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Shark warning for Port Alfred

Shark warning for Port Alfred

A message from the Port Alfred NSRI:

Early Newspaper

NSRI and the Ndlambe Municipality are urging the public to be cautious along the Port Alfred coastline the set up apart the carcass of a whale has been spotted about a kilometres off-shore on the Western fringe of Port Alfred, and drifting in an Easterly direction, with a visible shark presence on the whale carcass.

We’re attention-grabbing to bathers, paddlers and boaters to be cautious as a result of the increased shark presence attracted by the whale carcass and we are attention-grabbing to bathers to no longer swim at Port Alfred beaches thanks to the increased shark presence.

The whale carcass is gradually drifting closer to shore and is anticipated to beach and right here’s being monitored.

Shark warning for Port Alfred