Home Breaking News Stanley Aronowitz, longtime labor and civil rights activist, dies at 88

Stanley Aronowitz, longtime labor and civil rights activist, dies at 88

Stanley Aronowitz, longtime labor and civil rights activist, dies at 88

Stanley Aronowitz, a longtime activist and theorist who was as soon as vastly influential in the labor and civil rights movements, has died at 88.

His daughter, Kim O’Connell, posted on Facebook after stupid night Tuesday about her father’s passing.

Early Newspaper

“He was as soon as the funniest particular person I’ve ever met,” O’Connell wrote. “He ran elephantine bustle down the avenue with me on his shoulders and carried out rock and roll on the gasoline pedal while utilizing thru the streets of Unique York, operating each purple gentle. For whatever he might maybe goal occupy lacked at events as a mother or father, he was as soon as an accurate champion of the of us. He inspired so many for thus lengthy and lived his lifestyles each 2nd for his convictions.”

Aronowitz, a sociology professor at the City College of Unique York, wrote and co-wrote dozens of books on the labor circulate, class and social movements, amongst other subject matters.

The Unique York native, raised in the Bronx, was as soon as a labor organizer in the late 1950s and ’60s and was as soon as energetic in the civil rights circulate. He organized union members to attend the March on Washington in 1963.

Entering academe, he mentored plenty of young left-wing thinkers and activists.

Aronowitz wrote now and all as soon as more about Jewish historical past, and in a 2004 e-book review for Trademarks Journal, he appeared as if it will probably probably name most carefully with non-Zionists who preferred a binational state.

He described his occupy youthful flirtation with Zionism, when he was as soon as an outspoken scholar at Unique York’s Music and Arts Excessive College in the late 1940s.

“Amongst our classmates was as soon as a small neighborhood of Hashomer members,” he talked about, relating to the socialist Zionist circulate. “As I develop into extra vocal in faculty affairs, they made moderately energetic efforts to recruit me. I met with their Unique York chief, attended their camp in Unique Jersey over a whole lot of weekends and read about a of their literature, including The National Demand by [Ber] Borochov. After these experiences I knew in my bones that I used to be as soon as no longer a Zionist. For at the same time as I resonated with about a of Borochov’s arguments which were conveyed to me verbally moreover to in text and agreed that European Jews wanted a homeland and viewed the founding of Israel with satisfaction — largely due to the the importance of the 2 labor events that were central to the protection force victory — my views, as unformed as they were, were directed to the American situation.”

In 2007, after he was as soon as listed on an anonymously escape delicate-wing web residence as a self-hating Jew, Aronowitz informed Jewish Currents that he was as soon as proud to settle for the appellation.

“A self-hating Jew, at this time, is outlined as a Jew who would no longer unreservedly educate the dictates of Israeli foreign policy, particularly on the Palestinian ask, and will criticize the Israeli and American governments’ insurance policies,” he talked about at the time.

Consistent with Wikipedia, Aronowitz is survived by 5 early life. His vital other, Ellen Willis, a illustrious Jewish feminist and political theorist, died in 2006.

Consistent with the Facebook memorials, Aronowitz had extra than one romantic partners at some point of the years, a range of them Jewish socialists appreciate himself. Reckoning on who was as soon as doing the remembering, he mentored the ladies folk or exploited them.

“Stan the Man died? He had a knack for discovering talented girls folk who might maybe burnish his occupation,” Susan Brownmiller, the seminal Jewish feminist theorist talked about in a observation. “(No, I never was as soon as a Stanley enabler but he distinct had a whole lot.)”

One more feminist author, Frances Madeson, rejoined, “He additionally aided a loyal probability of ladies folk to attain academically and maintained those mentorships and friendships over decades.”

Stanley Aronowitz, longtime labor and civil rights activist, dies at 88