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Sundance: ‘R#J’ explores what would happen if Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ chatted on Instagram

Sundance: ‘R#J’ explores what would happen if Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ chatted on Instagram

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“R#J” asks what William Shakespeare supposed when he wrote “Romeo and Juliet”: What if the couple’s relationship blossomed on Instagram?

OK, now not precisely. But the inventive gamble of Carey Williams’ feature debut at Sundance Movie Festival on Saturday night paid off anyway. The movie mixes Shakespeare’s illustrious text with sleek colloquial text messages and is peppered with Instagram DMs, Lives and FaceTiming.

Led by a Dim and Latino solid, the movie artfully brings Shakespeare to mainstream audiences without being too earnest.

“It wished to be flipped on its head and it wished to wonderful rating a brand original life, and I contemplate that we introduced a brand original life to it with some original colour, puny one,” Siddiq Saunderson, who plays Mercutio, mentioned for the duration of a dwell Q&A after the movie’s premiere.

“I knew early on that I wished to withhold the traditional text,” Williams mentioned. In publish-production, they had been ready to mess around with what platform would instruct the memoir easiest in certain moments — i.e. if texting would be a better path to instruct a specific scene. Audiences spend powerful of the movie looking out at social media in a canopy-admire format, along with traditional filmmaking. At one point, Romeo and Juliet even ship GIFs again and forth.

Camaron Engels, who plays Romeo, thinks the movie will raise original fancy for Shakespeare — specifically for youths who may doubtless rating inspired, slightly than doing what is continuously space out for them primarily based on the colour of their skin.

“To be ready to introduce that original language and to introduce some tales which would be more professional, I contemplate it would be basically dope for colleges to introduce this,” he mentioned.

As a minimum, the memoir is timeless. “They’re roughly admire the Adam and Eve of romance,” Francesca Noel, who plays Juliet, mentioned. “So it is generally going to be one thing that folk talk about.”

We won’t damage the twist ending for you — nevertheless relaxation assured it is worth staring at.

“We’re upending a mode of issues that had been in the memoir earlier than, why now not traipse this additional step?” Williams mentioned.

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Sundance: ‘R#J’ explores what would happen if Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ chatted on Instagram