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‘Rust’ Crew Member Shares Final Photo Of Halyna Hutchins Filming With Alec Baldwin Sooner than Capturing

‘Rust’ Crew Member Shares Final Photo Of Halyna Hutchins Filming With Alec Baldwin Sooner than Capturing


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‘Rust’ electrician Serge Svetnoy shared the final declare of Halyna Hutchins on characteristic with actor Alec Baldwin — and slammed the ‘negligence’ that led to her death.

A crew member from Alec Baldwin’s upcoming western Rust shared the ultimate declare of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on characteristic earlier than the fatal shooting that took her lifestyles. Serge Svetnoy, who worked as an electrician on the film, paid tribute to his friend and colleague on Fb on October 22, uploading a declare of the leisurely cinematographer in a dimly lit church with Alec, 63, as viewed HERE. In a separate put up on October 24, Svetnoy slammed the “negligence” and “unprofessionalism” that led to the tragic accident.

Hutchins died on space in Unique Mexico on October 21 after she became shot in the chest via prop gun discharged by Alec. In accordance with a search warrant doc, both Alec and the assistant director who handed him the prop gun were unaware that it became loaded. The discharge killed Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza, who has since been released from the scientific institution. In his emotional Fb put up, Svetnoy talked about he became “standing shoulder-to-shoulder” to Hutchins when she became shot and that he held her in his fingers whereas she became death.

“I primarily dangle purchased heaps of of calls, text messages, letters with phrases of improve and condolences since the day of the tragedy with Halyna Hutchins, and I’m very grateful to all and sundry,” Svetnoy began his put up. “Yes, I knew Halyna, no longer for a year. I worked in conjunction with her on merely about all of her movies. Typically we’ve shared food and water. We’ve been burning below the sun, freezing in the snow on the shoots. We took care of each and every varied. Yes, I will negate with 100% confidence she became my friend.” The electrician talked about he wanted to whisper his standpoint of the events: “I judge I primarily dangle the gorgeous to blueprint it.”

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Halyna Hutchins (Shutterstock)

“I became standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Halyna throughout this fatal shot that took her lifestyles and injured the director Joel Souza. I became preserving her in my fingers whereas she became death. Her blood became on my fingers,” he wrote, adding of the accident, “It’s the fault of negligence and unprofessionalism.” Svetnoy then known as out the producers for hiring unqualified armory “professionals,” writing, “To keep a dime assuredly, you hire those who’re no longer totally qualified for the shapely and bad job, and you threat the lives of the varied those who’re shut and your lives as effectively.”

He later persevered, “I blueprint no longer wish someone to battle via what I went via, what her husband Matt Hutchins and her son Andros went via, and the actor Alec Baldwin, who has been handed a gun on characteristic. He has to are residing with the belief that he took the lifestyles of the human thanks to unprofessional of us.” Svetnoy ended his declare with a message to all producers, advising that hiring professionals is “trying to hunt out peace of ideas” for safety. Svetnoy then concluded with one poignant reminder: “It’s no longer you who’re giving the opportunities to the of us you hire blueprint their money; it’s the of us you hire who enable you blueprint your money.”

Production on Rust has since been paused amid the investigation.

‘Rust’ Crew Member Shares Final Photo Of Halyna Hutchins Filming With Alec Baldwin Sooner than Capturing