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Talking shop with Twitter’s recent head of corp dev — and now VC — Seksom Suriyapa

Talking shop with Twitter’s recent head of corp dev — and now VC — Seksom Suriyapa

Seksom Suriyapa used to be reputedly destined to land at a mission agency. A Stanford Regulations graduate, he labored at two blue-chip investment banks sooner than joining the cybersecurity firm McAfee as a senior corp dev employee, later logging six years on the human resources software firm SuccessFactors and, in 2018, landing at Twitter, the put he headed up its 12-particular person corporate development crew till June.

The larger surprise is that Suriyapa — who simply joined the L.A.-based completely mission agency Upfront Ventures — didn’t agree with the leap sooner. “The catalyst used to be finding a agency that felt love the particular appropriate fit for me,” says Suriyapa.

Early Newspaper

We talked earlier recently with Suriyapa — who lives and will remain in the Bay Dwelling — about his recent role at Upfront, the put he’ll be main its expanding development-stage discover with agency founder Yves Sisteron.

He additionally make clear how Twitter — which has been on barely of shopping for spree — thinks about acquisitions for the time being. Our chat has been edited frivolously for size.

TC: How did you by some means stay up joining Upfront?

SS: [Longtime partner] Trace Suster and I had been launched by means of a mutual enterprise acquaintance in the mission world, and I got to know him over a interval of time and if truth be told came to fetch him to be a worthy particular particular person. He’s considerate about the enterprise itself, he’s an unbelievable brand builder. I feel you should maybe argue that [Upfront] build L.A. on the mission draw.

TC: It used to be additionally, for a truly lengthy time, an early-stage agency, nonetheless now it has a ‘barbell’ approach. Is your recent job to agree with particular that it will defend its stake in its portfolio firms as they grow? Are you able to shop out of doors of that portfolio?

SS: The mission for me will likely be supporting the handiest of Upfront’s hundred-plus existing portfolio firms which might maybe additionally very correctly be poised to scale, and additionally to speculate in firms now not forex on the platform, and I wait for [the latter] will happen extra and extra over time.

TC: Twitter used to be loads extra active on the corp dev entrance all over time if you had been there. Why?

SS: When i joined in 2018, Jack Dorsey had been CEO for about three years, and if truth be told his focal level used to be on the core mission of riding the public conversation, and in doing that, Twitter gotten smaller itself out of loads of firms and [shrunk] folk wise as correctly.

TC: I be mindful it laid folk off in 2016.

SS: And one of the offshoots of that used to be blueprint less in the trend of more recent merchandise, so there had been no recent acquisitions in the three years before me joining, and that muscle atrophies if you don’t exercise it. So [ahead of me] Jack had transformed the administration crew, which had been, fairly talking, a revolving door of executives till that level, and I was introduced in with a explicit mandate of reviving a corporate development discover that had been detached for a pair of years. I’d known [CFO] Ned Segal when he used to be a banker at Goldman Sachs and [while] I was at SuccessFactors, so when I heard about the role by means of the grapevine, I reached out.

TC: And Twitter begins shopping, shopping for up the news reader carrier Scroll, the newsletter platform Revue. Were these choices coming down from the stay or vice versa?

SS: The handiest system to describe it will likely be that it used to be product-need driven. The firm had a pair of varied targets. One used to be to diversify Twitter from its dependency on being an advert-driven enterprise. One thing love 80% of earnings comes from adverts.

2nd, there’s an unbelievable deserve to ramp up its machine learning and synthetic intelligence as a firm. Can occupy to you’re buying for toxicity in conversation, it’s now not scalable to rent tens of thousands of folk to enact that. You wish machine learning to fetch it. Twitter carried out correctly is additionally in a say to new you the conversations which might maybe additionally very correctly be most absorbing to you, and to enact that, it has to make a selection out signals from what you discover and utilize time reading and what you work together with, and that, at its core, is ML AI.  [Relatedly] Jack has a imaginative and prescient that somebody who tweets in whatever their native tongue is wants with the arrangement to talk with any individual else in their native tongue as segment of a world conversation, and to enact that, you wish [natural language processing] solutions galore.

TC: There’s additionally this focal level on particular person applications.

SS: That’s the third purpose. What are the tools that followers and creators can consume in conversation with each other? So [Twitter] added audio [via its Clubhouse rival Spaces]. We offered Revue, which is a competitor to Substack. So there’s loads of innovation going down across the form of direct that any individual might maybe additionally simply calm build a query to to explore or originate on Twitter.

TC: Would you describe these acquisitions as proactive or reactive?

SS: From the out of doors it will seem reactive, nonetheless the actuality is we’d been pondering loads about something love Areas even sooner than Clubhouse took off. I feel what’s noticeable to me is [Spaces] is one of the important cases you’ve considered a firm love Twitter agree with up a ability and a brand recent product role that’s going head-to-head going in opposition to a firm that’s centered handiest on that realm, and it’s competitive from day one. Twitter beat Clubhouse in [offering an] Android model as a consequence of it poured resources into it, and I’d argue that loads of the mechanics of Twitter and the truth that creators are on Twitter locations it in an superior space to get hang of this section.

Twitter additionally simply has an principal quantity of expertise to to find toxicity and stuff you wish be wary of if you’re a social media play, and a firm of Clubhouse’s size, a minimal of in its initial days, could occupy a substantial time getting there.

TC: Twitter has so many interests, including spherical cryptocurrencies and decentralization. 

SS: In terms of priorities at Twitter,  loads is below wraps in terms of the technologies that we build a query to [will rise up over] the next 5  to 10 years, nonetheless [a lot of thought is being given to] the impact of cryptocurrency and the underlying protocols spherical it and how Twitter participates in a trustless, permissionless [world] the put there’s a decentralized web that can provide protection to folk’s privateness and enable folk now not to distress the put their direct is kept. Folk speak of Twitter as a particular person app nonetheless there’s amazing and substantial differ below the hood.

TC: Accomplish you concentrate on as a consequence of of the recent regulatory environment that it has a greater shot at working with firms and initiatives that can also simply need gotten snapped up by Facebook and Google?

In terms of the regulatory environment, the actuality is that even supposing you make a selection the Facebooks and Googles out of the equation, there are acquirers which might maybe additionally very correctly be competitive that would step up and make a selection things, so it’s a exiguous short-sighted to speak of simply these two. But even when they had been active, we had been winning [deals]. Plenty of the firms we acquired self-chosen to be at Twitter as a consequence of they love what it stands for, they love the trend that Jack Dorsey leads the organization, and they suspect about in the stands that he takes and the positions that he and his management espouse.

TC: You’re now representing a extraordinarily varied brand. How will your work at Twitter mean you should maybe compete for offers on behalf of Upfront?

SS: I if truth be told occupy this network of unbelievable entrepreneurs across the area as a consequence of of firms across my profession that I’ve helped rep or tried to rep or who are running firms; I additionally [have relationships with] VCs at varied phases who actively space firms across the area [and introduce them to corp dev teams]. It is probably you’ll presumably additionally know that Twitter has a range and inclusion program the put they intend to occupy 25% of management be diverse over the next several years, so my crew used to be often taken with finding the handiest solutions to fetch diverse targets to make a selection out. I additionally led a sequence of LP investments into newly rising funds, some LatinX-founded, some women-founded, some Shaded-founded, some that had been diverse from a geographic standpoint which might maybe additionally very correctly be scouting firms in a ways flung locations . . .

TC: Does Twitter additionally agree with say investments?

SS: We did say investments nonetheless [backing fund managers] is a extra leveraged technique. Most of them are seed funds and they’ll in turn invest in 30 to 60 firms each. But certain, I scouted firms in a ways flung locations, including [India’s] ShareChat the put I served on the board for 2 years. [Editor’s note: TechCrunch reported earlier this year that Twitter explored buying ShareChat at an earlier point; the company has since raised numerous rounds of funding and was most recently valued by its investors at nearly $3 billion.]

TC: You occupy loads of relationships, nonetheless it will calm seem if truth be told principal to compete for development-stage offers when so many other outfits are now investing there, too. How enact you intend to compete?

SS: I will clearly be drawing on these networks to fetch offers. I’ll be investing in sectors the put Upfront has already invested in, nonetheless in the beginning I’ll be double-clicking that ihave a solid hobby in, including spherical creator economy ecosystem, as a consequence of I did o grand of that at Twitter. And w3b 3.0, ow this permissionless comes togerh, edge computing ML AI and shared date that goes across a host of disciplines that i’ve workedin, i agree with one of solid aspects that can cinterdiscplianry areas, additionally in sustainability are nonetheless I acquired’t exiguous one myself. You compete by learning what your cost proposition is. At Twitter, my approach used to be winning on tempo, knowing folk earlier, and [underscoring] Twitter’s cost proposition [to close deals]. I will’t speak about my [VC] approach without having implemented but; I’ll must settle out what’s most absorbing to entrepreneurs that the megafunds don’t offer.

Talking shop with Twitter’s recent head of corp dev — and now VC — Seksom Suriyapa