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Sleek farm test-in app is latest tool in fight against spread of pests and diseases

Sleek farm test-in app is latest tool in fight against spread of pests and diseases

Biosecurity is one of the finest challenges for agriculture, with exotic pests, diseases and weeds already costing the field hundreds of thousands of greenbacks yearly.

With the risk of original incursions crippling businesses, the Queensland Govt has launched ‘Farm Take a look at-in’, providing the choice of using a QR code at the gate to get information on visitors and educate them about their responsibilities.

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The app includes links to instructional videos on no plod zones and information on sincere biosecurity practices akin to spruce-down programs for clothing, autos and machinery.

While it has raised concerns about connectivity and information storage, Biosecurity Queensland’s supervisor of invasive species John Robertson said it used to be a work-in-development.

“It be something that will possible be adopted and streamlined and improved over time,” Mr Robertson said.

“It be now not as even though or now not it is a finished product. It certainly will toughen from the classes we realized.”


‘Step in the sincere route’

The app has been tipped play a an most significant role in the get rid of an eye on of the spread of pests akin to Panama disease Tropical Sprint 4 in the Banana industry and Pythium root rot in the Ginger industry.

Australian Ginger Growers Affiliation president Shane Templeton said he supported the Queensland Govt program.

“It be a distinct step in the sincere route, especially where purchaser’s security is reasonably a high precedence for diversified farms,” Mr Templeton said.

“It will perhaps perhaps also very smartly be very sincere for folks to ascertain-in in voice that we are able to peek what’s happening, educate individuals that there is biosecurity, things admire that.”

More than 16,000 banana plants have been killed by biosecurity officers on a Tully farm

Biosecurity is tight on Tully’s banana farms to give up the spread of disease.(

ABC Rural: Charlie McKillop


Legit connectivity a hindrance

While some industries win welcomed the app, Agforce policy officer Marie Vitelli said producers in extra distant areas had been going to win issues.

Ms Vitelli said restricted connectivity by plan of cell cell phone and internet companies had been the main issue.

“If individuals are turning as a lot as the farm gate and think they can sincere bear out a win and send it on by the use of electronic mail or cell phone link to the producer or land supervisor, or now not it isn’t going to work where there is no cell cell phone coverage,” she said.

The test-in win can even additionally be saved offline and despatched while you have gotten gotten entry to the internet, but Ms Vitelli said it had obstacles, especially with unexpected visitors.

A bloke getting his boots sprayed

Every person and automobile visiting banana farms in the Tully Valley must be sprayed down.(

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Farmers in get rid of an eye on of app information

The information the app receives from visitors is saved by the property proprietor instead of the Queensland Govt.

This potential they’re going to receive information admire the visitor’s name, handle, electronic mail, and cell phone quantity.

Director of Clifford Gouldson Legal professionals in Toowoomba Ben Gouldson said the guidelines farmers had been subject to, had been depending on the fee of their business.

“If a farmer with a turnover of over $3 million uses information that is inner most to somebody for a fair that is now not reasonably within the contemplation of the visitor, then they’re possible to commit a breach of the Privacy Act,” Mr Gouldson said.

“If the farmer is a smaller than $3 million turnover business, a tiny enterprise unless they’ve opted in, then they can even now not be in a dwelling where they breached that legislation.”

Mr Robertson said some of it used to be on the visitor.

“If they’re worried about privateness, they in actuality would in reality like to discuss with the property proprietor on how they’re going to organize that inner most information,” he said.

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Sleek farm test-in app is latest tool in fight against spread of pests and diseases