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SAPS shocker: Up to eight million pieces of evidence lost ‘due to IT fault’

SAPS shocker: Up to eight million pieces of evidence lost ‘due to IT fault’

As some distance as mistakes within the location of industrial amble, we doubt many will possible be costlier than this: Media reports that surfaced on Sunday dispute ‘up to eight million pieces of forensic evidence’ were lost by SAPS, due to its dodgy IT tools.

Has SAPS essentially lost ‘millions of pieces’ of evidence?

The digital facility preserving the obligatory records – together with DNA samples and obligatory pieces of evidence aged in GBV cases – has apparently long gone offline, after first encountering technical points within the center of 2020.

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Professionals who’re segment of the info series teams ‘can no longer pronounce with positive wager’ where these obligatory shows can now be discovered, and thousands of felony cases might possibly possibly give way consequently of this catastrophic error.

SARS government shy by SAPS story

Johann van Loggerenberg is a historic SA Income Provider government. He absolutely knows a factor about forensic data grab, and couldn’t cloak his fear after coming at some level of these reports on Sunday:

Has SAPS if fact be told managed to “lose” 8 million pieces of forensic evidence consequently of an IT diagram preserving the records was “shut down”? 🤔

— JvL (@JvanLogg) March 7, 2021

DNA backlog: Lost evidence ‘denying justice’

This wretchedness isn’t news to the Motion Society team, nonetheless. The activists were tracking this loss of evidence since June 2020, claiming that over 170 000 cases for the time being are in jeopardy consequently of the IT failures. It’s understood that a ‘DNA backlog’ has piled up over the last nine months, allowing some of SA’s most horrible criminals ‘to stroll free’:

“Due to on-going problems concerning the processing of DNA samples, crucial evidence required to convict perpetrators of GBV is blocked from entering the courts. SAPS diagram aged to grab and observe DNA evidence has been switched off.”

“Rapists and murderers are not being prosecuted. They private got free reign. Without grief of repercussion, they are roaming our streets, scornfully strolling past their victim’s properties… All consequently of SAPS has crippled the DNA evidence diagram and wrongdoers now can’t be convicted for his or her nefarious crimes. It has been down for a year now.”

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SAPS shocker: Up to eight million pieces of evidence lost ‘due to IT fault’