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Scopa’s intervention in the compensation fund debacle

Scopa’s intervention in the compensation fund debacle

GC PAPENFUS – CEO: National Employers Association of South Africa

An open letter to Mkhuleko Hlengwa, COPA Chairperson and Bheki Hadebe,

ANC Member of Parliament

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The National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA) needs to congratulate you on the design in which you took the Compensation Commissioner and the Minister of Employment and Labour to activity in respect of their infamous failure to deal with the myriad of disorders that plague the Compensation Fund.

NEASA welcomes any intervention that addresses the rot, maladministration and corruption that appears to be at the inform of the day in most authorities institutions.

We are resulted in snatch that the Minister of Employment and Labour has been requested to initiate a refined process for the appointment of a correct carrier provider, to behavior a forensic audit on the Compensation Fund, and that the Minister is required to offer suggestions on the progress made in this regard rapidly.

It is miles NEASA’s seek that it would possibly perhaps be appropriate to provoke upon the Minister the must finish the appointment of a carrier provider on an urgent foundation, as the disorders at the Fund were ongoing for a preference of years and would possibly well were addressed ages in the past. Therefore, there will also be no acceptable reason to delay this topic for months or years as this would possibly increasingly merely exacerbate the, already dire, notify at the Fund and allow the culprits to gallop away.

The Minister need to nonetheless also be directed that the adjudication process, aimed at identifying the carrier provider to behavior the forensic audit, wants to be located outside of the Compensation Fund. This will manufacture certain that somebody who would possibly well also be implicated by the audit does no longer interfere in the appointment of the carrier provider. This will mosey a lengthy capability in achieving transparency and impartiality, in addition to lending credibility to the process.

Must nonetheless we want to bring South Africa encourage from the edge that it is currently teetering on, it is paramount that authorities institutions are dropped at e book for any maladministration and terrible actions and that they are cleaned as a lot as change into clear and functional entities.

We are assured that you’ll be in a position to continue to video show the progress made and processes implemented in respect of this extraordinarily major notify.

Scopa’s intervention in the compensation fund debacle