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Substantial Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs 9-31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – as it happened

Substantial Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs 9-31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – as it happened

Closing thoughts

Early Newspaper

Effectively, the game can had been more exciting, your total part basically grew to alter into staunch into a coronation by the fourth quarter, but that you just would possibly perhaps additionally’t state that it wasn’t eventful. There’s loads to claim about these days’s game and we’ll be speaking about it over the subsequent few days here at the Guardian. Right here is, on the different hand, the cease of our stay protection of Substantial Bowl LV. For a succinct summary of Substantial Bowl LV, ensure that to read thru the Guardian’s game file linked at the backside of this update. Thanks to everyone who adopted alongside with our protection these days, particularly these who contributed. Ciao!

Tom Brady wins MVP

And here we have got got the trophy presentation. We wrestle thru the owners and head coach Bruce Arinas, but we all know who the person of the hour is.

Tom Brady is up and, within the least hasty-witted moment of the day, is awarded his fifth Substantial Bowl MVP award.

The Onion

Excited Tampa Bay Residents Wish They Had An Proper City To Stride Apart https://t.co/cSVd6BjA9R pic.twitter.com/L5HNWNC60P

February 8, 2021

Sufficient, there was fully no technique I wasn’t going to post that Onion tweet. To be critical for a 2d, it must serene be reminded that this if truth be told isn’t all about Tom Brady. The Buccaneers had been ready to lure Brady far from the Patriots and they built a whole team around him to maximize what they would possibly perhaps perhaps also rating out of the used. In excahge, they obtained the 2d Substantial Bowl in team history.


@HunterFelt “The fact that he would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably operate it as his age” don’t you imagine age is relative. TB has non-public trainers, house fitness heart, team trainers, better science on staying fit, and so on. It’s no longer the identical for TB as it was for George Blanda. Imagine how this can own helped Larry Rooster!

February 8, 2021

Appropriate. Being rich is vital a superpower.

Patrick Mahomes

Within the wrestle between childhood and expertise, expertise was the determined victory. Despite just a few thrilling moments, Mahomes wasn’t his frequent self and he was the victim of just a few slips by his receivers. Loads of this has to operate with the Tampa Bay defense, clearly, but that you just would possibly perhaps well definitely look that Brady’s silent, methodicaly technique was the variation between the two quarterbacks.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady potentially didn’t need one other ring to solidify his space as the suitable quarterback of all time, but it does quite unheard of silent all arguments for the time being. The fact that he would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably operate it as his age and in his first 12 months with a novel team was rather more spectacular.

Buccaneers bewitch!

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, FINAL

And that can operate it, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers haved defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Substantial Bowl LV!

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 1: 40, 4th quarter

Mahomes’s throw is intercepted by Duke White and that’s going to operate it here.

Brady will now own more championship rings than the New England Patriots. That’s going to be the subsequent argument: can the Patriots bewitch without Brady?

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 2: 00, 4th quarter

The Chiefs are methodically going up the self-discipline but it’s basically a prolonged march to nowhere at this level. The Chiefs rating to the Tampa Bay 25 suitable sooner than we hit the two minute warning.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 3: 41, 4th quarter

The Chiefs are here and they’re if truth be told appropriate playing for pride/to presumably screw up betting lines.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 3: 41, 4th quarter

The Buccaneers hotfoot three and out. Why is that vital? Honestly it’s no longer, if truth be told.

The prognosis here from the commentators is that eight Substantial Bowl wins are diversified from seven.

Thanks for that.

Are the Chiefs if truth be told going to be held touchdown-less here? Who had that in their pool?

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 4: 08, 4th quarter

And Mahomes takes a massive hit from Suh on 2nd & 20. It’s 3rd & 33 now and that’s far from supreme. Hill goes on a prolonged stride but he’s serene ten yards brief. 4th & 33, Mahomes tries to put on a prolonged one but Tampa Bay breaks up the play. There’s a taunting name here on Tampa Bay but it doesn’t if truth be told matter as a consequence of it’s serene a turnover on downs.

We’re basically done here.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 5: 09, 4th quarter

It’s 1st and 10 for the Chiefs. Nope, sorry, assemble that 1st & 20 after a holding penalty. Mahomes tires to rating Kelce all once more however the prolonged throw is incomplete. They’re at the Tampa Bay 37 here.


Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 5: 43, 4th quarter

Right here’s a roughing the passer penalty on the Bucs, so the Chiefs own a first down here. He goes to Kelce, his most legitimate device suitable now, who presents him 12 yards. They’re at the Tampa Bay 40. Mahomes throws two more incompletions. On 3rd and 1, Mahomes will get Hill for a first down, however the hourglass is operating out of sand.

Roger Kirkby:

The most inviting technique the chiefs can bewitch here’s if CBS sever far from the game and stick the Heidi film on.

Quite presumably.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 7: 44, 4th quarter

Right here’s Ndamukong Suh making an look by sacking Mahomes for an absence of eight yards. If he notion the defense was going to let up here thanks to the lopsided rating, he’s bought one other part coming.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 8: 06, 4th quarter

The punt’s a reasonably factual one, pinning the Chiefs to their very have 7 yard line. Mahomes finds Kelce for a 33 yard create.

One other steal on Tom Brady, who’s this unheard of nearer to a thoroughly untouchable file.


Except Brady has your total post-9/11 “Patriots” part as his foundation and while he is supreme at his position, nobody at the cease is gonna let anybody ask his 🐐 level.

February 8, 2021


Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 8: 06, 4th quarter

Right here is surely orderly football albeit no longer if truth be told appealing football. Fournette picks up four yards after which Brady will get it to Brate for one other six yards. That’s yet one other first down, he’s picked up a ridiculous preference of them. Fournette picks up an additional yard. It’s 3rd and 1 and Brady throws to Gronk and lastly, lastly it’s a fourth down situation for the Bucs. They, of direction, will punt.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 10: 59, 4th quarter

1st & 10, it’s Jones all once more for eight more yards. They’re going to initiate devouring clock suitable about now. 2nd & 2, Jones presents them four. The longer their on the self-discipline the simpler, they don’t ought to give Mahomes a single additional 2d.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 13: 00, 4th quarter

Right here is the time for the Bucs operating backs to shine. It’s 1st & 10 at their very have 12. Jones picks up four yards on first down and one other seven that can steal them to the Tampa Bay 23 and, more importantly, will give them one other first down to fiddle with.

Email from Gary J Byrne:

Evening Hunter,

Is it protected for Tom Brady to circulate to Disney World throughout a deadly worldwide pandemic?


It’s potentially initiate but lord knows that I wouldn’t operate it if I had been him.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 13: 32, 4th quarter

4th and 9 and Mahomes nearly makes a spectacular play. He scrambles for a prolonged while after which lets it fly while he’s within the job of falling and, my lord, Williams nearly, ALMOST, caught the darn part. One of the most most spectacular incompletions you’ll look on your life but it most inviting leads to a turnover on downs.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 13: 43, 4th quarter

Mahomes finds Kelce for a 17 yard create that takes them to the Tampa Bay 12. Kansas City has something brewing here. Edwards-Helaire grabs one other yard. It’s 2nd and 9 for Kansas City. Mahomes throws two straight incompletions. 4th and 9 at the Tampa Bay 11 and the Chiefs definitely must circulate for it here to own any hope of winning this game. Chiefs steal a timeout.

Email from Yas K:

Title: Fourth quarter Chiefs

Last 12 months Chiefs obtained last quarter 21-0 despite the fact that 10 adrift. Mahomes will spring to life.

Effectively, that’s what you’re hoping for here if you’re the Chiefs. While it’s no longer sad yet, it’s getting there.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, cease of the threerd quarter

Mahomes throws incomplete. 2nd & 15. Time for a noteworthy play here and Mahomes will get it, getting the ball to Hill for a 21-yard create. One other first down which takes them to the Tampa Bay 29 which is where they can initiate the fourth quarter, after one other incompletion.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 1: 25, 3rd quarter

Mahomes will get the ball to Edwards-Helaire, a create of five yard. 2nd & 5, the combo attempt it all once more. It’s a 7 yard create and one other first down. Then the Chiefs commit one other penaty, this one’s a false initiate that can push them encourage five more yards.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 2: 35, 3rd quarter

There’s less than three minutes left within the third quarter and the Chiefs own yet to rating a single touchdown. Right here is awfully, very unexpected. Pinion’s kick goes into te cease zone for a touchdown. On the subsequent play, Mahomes tries to solve the touchdown machine suitable away, it’s a prolonged throw to nowhere but he draws a defensive holding name on the Bucs for a first down.

Chiefs 9-31 Buccaneers, 2: 46, 3rd quarter

On 3rd & 1, Jones will get the ball all once more and will get two more yards and that’s one other first down. Brady’s no longer missing his targets. 1st & 10 at the Kansas City 19, Brady goes for the cease zone, but it’s noting doing. 2nd & 1, Brady throws to Godwin, but that’s additionally incomplete. They’re stopped all once more on 3rd & 10 so that they resolve for a Succop self-discipline just. The 52 yarder is factual and the Bucs prolong the lead.

Chiefs 9-28 Buccaneers, 4: 57, 3rd quarter

Brady’s encourage on the self-discipline. He hits Fournette who picks up 15 yards. That’s one other first down. Brady goes with Fournette all once more, here’s suitable about when the operating game is going to alter into key for Tampa Bay. The clock and the lead assemble that the wisest resolution. 2nd & 4, Jones grabs 2 yards.

Email from Ian Johnston:

No matter the game, if the penalty is technically a penalty but is of a diploma that is most continuously neglected then the penalised team most inviting has themselves responsible. That you would possibly perhaps presumably presumably also most inviting claim to be laborious done by if there just isn’t any longer any signal of inferior play the least bit. Chiefs are getting owned by a team playing the suitable aspect of the motorway.

Yeah at this level it’s beoming determined that they’re appropriate being outplayed here and time is no longer on their aspect.

Chiefs 9-28 Buccaneers, 6: 20, 3rd quarter

Pringle takes the kickoff to the Kansas City 25. On 1st & 10, Edwards-Helaire picks up one other three yards. On 2nd & 7… oh man, Mahomes will get sacked by Shaq Barrett for an absence of six yards. 3rd & 13, Mahomes throws deep and here’s wretchedness. Tampa Bay’s Antonie Winfield intercepts the throw and takes it to the Kansas City 45. There’s a holding penalty on the Chiefs however the Bucs properly judge to assert no it.


@HunterFelt @HunterFelt if other people claim a conspiracy then they ought to admit it was within the earn for Payton Manning with the Broncos

February 8, 2021

The echelon quarterbacks rating calls. Mahomes will be there very quickly, I must mediate.

At this level, on the different hand, it’s starting to if truth be told feel treasure the fault isn’t fully within the officiating for the Chiefs.

Landing (Buccaneers) Chiefs 9-28 Buccaneers

Fournette picks up 4 yards on first down. 2nd & 6. Brady finds Gronk and they join all over all once more, it’s treasure they never spent any time apart. The Buccaneers are on the 27, but appropriate for a brief level to, as a consequence of there’s Fournette one more time and he’s bought it into the cease zone for one other Tampa Bay touchdown. Right here is in hazard of getting out of hand.



📺: #SBLV on CBS

📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https://t.co/HJtQf5igun pic.twitter.com/57dCW6tdT7

February 8, 2021

The additional level is factual, of direction.


Chiefs 9-21 Buccaneers, 9: 55, 3rd quarter

The Bucs initiate at their very have 26. Fournette picks up just a few yards. 2nd & 7, Brady finds Browns for an additional 3. It’s 3rd & 4 here and… there’s a noteworthy create from the operating encourage, it’s 12 yards to the Tampa Bay 44.

Commercials: a wizened Wayne & Garth return to remind us all of our mortality.

Uber Eats #EatLocal

Wayne’s World is encourage with a extremely vital message (and special guest):

Be very just appropriate and #EatLocal. pic.twitter.com/DglNcxFqH0

February 3, 2021


Chiefs 9-21 Buccaneers, 11: 31, 3rd quarter

1st & 10, Mahomes finds Kelce for an eight yard create. Edwards-Helaire will get one other 10 yards. 1st and 10 all over all once more, Williams will get 3 yards. 2nd & 7, Mahomes throws to Hardman but Hardman doesn’t grasp up an yards. After an incomplete pass, Kansas City settles for one other self-discipline just and one other three facets. That’s gigantic, but they can’t come up with the cash for to construct answering touchdowns with self-discipline targets.


Birth of the 2d half!

Chiefs 6-21 Buccaneers, 14: 54, 3rd quarter

The Chiefs own the ball out of halftime, which is why they deferred within the major build. The Chiefs initiate on their very have 19 after returning the outlet kick. On 1st & 10, Edwards-Helaire picks up a nice chunk of yardage, 26 of them in all.

The analysts own asked how the Chiefs can rating encourage into this game and their reply, the factual one, is appropriate one discover: Mahomes.

The Weeknd’s efficiency has appropriate added to the paranoid air surrounding this Substantial Bowl, so how about some more conspiracy disclose.

Email from Carve Porritt:

I operate no longer know if there is a conspiracy but if the game was fastened, it would look loads treasure this. No longer appropriate penalties however the inexplicable KC timeouts apparently designed to present Brady time to rating a TD at the cease of the half.

I must serene no longer own any blueprint what I appropriate watched.

And my Buccaneers fan brother assessments in with us at the half here.

Travis Felt

Even as a Bucs fan, I’m no longer stoked about your total flags. And we’re all going to be very silent on the Evan’s ode to soccer flops. @HunterFelt

February 8, 2021

Now that Brady is no longer any longer a Patriot I’m in a position to attain here: the dude will get a ridiculous preference of calls. It’s appropriate how it all works.

Within the period in-between. the Weekend tell now formally has solid “Eyes Extensive Shut” vibes.

The Weeknd is doing a medley here of his hits, including “Can’t Feel My Face.” I own viewed a good deal of Substantial Bowl halftime performances in my life, so I if truth be told feel assured after I state that that here’s the suitable song about doing cocaine that has ever been sung at a Substantial Bowl halftime tell.

Ryan Clark

Bruh!! Right here is either site up for the passing of the torch in a huge comeback by the Chiefs or Tom Brady pushing this Goat convo to this level far from the competition that we don’t even hassle to own it anymore.

February 8, 2021

This quite unheard of sums it up: we’re taking a survey at a extremely consequential half of football here.

We’re at the halftime ceremony already? The time has been flying by.

For the suitable that that you just would possibly perhaps additionally mediate of protection of the Weeknd, you in all probability ought to are attempting the Guardian’s supplemental Substantial Bowl liveblog which covers your total non-football stuff occurring.

Henry C opens up a can of worms:

When Brady wins a Superbowl how many penalties does his team rating in their favour? Are there any conspiracy theories?

Right here’s the diversified aspect of the penalties: the officiating at least appears to be a little bit lopsided which technique it’s time for one in all my favorite things in all of sports activities: conspiracy disclose.

Halftime thoughts

Right here’s the part: the Chiefs are very unheard of in a irascible space here. That’s quite evident. The factual recordsdata is that there would possibly perhaps be no longer any diversified team better built for mounting 2d half comebacks. The Tampa Bay defense is no longer going to limit them to self-discipline targets within the 2d half.

The larger relate here is the penalties, they own given Brady appropriate too many opportunities.

Slay of the major half

Chiefs 6-21 Buccaneers, cease of the major half

And the Chiefs don’t own any time to operate the rest as the major half involves an cease. I’m in a position to’t state I was waiting for this roughly initiate from Tampa Bay.

Landing (Buccaneers)! Chiefs 6-21 Buccaneers

Antonio Brown celebrates scoring the Bucs’ third touchdown

Antonio Brown celebrates scoring the Bucs’ third touchdown. Portray: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Are you kidding me? Brady throws one away, it appears to be uncatchable to me but it doesn’t matter. There’s one other defensive pass interference name. Right here is the worst that that you just would possibly perhaps additionally mediate of consequence here for Kansas City: On the Kansas City 1, Brady finds Antonio Brown for the third and presumably closing Tampa Bat touchdown of the half. Additionally, there’s an unsportsmanlike behavior penalty on Matthieu.


Brady to Brown puts the @Buccaneers up 21-6. #GoBucs

📺: #SBLV on CBS

📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https://t.co/HJtQf5igun pic.twitter.com/w56dhB5wsH

February 8, 2021


Chiefs 6-14 Buccaneers, 0: 13, 2nd quarter

It’s 1st & 10 at the Kansas City 24. Fournette will get the ball and takes to the Kansas City 9. And we have got got a wrestle of the time outs as Tampa Bay and Kansas City give us encourage-to-encourage TOs.


Chiefs 6-14 Buccaneers, 0: 24, 2nd quarter

Tampa Bay’s subsequent possession begins at the Tampa Bay 28. Fournette will get the ball but can’t rating wherever. The Chiefs steal a timeout. Out of that Brad throws to Chris Godwin for an eight-yard create. Chiefs steal one other timeout. On the gain one, Brady throws a prolonged one that’s incomplete but it doesn’t issues. There’s a defensive pass interference name here that can hand them a first down.


Email from Henry C:

10: 55 fumble?

Was that third down formally a fumble? It regarded as despite the fact that it was knocked out of the player’s hands. Can you clarify please.

It’s formally within the box rating as a fumble and a recovery for Tampa Bay.

Chiefs 6-14 Buccaneers, 1: 04, 2nd quarter

Mahomes throws to Hill however the Tampa Bay defense continues to present Hill fits. “The don’t ought to let him beat him,” one in all the announcers says. It’s 2nd and 11 and Mahomes goes to Kelce all once more. Kelce presents his quarterback a factual five yards. Now it’s 3rd and 6 and Mahomes tries to circulate deep all once more but it’s vacation space nowhere. They’ll resolve for one other self-discipline just, which ends being factual. Parts are gigantic, they beat nothing, but this feels treasure a massive squandered opportunity for KC.


Patriots Fans Attempting To Resolve Out How They’re Feeling Appropriate Now Department

Nation Hick Man

Gronk has more TD’s within the Substantial Bowl than Patriots tight ends did within the 2020 season, but I’m no longer inflamed or the rest.

February 8, 2021

Substantial Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs 9-31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – as it happened