Home News Magazine ‘Summer House’s Hannah Berner: ‘Why I’m Embracing My Fine Lines’

‘Summer House’s Hannah Berner: ‘Why I’m Embracing My Fine Lines’

‘Summer House’s Hannah Berner: ‘Why I’m Embracing My Fine Lines’

d30 and thriving! Hannah Berner is embracing her “fine lines” and has no qualms about that. Watch the Summer House alum show Us Weekly her full nighttime skincare routine in the latest episode of “Beauty Sleep” above and see how the reality star combats dry skin, breakouts and more. 

Makeover Remover of the Stars

“I think Kim Kardashian, back in the day, said that Neutrogena Makeup Remover was her favorite,” she recalled. “I may not look like I have anything on my face, but I live in New York City so who knows what could be in my pores. So, we take Neutrogena and wipe it down. We the wipe off the negative toxins.”

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Age is Just a Number

“I am going to bed two hours later than anticipated because I accidentally opened the TikTok app which you can go on for minimum an hour at a time,” the stand-up comedian told Us. “I just turned 30. I’m not scared of fine lines. I’m embracing fine lines. What? Men aren’t going to notice you once you have too many fine lines? That sounds incredibly peaceful. I also have good genetics, my grandma has aged very gracefully, so I’m just hoping for that.”

Soaking up that Vitamin C

“Someone told me, you start with the lightest thing and go heavier. This is Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum, it’s collagen-boosted with true C complex. Those things sound important,” Berner noted. “I feel like it smells like orange juice, which also reminds me of drinking a screwdriver, which reminds me of a bad night. But anyway, I feel like collagen and vitamin C are good things to put on.”

Summer House’ Alum Hannah Berner Shows Us How She Gets Her Beauty Sleep

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Whatever Works for You

“I don’t want to be controversial, but I feel like a lot of skincare is kind of BS,” Berner admitted. “Like, if there was one thing you could put on that makes everyone’s skin perfect, we’d all have it. But all our skin is different. I mean, my fiancé looks gorgeous and he’s 45 and literally wipes his face with a dirty towel every night.”


“Emily DiDonato, who’s this Maybelline model, who is also hilarious and smart and amazing has a new line called Covey,” Berner said, while applying the product. “This vitamin C serum smells amazing. Can you put too much vitamin C on your face? We’ll find out.”

For more of Berner’s skincare routine, watch the exclusive Beauty Sleep video above. Find the former Bravo star on tour doing standup now and to hear her on a daily basis, tune into the Berning in Hell podcast.

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‘Summer House’s Hannah Berner: ‘Why I’m Embracing My Fine Lines’