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SA trial patiently lays traps to trick feral deer into pens

SA trial patiently lays traps to trick feral deer into pens

Limestone Fly landholders were carefully watching trials for a seemingly new formulation of controlling feral deer — expansive traps.

Key choices:

  • Gargantuan-scale deer traps are being trialled in three areas in South Australia
  • The traps are left initiate for the deer to turn into accustomed to them, then switched to a ‘one-formulation’ enclosure
  • A Blackford landholder says he has “lots of faith” in the mission as a viable choice for feral deer defend watch over

Three traps had been attach up in South Australia in the origin of the yr, in the Clare Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula, and Limestone Fly.

Early Newspaper

Cameras procure allowed landholders and researchers to monitor the amount of feral deer passing during the traps, which will doubtless be left initiate until a gigantic herd is gathered internal.

Livestock SA mission manager Pene Keynes said it was a “ready recreation”.

“[There are] some wings on those traps to bring deer into those areas.

“And there’s some monitoring cameras moreover on those traps to be in a situation to search for what’s coming internal and out of that condominium.” 

A series of fences and gates making an enclosure, trees and bushland behind

The entice is a expansive enclosed attach of living with water and feed.(

Supplied: Pene Keynes


It was the same to a program trialled in northern Contemporary South Wales, the attach the traps are left initiate for deer to accelerate internal and out of. 

Ms Keynes said they’ve learnt loads about deer behaviour all the strategy during the final six months.

“We had been watching for that all the strategy during the rut length [around April], we would search for lots of lunge internal and out of that entice, as a result of that is a time when the deer are basically active.

But she said that was now not the case.

“We’re now thinking that we’re going to initiate seeing the deer attain through when there’s a little extra feed competition,” she said.

“We’re thinking per chance towards the later conclude of this yr, that we are going to initiate seeing some extra numbers conflict through those traps.”

A woman in a green jacket and long brown hair stands smiling at the camera with a paddock with cows behind her

Pene Keynes says Livestock SA has learnt loads about feral deer behaviour through monitoring the entice’s cameras.(

Supplied: Pene Keynes


Sure future

Ms Keynes said the traps will remain in the landscape for the foreseeable future.

“We are able to proceed to monitor them and get hold of those learnings, and ideally to be in a situation to entice something sooner or later.

A group of farmers standing with their back to the camera, looking at an empty enclosure

Livestock SA, the Parawa Ag Bureau, Ag Excellence Alliance and the Division of Principal Industries and Areas obtained a $50,000 grant to speed workshops to video show the traps to landholders.(

Supplied: Pene Keynes


She said the future for the traps as a viable method for controlling feral deer was plug.

“From the general discussions that we procure had, and learnings about deer behaviour, we specialise in that it be doubtless that there’ll doubtless be some success into the future,” Ms Keynes said.

“The smells will basically assist them in there and [we’re] having a search for at lots of ways to lure them in there.”

Landholders watching carefully

Ms Keynes said the expansive-scale deer entice on the Limestone Fly mark about $17,000 to procure.

“It be now not a low mark exercise,” she said.

“That is why this trial is admittedly principal – so producers can be taught from our errors or our learnings to be in a situation to know what they’re investing in.”

Blackford landholder – north-east of Kingston South East – Brett McLaren said he was feeling plug about the traps.

“It be in an condominium the attach they lope through pretty generally, it be correct a topic of getting the animals feeble to the condominium.

“They’ll accelerate internal and out at their very hold leisure [at the start].

“And once they accumulate feeble to the skill being there, it is going to even be attach up so that they’ll accelerate in and may well presumably’t attain out.”

A night photo of a feral deer grazing next to a wire fence

Night imaginative and prescient cameras procure shut deer relaxed attain the traps, that will doubtless be one formulation to defend watch over feral deer numbers. (

Supplied: Pene Keynes


He said it was a humane formulation of attempting to defend watch over the deer.

“It be pretty a expansive condominium,” Mr McLaren said.

“There is water there for them, and feed, so that they place now not stress out whereas they’re ready their turn, as it had been.

Mr McLaren said the correct consequence may well well be to procure traps “in excessive-frequency areas the attach there can accumulate the final be aware influence.”

“Now, that will maybe presumably mean four or five in the district, or we may well wish seven or eight or 10 even.

“If this blueprint works, and you commence bringing in excessive traffic areas the attach there are lots of deer, that will no doubt pay dividends

SA trial patiently lays traps to trick feral deer into pens