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SHINee Is Assist — And It’s Been ‘A Lengthy Time Coming’

SHINee Is Assist — And It’s Been ‘A Lengthy Time Coming’

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By Ashlee Mitchell

Key, Minho, Taemin, and Onew take a seat collectively, make-up-free, laughing, sipping on drinks, vibing, and barely taking part in one one more’s firm. It’s about 2 p.m. in Seoul, and the fellows gain obviously been busy with inspire-to-inspire interviews, however that doesn’t deter from the positivity they radiate on a Zoom name. One could maybe maybe maybe mistake them for brothers barely than the iconic 2d-generation K-pop moguls they are, however that relatability in spite of their superstardom makes them SHINee.

The K-pop landscape looked very varied when they debuted beneath SM Leisure in 2008. SHINee entered the scene with the timeless “Replay,” an R&B jam the place the contemporary-confronted boys sang about impressing an older girl. This debut secured their situation as trendsetters in Korea, appealing what media dubbed the “SHINee Pattern” (skinny denims, excessive top sneakers, and many others.) and incomes a devoted fan base that’s progressively grown over the closing 13 years.

Released this day (February 22), their seventh album, Don’t Call Me, is a 9-be aware effort spanning hip-hop, R&B, EDM, dance, and reggae. It’s their first comeback since 2018’s The Memoir of Light, and it feels be pleased a enormous return. “We’ve been anticipating this for an extraordinarily lengthy time,” Key tells MTV Files in English. “On the muse of the recording it became once awkward however it feels so pure now. I actually feel be pleased, yeah, I’m inspire.” He’s attentive, considerate, and good funny ample, and the other participants nod along as he talks. “We labored on it for a pair of yr and a half, it’s been an extraordinarily lengthy time coming.”

“Because we had some distance more time when put next to other albums to put collectively, I mediate the album quality is one thing to search forward to as successfully,” Onew provides.

The packed with life title be aware, a thrilling dance song, captures complex emotions after a be pleased betrayal. The styling is edgy and glance-catching, and the tune video specializes within the intricate choreography total with various background dancers. Key describes it as excessive-impact with a hip-hop figuring out, one SHINee hasn’t explored mighty within the previous. “We good wished for when of us look SHINee’s comeback for it to gain a enormous impact on them. I mediate after we had been pondering pulling collectively the outfits, the tune video, the total figuring out, that’s more or less what we had been centered on.”

Fittingly, the choreography for “Don’t Call Me” is posthaste-paced and difficult-hitting, allowing the community to challenge themselves and expose that they’re peaceful very mighty in a position to organising a assertion. “It’s going to be more or less a world-pleasing/pleasing performance. That’s what I’m excited for,” Taemin, the youngest member, eagerly provides. Key ribs him: “That’s what Taemin acknowledged, no longer us,” and the participants all chortle. Throughout the interview, they’ve been sharing bright glances, and their pleasure for his or her reunion is palpable.

Clearly, their bond is as sturdy as ever, at the same time as Don’t Call Me marks the community’s first album with none contributions from member Jonghyun, who died tragically in 2017. “I don’t mediate too mighty has changed good because we be pleased being round one one more and or no longer it is awesome that we’re ready to gain the same good chemistry with one one more,” Minho says. “I mediate there’s a special synergy that comes out of the four of us collectively.”

Over their careers, SHINee gain proven to no longer perfect be vocal powerhouses, however skillful dancers and actors as successfully, and this contemporary project goals to damage on their musical legacy. They’ve each and every dabbled in a quantity of ingenious industries previous tune. Minho has appeared in different K-dramas, most currently Lovestruck within the Metropolis on Netflix. Key serves as vogue director of the community as successfully as to designing and releasing successful solo initiatives be pleased his 2019 album I Wanna Be. Chief Onew acted in hit drama, Descendants of the Sun, in 2016, as successfully as to releasing his first mini-album, Snarl, in 2018. And then there’s Taemin, who currently dropped his two-allotment project, Never Gonna Dance Yet again, in tumble 2020. As the other participants fulfilled valuable defense power enlistments, Taemin has grown as a genre-defying performer by solo initiatives and neat community SuperM, retaining SHINee’s name alive for a recent generation.

“It feels be pleased I’m inspire with my family, be pleased I’m ravishing at home and I’m actually jubilant with them,” Taemin says. He’s been chatty and smiling by many of the interview. “The total ambiance has been actually good because it’s been such an extraordinarily lengthy time since all of us got collectively. When we’re collectively, there’s good so mighty to discuss and once we inaugurate jogging inspire our memories of the previous I do know the arrangement some distance we’ve all reach in our profession, and that’s good been actually good.”

Minho chimes in on their work. “Here is an album that peaceful has SHINee’s signature sound, however additionally we did strive contemporary types and contemporary genres of tune. I mediate it’s no longer necessarily that it’s varied, however or no longer it is some distance a more developed, more conventional more or less sound that we can question from this album.”

The participants gain split loyalties to the tracks on Don’t Call Me. As rapidly as the quiz of current song is requested, Taemin shouts “CØDE!” instinctively as if he’s been anticipating the very best time. He references collaborators LDN Noise and Kenzie, whom they’ve labored with many times within the previous. “They know SHINee’s signature sound, and whereas the song is peaceful more or less gentle and has that refreshing signature SHINee sound that other folks are current to, there’s peaceful this conventional facet to the song that reveals how some distance SHINee has reach, and I additionally actually be pleased the bassline for that be aware.”

For Minho, “Form”, the closing song on the album, is a standout. “It’s barely bit slower and the lyrics are actually meaningful so I mediate it’s a song I would be pleased to damage.” Key provides his need, “For me it’s ‘Heart Assault’ because it has that funky actually feel, and it’s a song that actually represents SHINee.” And although it’s essential to need, Onew mentions the reggae dance song “Physique Rhythm,” for which they labored with H1GHR Track’s Woodie Gochild on the rap. “I actually feel be pleased we couldn’t gain too many possibilities to damage it for the followers, so it’s a form of songs that I actually hope now we gain a possibility to showcase.”

SHINee’s relationship with their followers, known as Shawols, is one in every of the principle causes they’ve stayed dominant over time, even within the almost three-yr gap between albums. “I do know bodily we can’t be collectively,” Key says of the enact of the pandemic on their promotions, “however by this album we good are making an are trying to procure one step closer to them.”

Onew concludes our chat with a message for Shawols: “Let’s gain stress-free collectively, let’s gain talking, gain communicating, and thanks for anticipating goodbye until our comeback.” It’s legitimate: SHINee is inspire.

SHINee Is Assist — And It’s Been ‘A Lengthy Time Coming’