Home Hollywood & Entertainment Sutton Stracke ‘Requested Safety’ While Filming ‘RHOBH’ With Erika Jayne Amid Feud

Sutton Stracke ‘Requested Safety’ While Filming ‘RHOBH’ With Erika Jayne Amid Feud

Sutton Stracke ‘Requested Safety’ While Filming ‘RHOBH’ With Erika Jayne Amid Feud


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Things received so nerve wracking for the length of filming for Sutton Stracke with the Erika Jayne drama that she hired security for the length of filming of ‘RHOBH!’

Stutton Stracke, 50, has been rather vocal on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about her feelings on the becoming drama keen her co-big title, Erika Jayne, 50.  She’s taking it so seriously that she hired security for the length of filming of season 11 of the indicate! “Sutton became panicked of Erika and the pain surrounding her,” a offer shut to production educated HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “So indispensable [so] that she requested security for the length of the remainder of filming of RHOBH.”

Erika has been embattled in a ton of compatible complications and it’s been highly lined all season long. After filing for divorce from husband of 22 years, Tom Girardi, 82, news started to surface because the cameras kept rolling about the couples involvement in allegedly embezzling money from plane wreck victims whereas additionally hiding funds. Tom’s once successful legislation firm has additionally been a phase of the court docket cases. Erika additionally alleges Tom cheated on her and did things in the again of her again, esteem proudly owning homes she didn’t be taught about.

An LA Instances article became at the center of chatter for the length of an episode in La Quinta. “I am no doubt ready for a exhausting core conversation with her,” she educated co-big title Kyle Richards, 52, whereas additionally grilling Erika at a cocktail birthday party. “I’m going to divulge, I’m now not buying it!” After questioning if her divorce became even legit, she educated Kyle, “It appears to be like to be like fishy!” Sutton proceeded to jabber that she read the entire article and inspired everyone to set up out so and after urgent Erika, requested if she wished to hunt the advice of with her further, Erika stated, “I don’t. I handiest own ample skill for the things that in actuality topic, and your conception of me doesn’t topic.”

The Sept. 1 episode, which became handiest phase one of this heated birthday party, ended with Erika getting heated and pointing her finger in Sutton’s face. “It is probably going you’ll want loads of fuc*ing nerve,” Erika educated a aloof Sutton. “Don’t seek the advice of with me esteem that, seriously,” Sutton answered. “Or what? Or what?” Erika sternly acknowledged to her. “Or nothing,” Sutton answered casually. “Honest, exactly, so shut the fucup,” Erika angrily added.

While Erika has now not shied away from sharing things about the case this season, she’s maintained her innocence in now not vivid about Tom’s alleged mishandling of the funds. On the opposite hand, she has been puzzled more than one cases by the ladies folk, particularly Sutton, about her reports to the ladies folk.

Even better half Dorit Kemsley, 45, educated Erika at the the same dinner birthday party, “On every occasion a bit of writing is written about you, our names are dragged into it and you perceive it,” so the pass isn’t a big surprise as all of the ladies folk sound a minute on edge with the entire compatible pain. Our offer made it sure she’s now not feeling threatened or seriously panicked, nonetheless we’ve discovered she felt strongly ample about the accusations and dealing with the XXXPENSIVE To Be Me singer that she wished to in actuality feel as safe as likely. “The full thing worried her,” our offer added.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on Bravo.

Sutton Stracke ‘Requested Safety’ While Filming ‘RHOBH’ With Erika Jayne Amid Feud