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Teen Mother OG’s Cheyenne Floyd Finds Why She’s ‘Scared’ To Undercover agent The ‘Emotional’ New Season

Teen Mother OG’s Cheyenne Floyd Finds Why She’s ‘Scared’ To Undercover agent The ‘Emotional’ New Season

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Cheyenne Floyd EXCLUSIVELY suggested HollywoodLife what makes this upcoming season of ‘Teen Mother OG’ various than the relaxation — and why she’s worried to stare these ‘changes’ on the runt conceal conceal.

The fresh season of Teen Mother OG premieres tonight on Jan. 26, and Cheyenne Floyd is worried to stare what exactly made it to the conceal conceal. From a pregnancy to a brand fresh relationship to, for sure, the pandemic, the MTV star handled aid-to-aid predominant existence events — and the many emotions that came with them — that were all captured on camera.

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“I real ponder this season is emotional for me — it was onerous on all of us to movie for those weeks real straight with COVID,” Cheyenne EXCLUSIVELY suggested HollywoodLife earlier than the Teen Mother OG premiere, as she looked aid at her journey of filming the present in 2020. “And then, in fact, you know, having the crew right here 24/7. Generally, it was somewhat. It was somewhat a range of changes.”

Yet every other good swap was Cheyenne’s pregnancy, which she real announced somewhat over a month earlier than the season premiere. “And then on top of that, I learned out I was pregnant in my first trimester. It wasn’t easy,” Cheyenne admitted about her 2d pregnancy, which the MTV camera crew additionally documented.

“So filming for the duration of that they typically had to search out out about, you know, my usaand downs and my random breakdowns, they typically’re asking me why I’m crying. And I in fact absorb zero motive as to why,” Cheyenne acknowledged. With that acknowledged, the soon-to-be mother of two suggested us, “So it’s gonna be racy for me to search out out about [the new season]. I’m kinda anxious to search out out about it.”

Cheyenne Floyd reveals off her toddler bump in a lovable photo alongside with her daughter, Ryder Wharton, whom she shares with ex Cory Wharton. (Describe Courtesy of Instagram/@cheynotshy)

This season, fans can additionally attach a matter to to stare the technique of Cheyenne reuniting with Zach Davis, whom she is watching for her 2d runt one with (and their first together). Cheyenne admitted that it was a shock — “for [herself], as a minimal” — that they chanced on their manner aid to 1 but every other. “It was indubitably a shocker for me as a minimal. I wasn’t watching for that to happen the vogue it did and real so rapidly and stuff,” she teased. “But we absorb somewhat a range of historic previous between us in between our families, and we additionally absorb somewhat a range of toughen from my family. We’ve been making it work this time. He doesn’t absorb a possibility. Now.”

Earlier than Cheyenne and Zach’s romance was confirmed in Oct. 2020, though, Cheyenne’s relationship space was silent up in the air — so her ex, Cory Wharton, requested her about it in the season trailer that dropped on Jan. 19! Cory kept poking at Cheyenne to shriek if she has a “boo,” and Cheyenne additionally gave an update about her co-parenting relationship with The Disaster star as they elevate their three-year-worn daughter, Ryder Wharton, together in the teaser clip above.

Tune into the Teen Mother OG season premiere at 8/7 Central p.m. on MTV!

Teen Mother OG’s Cheyenne Floyd Finds Why She’s ‘Scared’ To Undercover agent The ‘Emotional’ New Season