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Struggle veteran says goodbye to his ‘hero’ service dog, hello to donated pup

Struggle veteran says goodbye to his ‘hero’ service dog, hello to donated pup

A Canadian battle veteran living with PTSD has said goodbye to his service dog after spending over a decade together. The animal turned into one in every of the first to be certified for veterans within the nation.

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Afghan battle vet Geoff Logue with his service dog Luna on Sunday, a day sooner than he set aside her down. (Austin Grabish/CBC)

For the final 11 years, Luna the dog has brought relish, protection and friendship to Geoff Logue.

“She’s helped me vastly, from waking me up from nightmares, getting me motivated to crash things, preserving me aloof and preserving me chuffed via those instances of despair or disappointment.”

Logue is an Afghan battle vet and has had an unbreakable bond with Luna, who suffered from deteriorating health nowadays. Unable to plod and leave her bed, the service dog formally retired two years ago.

Logue said he didn’t leave his Virden, Man., dwelling after her retirement very in total. He stopped going to malls and eating areas.

Scarred from the horrors of being on the floor throughout the Afghan battle in 2008 and sending chums dwelling in coffins, he aloof lives with apprehension around crowds and scare of of us. 

Luna turned into trained to distract Geoff Logue when he’d come by unhappy or overwhelmed. He turned into in a position to decrease the quantity of medication he turned into taking for PTSD after getting the dog. (Austin Grabish/CBC)

“I aloof crash have a onerous time with it out in crowded areas, being inclined, the have confidence trouble with of us.”

His bond with Luna ended Monday when Logue set aside her down. “Or no longer it is seemingly the toughest thing that I’ve ever had to crash in my existence.”

Luna turned into one in every of the first service dogs to be certified for veterans in Canada, and together with Logue, Luna inspired a swap in coverage permitting service dogs to be on defense force bases.

“Positively a hero. Unquestionably she’s a hero … She turned into an inspiration to assorted infantrymen and to assorted veterans.”

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They assert dogs are a human’s handiest pal nonetheless for one veteran, his four-legged partner has offered worthy extra than upright friendship at some stage within the final 11 years. She’s brought relish, protection and safety. Nonetheless as CBC’s Austin Grabish exhibits us, their relationship is coming to an crash. 2: 09

Logue aloof has a visitor’s pass from a outing to parliament in Ottawa with the dog framed proudly on his wall. The outing is one in every of his favourite recollections with Luna, who turned into trained to jump on him if he turned into crying and to procure a physical defend whereas in public when Logue would come by overwhelmed.

“She holds a legacy that I possess no longer mediate any assorted dogs will ever withhold.”

Logue meets Lucy

Richard Armstrong and his partner Claudette donated their dog Lucy to Geoff Logue. The couple found the dog abandoned final February within the brutal Manitoba iciness and says she turned into tied to a fire hydrant unhurried one evening. (Austin Grabish/CBC)

Nonetheless there’s one dog that will work to stay up to her legacy. A few days sooner than Luna turned into set aside down, Logue obtained a peculiar service animal donated by Winnipeg man Richard Armstrong and his partner Claudette Ledoux.

“The story is upright, it be heartwarming, it be heartwarming and heartbreaking on the same time,” said Armstrong.

He said he found Lucy, a Belgian Malinois, abandoned and tied to a fire hydrant terminate to his dwelling within the bitter frigid final February.

“We realized that as time glided by that she turned into a in actuality particular dog, very neat, she learned how to initiate your total doorways within the home, very very younger, we knew she had a increased calling.”

Armstrong had gotten coaching for Lucy with a customary Winnipeg police canines handler to back scheme up her high vitality and power to work. That coach knew Logue mandatory a dog, and when Armstrong and his partner offered to donate her, he contacted Logue and did particular coaching with her for free.

Geoff Logue with his unusual service dog named Lucy. (Austin Grabish/CBC)

Logue said he couldn’t manage to pay for the worth of a peculiar service dog on his veteran’s pension. The federal authorities has a tax credit for veterans and others who count on psychiatric service dogs and has given funding to Wounded Warriors Canada, nonetheless does no longer fund the dogs directly.

Armstrong and his partner assert they idea to retain in touch with Logue and hope to aloof have visits with Lucy.

“Or no longer it is a fine ending. Or no longer it is adore my husband said, heartbreaking and heartwarming all without lengthen,” said Ledoux.

“Lucy has some gigantic shoes to possess, nonetheless she’ll crash a upright job,” added Logue.

Struggle veteran says goodbye to his ‘hero’ service dog, hello to donated pup