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Students keen for farm work, but say governments must plant the seed

Students keen for farm work, but say governments must plant the seed

World college students in northern Queensland say they are keen to relieve ease the labour crisis on farms but warn now not ample of us know about the job alternatives to plot a workforce gargantuan ample to find a incompatibility.

Key elements:

  • Labour hirers hope uni college students will absorb a rising worker shortage in the agriculture sector
  • Students are desirous to desire and pack create but say there is an absence of information about the jobs
  • The commercial says the authorities must throw the entire lot at the field in the weeks forward

A now not-for-profit recruitment agency has dozens of vacant jobs for pickers and packers in Giru, the Burdekin and Bowen.

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With more vacancies anticipated in the weeks forward, Quality, Innovation, Coaching and Employment (QITE) harvest hump services and products supervisor Keely Van Wensveen believes college students are “supreme candidates” to absorb the rising void.

“Students took part final yr and they changed into out to be true workers and farmers had nothing but true issues to say about them,” Ms Wensveen said.

“If finding out part-time, they can also very smartly be ready to lift out four to 5 days every week.

“We have moreover got somewhat a range of planting roles on hand now which would be handiest two to three days every week and farmers are happy to accommodate work on weekends.”

Executive must plant the seed

In the path of a breakfast for international college students at James Cook dinner University (JCU) on Tuesday, more than a dozen college students registered for roles through QITE, while others registered their ardour.

Nonetheless, many said if the impart and federal governments were college students as a answer to the labour shortage, then they desired to address an absence of information amongst kids about the alternatives and incentives on hand.

A man smiles at the camera in front of groups of students sitting.

Amota Ataneka says there is an absence of information about the labour shortage among college students.(

ABC North Qld: Chloe Chomicki


PhD scholar Amota Ataneka from the South Pacific Islands registered for work after finding out that farmers were wanting for labourers through the media.

“I feel the consciousness is now not there yet, the motive I do know about it is through the news,” he said.

“I originate now not dispute many of us know about it.”

Flexibility of labor is key

After spending two years in Australia as a working holiday-maker, United States citizen Madison Becker began a grasp’s degree in marine biology at JCU.

A young woman with long blonde hair smiles at camera in front of group of students in background.

US scholar Madison Becker is uncertain her visitors in Townsville would be ready to amass on seasonal work.(

ABC North Qld: Chloe Chomicki


“There is so noteworthy of a shortage, I do know that some farmers are a little of bit more flexible, determined in a mode, and decide them to scheme abet even when or now not it is handiest two days or three days.”

Brilliant the workload that seasonal work entails, she is uncertain that many college students will be ready to amass it on.

“I originate now not know if college students would particularly have an interest,” Ms Becker said.

“I must now not have time to head and work even in the end if it were a chubby 10-hour shift, now not on a weekday, but in the path of the breaks I could perchance see that being the supreme opportunity.”

‘Throw the kitchen sink at it’

Whereas a range of announcements have been made round make stronger payments for relocating of us to work in agriculture, Queensland’s fruit and vegetable sector top physique is asking for more consciousness campaigns to be performed.

“We’re at a degree now where we want to throw the kitchen sink at this — the Department of Agriculture has estimated a shortfall of 9,000 workers scheme June,” Growcom protection director Richard Shannon said.

With international college students now allowed to work for more than 40 hours per fortnight if they have jobs in agriculture, Mr Shannon said it was once time for noteworthy more radical measures to be regarded as.

Home scholar provide needs re-dispute  

Meanwhile, home college students who manufacture $15,000 between November 30, 2020, and December 31 this yr can qualify for Formative years Allowance payments, if that cash has been made in seasonal agricultural work.

But Mr Shannon said that figure desired to be reduced and the closing date extended, to find it a viable possibility for many college students.

“Our feeling is that the $15,000 threshold is simply too high,” he said.

“We have had stories from growers to that enact. We’d admire to witness that threshold scheme down.

The build of commercial of Social Companies and products Minister Anne Rushton has been contacted for comment. 

Students keen for farm work, but say governments must plant the seed