an invitation to be attacked and bullied or discriminated (against). I realized to silence myself to continue to exist, which additionally allowed me to abominate on myself and now not price myself. At one point, I desired to die, and I prayed to now not wake up.

So, there were just many challenges in phrases of childhood trauma I needed to beat to rep to the set apart I’m now. I’m grateful I modified into able to finish that. I deserve to half those experiences in lifestyles so others can present and indulge in an understanding.

How did you overcome those challenges and be taught to talk out?

Enriquez: Honestly, I in truth indulge in no belief. I modified into trying to stay for one more individual. I modified into drained of trying to delight society’s social structure and expectations. No matter what I did, there modified into constantly somebody commenting something. I got drained of that, and I modified into drained at continuously having to delight of us. It modified into about time that I selected to stay for myself. It modified into either that or now not stay.

Can you issue in regards to the 2d you were crowned Rush over Nevada?

Enriquez: I modified into terrified. I modified into hopeful, nonetheless constantly accepting that it may well perchance truly maybe well maybe also now not indulge in been that case due to it is miles such an broad soar.

It’s an broad deal. I believed that my chance of winning modified into very low, no matter how I done. I know that I done and I ready myself in actuality nicely, beyond what modified into expected of me and what modified into expected on stage. I done extra than that. But I aloof had feelings that maybe it may well perchance truly maybe well maybe also now not determine due to I’m so varied.

But after they known as my name, I modified into so entirely happy due to it modified into one in every of my desires to compete in Rush over USA. Finally, it modified into a kind of things that, after I modified into young, I had hoped to survey somebody be on the stage who modified into corresponding to me and who may well perchance well maybe also mumble me. It just took place that I wished to be that individual.

I know that feeling of winning, nonetheless I don’t know that feeling of making historical past. It’s exhausting to explain what that is like, nonetheless I’m extremely overjoyed. I’m beyond honored, and I’m grateful.

The most crucial runner-up and the winner rep a miniature 2d the set apart they retain each and each varied’s hand and stand in the heart of the stage (earlier than they mumble the winner). That modified into a in actuality touching 2d for me due to the main runner-up, she is a Unlit-Asian woman. She is ideal-looking and inspiring, so she may well perchance well maybe also indulge in taken the dwelling. We were just grateful and proud of each and each varied. When they announced who the winner modified into, I modified into just in shock.

Can you issue in regards to the importance of this 2d for the LGBTQ+ crew?

Enriquez: It’s Delight Month, and I didn’t know this, nonetheless this modified into additionally the 52nd anniversary of the Stonewall (Riots). That is a principal 2d due to, now not most effective am I trans-bi, I’m a trans woman of color.

Oftentimes, trans females of color are now not constantly given the different to have the chance to be themselves. We’re continuously murdered in our nations and at some stage in the realm. Masses of us don’t indulge in the different to indulge in a standard job with out being discriminated, sexualized or objectified. We don’t rep the identical alternatives as everybody else. We’re a minority within a minority.

So, to have the chance to win and to attain this and to be represented is a main deal, now not only for the trans crew or the LGBTQ+ crew, nonetheless for folk of color—of us who’re minorities who don’t on the total rep represented.

I modified into a woman who modified into a bodily and sexual abuse victim, and I’m a survivor. That is additionally a illustration for those communities as nicely.

What has the feedback been like?

Enriquez: It’s been correct and snide. I’ve constantly bought damaging comments, and I’ve constantly bought positive comments, nonetheless I constantly are trying and eavesdrop on the positive ones. I in truth indulge in no room for abominate in my lifestyles. I’d moderately point of interest on creating a favorable scrape for myself and for different of us.

What finish you speak to of us who react negatively to your victory?

Enriquez: I in truth indulge in nothing to mumble. Their opinions are their opinions. I did my phase and I knew I fought for the crown, and I fought for my just to be there. I’m eligible to compete. And like everybody else, I equally fought as worthy as I’ll well perchance well maybe also to have the chance to indulge in this title.

In phrases of more than a number of damaging comments about me and my identification, I in truth indulge in no words. I’m aloof going to continue creating a scrape the set apart … we are able to stay with out abominate and for all of us to be represented, to indulge in an equal chance to be heard and to indulge in alternatives.

What is your loved ones like and what has been their reaction to you becoming Rush over Nevada?

Enriquez: I didn’t indulge in worthy of a family ride. I didn’t grow up with a family. My mother modified into barely young when she had me. My fogeys were aloof trying to determine things out.

So, I didn’t indulge in worthy in phrases of recollections by formulation of my family. I finish indulge in two sisters I in truth like plenty, and they were very supportive. They mean the realm to me.

They’re very proud, they’re entirely happy. They’re entirely happy that I’m able to thrive and succeed, no matter the backlash I modified into receiving and what I went thru at a young age. They were very supportive and grateful.

You additionally work as a healthcare admin who specializes in LGBTQ+ most effective care. Can you explain extra about that? 

Enriquez: As an individual of the LGBTQ + crew, our experiences are entirely varied from everybody else. We don’t rep the identical experiences and alternatives as everybody else. In phrases of housing, job alternatives, quality of lifestyles, we are constantly under the long-established everybody else is receiving. By formulation of nicely being care, some of us don’t indulge in access to nicely being care, particularly of us of color. Masses of them wrestle with psychological nicely being. Masses of them wrestle with how society is treating them. It’s just a bunch of layers and layers of adversities that of us indulge in to wrestle thru in mumble to merely continue to exist.

I’m in overall advocating for the affected person to relieve them find sources and rep them what they need in phrases of therapy or to larger their lifestyles.

What does preparation for Rush over USA entail? 

Enriquez: For me, it’s constantly psychological nicely being and the message I deserve to set apart accessible and branding myself and making distinct that I’m in a correct scrape to compete.

How finish you steadiness it all?

Enriquez: It’s exhausting to steadiness, on the opposite hand it’s phase of my aim. It’s one in every of the things that affords me drive. It offers me cause. There are things in lifestyles that I’ve experienced that I don’t desire varied of us to ride. I think with that mindset … and I’m able to wrestle thru with it and push thru it. 

Rush over Nevada crowns transgender woman Kataluna Enriquez in historic win: ‘Beyond honored’